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Australia Gaming Culture: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Australia Gaming Culture: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The video game development industry in Australia, while still relatively small in size compared to other countries like the US or Canada, hosts some of the most prestigious developers of mobile gaming apps on the planet. Not Doppler, Halfbrick Studios, or Metro Trains are just a few names worth mentioning here. Together, they have released over 3,600 games for Android and iOS users and have made lots of domestic and foreign players happy.

However, Australia does not only have tons of good mobile game developers to brag about. The country has experienced steady growth in other gaming segments as well, with classic video games and casino gambling as the most prominent. In 2019, the gaming industry Down Under generated $3.16 billion in total revenues, with total digital games up 71 percent and a total value of the industry of $4.029 billion. Console accessories and gaming software, subscriptions, the incredible developments of gaming technologies, the stellar graphics and mobile availability of games in the land Down Under could all explain the big numbers. The country has come across a few noteworthy setbacks throughout its gaming history, including harsh competition from powerful gaming studios in other parts of the world that is still a constant of our times today.

The future of gaming in Australia in all of its forms looks brighter than ever and today we are going to briefly discuss a few interesting aspects that should help you understand what to expect for the upcoming years.

Brief History Of Gaming In Australia

Aristocrat Software Pokies MachineIn 1953 the internationally acclaimed Australian Software provider, Aristocrat Software, was created. Based in Sydney, Australia, they created some of the world's first pokies machines including "The Clubmaster", created in 1956. Aristocrat gradually became an international company, manufacturing slot machines for Vegas and in 2013 made its way to the world of real money casinos, creating online pokies games for online casinos.

In 1980, Beam Software was established. This was the country's first electronic game company and it developed over 150 games. Seven years later, the company began its work on the Nintendo NES. In 1990, Warlords was published by Strategic Studies Group. In 1995, Beam Software released SNES Cricket which reached the first position in Australia and the United Kingdom. One year later, Blue Tongue Software released AFL Finals Fever, which was the pioneer computer-based AFL football game.

In 2000, the Victorian Government developed the Game Plan, which was a statement of support for the computer game industry. In 2005, Micro Forté celebrates two decades as the country's oldest independent game developer. One year later, Barnyard released by the guys at Blue Tongue was the very first Wii title ever to be made Down Under. In 2007, MMORPG Fury by Auran was released to the public; this was the most expensive game to be produced in the country.

Fast-forward a few years, the Aussie game development industry was generating more than $143 million in 2018-2019, recording a 21% growth compared to the 2017 numbers. With 7 out of 10 gaming studios expecting to grow in the future and 35% of them projecting a “significant growth” in terms of revenue, the gaming industry in Australia is a huge contributor to the domestic industry, with two-thirds of Aussies engaging in video games.

As for the fascinating history of gambling here, the first land-based legal casino was the Wrest Point Hotel Casino located in Tasmania which opened its gates in the spring of 1973. Nonetheless, gambling in the land Down Under is a lot older and it can be tied to the European settlers who headed south and introduced the natives to their homeland traditions, gambling games included. Blackjack or roulette are just two fine examples of games that entered Australia from the Old Continent way before the first legal casino was officially opened here.

Gambling In Australia Today

As of now, more than two-thirds of Aussies enjoy playing video games, and the numbers include 62 percent of all working-age adults, according to data from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association. However, Aussies are probably best known for their undying love for having a flutter. It would seem like everyone born here truly loves to place a bet and cross their fingers in hopes to see a good outcome. It has been like this since colonial times when gambling was still very popular as people were using it as a means of coping with difficult conditions. In other words, the potentially lucrative side of gaming and wagering has never truly been the main reason why Australians love to get engaged in these activities.

For the most part, Aussies engage in gaming since it is their passion and it also helps their emotional well-being, while helping them socialise. They regard online casino gambling as pure entertainment and horse race betting and its amazing popularity here is probably one of the best examples to prove this. The people Down Under love sports and when they are able to wager on their favourite athletes, teams, or horses, they will usually not miss out on any chance to do it. Placing real money bets on sports just allows them to add some more salt and pepper to their hobby and who wouldn't want to do just that? With many cool casino wagering and sports betting options online, it would be a shame not to take advantage of online and mobile gambling on the go today. 

Professional e-sports video game players in Australia are getting more popular than ever today. The amazingly complex ecosystem that features huge prize money pools and breathtaking streaming revenues, sponsorships, and in-game tipping opportunities on platforms like Twitch and Patreon are all supporting the growing trend.

Loads of powerful e-sports athletes and gaming influencers in the country have created platforms that help them monetise their gaming skills and the fact that the country has had three of the top ten Fortnite creators of content on the planet speaks loud volumes to just how popular gaming has become here.

This has also triggered more scrutiny on behalf of regulatory bodies with in-game transactions turning into a hot topic of discussion.

The Future Of Gambling In Australia

In-game micro-transactions along with fresh gaming technologies, the introduction of 5G or cloud gaming, and the ever-growing e-sports sector will continue to generate more growth in the general gaming industry over the next half a decade. With 8K resolution from internet-based devices that eliminates the need for extra hardware, Apple Arcade's cloud game streaming is expected to play a heavy contribution to Australia's gaming future.

With the global gaming industry expected to reach its highest potential by the year 2025, according to data from the European Business Review, and more responsible gambling initiatives expected to be put into practice in the near future, gaming and gambling are looking bright for Aussies.

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