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Flexepin: Make Safe and Anonymous Payments Online

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

Among other top online banking methods preferred by players, Flexepin has a well-deserved spot high up in the hierarchy. Thanks to its reliability, superior security, and enhanced flexibility, this option is an excellent payment solution for casino players looking to make quick deposits and immediately start their real money gambling online.

If you are particularly interested in opting for a pre-paid payment method that does not expose any of your personal and financial information online and you wish to steer clear from credit cards or bank transfers, Flexepin is just what you are looking for.


Why Flexepin Is A Good Payment Alternative For Players

While not all casinos online have embraced Flexepin as a banking method available for players, the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher is definitely worth looking for when searching for a new venue to join. Why?

  • Flexepin allows players to easily top their accounts and complete safe payments with zero hassle, saving them precious time.

  • It is a prepaid banking option, which means that the risk of having your virtual identity and financial data stolen is close to zero. No need to worry about having your valuable banking details exposed on the web when trying to make a deposit or withdrawal with your preferred real money casinos.

  • Flexepin offers higher levels of security compared to any other conventional payment method available.

  • If you are looking to replace your regular Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, or credit card payments with something fresh and dedicated to people, the prepaid Flexepin voucher is excellent.

  • When making a real money casino deposit using Flexepin, you do not have to worry about being asked to provide any credit card, bank account, or PIN number information. You can enjoy a fully anonymous experience as no sensitive information will be required from you.

A Brief Flexepin History

The Flexepin Cash Top-up Voucher was created to fulfill the need to shop online without the permanent threat of dealing with online fraud. It is operated by FlexeWallet, which is part of the Novatti Group and it is operated in both Canada and Australia by Flexewallet Pty Ltd, under the scrutiny of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. It holds an Australian Financial Services License, license number 448066). Europe and the United Kingdom will also benefit from the advantages of the Flexepin payment option in the upcoming months, according to information on their official website.

Where To Purchase Flexepin

You should have no problem finding a Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher at a number of locations in the country in your currency and at a pre-determined amount starting at $20 up to $500, so you can truly benefit from a hassle-free experience. The vouchers are made available in thousands of retail outlets, including petrol stations, shops, and kiosks. All you need to do is go to the official Flexepin website and type your current address using the online location finder there and you will see a full list of the nearby retailers selling the prepaid vouchers in your vicinity. You can also click the ‘My Location’ icon or manually enter your address and/or postcode and let the site identify the closest store that is selling Flexepin vouchers.

How To Use Flexepin Prepaid Vouchers

Find the nearest store that sells the prepaid cash top-up vouchers, make a purchase and use the unique 16-digit code displayed on the card to immediately top up your account and make a payment straight on a casino that accepts a Flexepin transaction. You can also load the credit onto your prepaid card or favourite e-wallet. No need to fill in personal financial details or link any of your accounts to credit or debit cards.

Advantages of Using Flexepin Prepaid Cash Top-up Vouchers at a Real Money Casino

  • 100% confidentiality and anonymity: you will not be asked to use any third-party services, create new accounts online, link to your confidential accounts, or provide any of your banking information when purchasing a voucher. Find a shop, buy a card using cash or any other payment method, and start using it immediately.

  • Fast purchases with zero delays. No need to wait for any confirmations before you can start using your 16-digit card to complete a purchase on the web. All Flexepin voucher payments are instant and the money is immediately sent to the merchant's account, then subtracted from the total value of the voucher.

  • Better bankroll management at real money casinos on the web. You will only be able to spend as much as the value of the voucher, which means you will not be able to deposit more than the amount you have purchased. This is helpful for keeping your gambling under control and better protecting your bankroll, especially if you play at more than one casino at a time.

  • No fees: usually, Flexepin does not charge any additional fees for most of its features. You may come across some instances where you may be asked to pay a small commission.

Disadvantages of Using The Flexepin Payment Option

  • Purchasing options: you can only buy a Flexepin voucher from a land store, which may be a problem for those living in cities and areas that are less populated and where retail outlets may be more scarce.

  • Limited voucher amount: The maximum Flexepin amount you can purchase on one voucher is $500. For a high casino roller, this may be insufficient. However, there is always the solution of buying additional top-up cash vouchers.

Keep a close eye on our top recommended casinos for players and take advantage of any Flexepin bonuses that you may come across for using this banking option when making your deposits. You could receive free spins or free casino money, so make sure to give it a go.

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