5 Tips For Choosing The Most Advantageous Casino Bonuses

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Tips For Choosing The Most Advantageous Casino Bonuses

If you are new to the scene of casino gambling, every new player offer, cashback deal or promotion you come across is most likely winking at you. Since you are trying to limit your expenses on your newly found passion for gambling, any casino offer probably looks appealing to you. So you feel inclined to take it without thinking too much about it. Usually, this is where issues start to rise. You had no idea that the free spin bonus was actually limited to just one or two titles – games you probably never played before or didn't plan on playing anytime soon. Or that the new player welcome bonus comes with some ridiculous wagering requirements it would be practically impossible to fulfil. Plus, you have no idea you would be required to wager real money several times in a row before you were actually allowed to make any withdrawals.

While this does not mean that all casino offers come tricky deals, it should make you pay a lot more attention next time you want to join a new venue. Here are a few things you should consider next time you are assessing new casino bonuses and promotions.

Tip #1: Pay Attention To The Amount Of The Bonus

Some casinos will have no problem displaying bonuses as small as five free spins to newcomers, while others will provide up to $5,000 in total welcome bonuses. Casinos that accept Bitcoin usually provide players with BTC free bonus money. Lets say the bonus amount is 5 BTC, and assuming 1 BTC is valued at $5,000, 5 BTC will bring new players up to $25,000 in terms of free casino money to bet with.

Usually, the more you can afford to deposit, the higher the casino bonus. Gambling venues are happy to match players' bankroll with anything from 50% up to 400% or more. Depositing the minimum amount you are allowed to deposit will bring you an equal matching bonus. If you can afford to deposit more, you should. You could also focus on finding venues that provide a fixed bonus amount in case your deposit will be smaller than a predefined amount. You should get to take advantage of a decent casino promotion even if you are not willing to make a huge deposit at first. Also hunt down casinos that offer the largest number of free spins and remember that welcome bonus offers are usually the most advantageous types of promotions you will come across, so you should use them to your best interest.


Tip #2: Check Out The Casino Bonus Validity

The validity period of a free spin bonus will provide you with precious information. For instance, you will learn if you can use the bonus to make more money in a realistic way. A casino that offers new players 250 free spins that must be used within the upcoming 24 hours might not be the most advantageous solution for you and your 15-hour job. Plus, you may not be able to turn over your wins 50 times within the upcoming 3 days, so you can ask for a withdrawal.

Pay close attention to fast-expiring bonuses that might look extremely profitable at first, but which could prove to not always be worth it. The most popular casino bonuses should be lucrative and have longer they also validity. For example, a free spin bonus you can use and turn within 7 days before claiming it and an entire month to expire.

Tip #3: Count The Playthrough Times

If a new casino you are thinking about joining is displaying deals with up to 100 playthrough times, you may want to double-check all the requirements. A free spin featuring a 40x bonus plus wagering requirements is worse than a free bet featuring 60 playthroughs on the bonus.

Ideally, you would join a casino that features free playthrough times on bonuses. To your surprise, such venues do exist, but they are more difficult to find. We have a selection of top casinos that offer no wagering bonuses for you, so you can start with this. 

You may also want to check out a few top casino reviews that offer top bonuses. If you cannot find what you are looking for, concentrate on accepting bonuses you can keep without having to empty your bankroll.

Tip #4: Look For Active Games

While some casinos offer rewarding bonuses to new players, they will also usually limit the number of games you will get to choose from for bonus reasons. For example, casinos that offer lots of free spin as a newcomer bonus will force gamblers to choose a single game. Provided you hate the game and you need to use 200 spins on it, you are left with either forfeiting the spins or making yourself play the game and spend precious time you could be investing in something more profitable and pleasant.

Top casinos are known to let players play the bonus money on several table or slots games, usually popular titles everybody loves. As for respecting the terms of the casino playthrough, playing multiple games should help gamblers fulfil the necessary requirements. Of course, there are games that will have zero or a very small contribution toward fulfilling these requirements. Always read the fine print and all the available terms and conditions and casino bonus game instructions you can find so you can know just what to expect.

Tip #5: Choose Your Casinos Wisely

Keep in mind a smaller bonus from a 100% reliable venue is a lot better than a huge bonus from a casino that will do everything in their power to prevent you from withdrawing your wins. Steer clear from random gifts from casinos you have never heard of or cannot find any positive reviews on. Use bonus comparison sites and casino review platforms like Australia-casino.co to make the most informed decisions possible.

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