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The Best Esports Teams for Australian Players

Brad King
by Brad King
Australian Esports

Esports are expected to reach incredible numbers in the coming years, with more and more professional events gaining popularity worldwide. Ranging from Fortnite, The International, League of Legends World Championship, Dream Hack or the International eSports Federation World Championships, the events never stop pouring and people's enthusiasm only seems to grow with each of them.

Australians are no strangers to the trend. In fact, it's quite the opposite; they are huge fans of esports in all shapes and sizes. If there is anyone who could tell you a thing or two about the best esports teams of 2020 and beyond, it's a passionate Aussie e-sports fan.


The Global Numbers

At a global level, 40 percent of gamers seem to also indulge in watching their favourite esports events and statistics tell us they do it at least once a week. This market is, therefore, projected to generate around one and a half-billion Dollars in terms of yearly revenues by the end of 2020. Most of it will come from different forms of ads and sponsorships, considering the generous international audience made of over 600 million fans and counting.

The situation is no different in the land Down Under. While gaming, in general, is one of the favourite pastimes of millions of Aussies under the age of 35, many of them actively choose to spend their precious spare time glued to their computer or smartphone screens, playing their favourite video games. Just how much? Enough for Netflix CEO to express his worry about gaming becoming a bigger competitor for his company than HBO itself.

The average Aussie male gamer spends about an hour and a half playing video games every day; females spend a little less than that (around an hour and eleven minutes). However, they all seem to be rooting for what they think to be the best esports teams in 2020, planning and training to be a part of them someday or at least placing smarter esports bets online. If you are curious to learn what are the most solid choices in terms of 2020 esports Australia, keep reading.

Aussie Leagues and Tournaments To Keep An Eye On

Esports is not only fun, but it also comes with some breathtaking prizes, so no wonder so many players express their interest in engaging in national and worldwide competitions and events, registering their memberships in their favourite leagues and learning from the best teams. We can mention the whopping 34 million money prize that the most skilled DOTA players fought for in 2019 at the DOTA 2 International event (watched by over 200 million spectators) or the popular StarCraft II World Championship eSports event hosted every year by the guys at Blizzard Entertainment that features a prize pool that consistently reaches 2 million. Need we say more?

eSports fans Down Under rooting for the best esports teams in 2020 are mainly interested in Overwatch and League of Legends, two of the most popular and spectacular esports in the country. They are usually held on similar dates as football, rugby and other types of mainstream sports. However, they are oftentimes split in half in order to enable global tourneys to take place. We can also mention Fortnite, Epic's masterpiece launched in the summer of 2017 in direct relation to Australian fans and players. The game is so huge that it has started to attract some of the most popular Australian esports teams and the most talented and skilled players in the country on a constant basis.

Esports teams are the main anchor between a game and its creator and the community made up of fans and players around the globe. These teams are also responsible for creating powerful bonds and memories, as well as serious rivalries and competitions. You may want to keep a close eye on Overwatch Contenders, the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League and the huge number of Fortnite players if you are interested in betting on the best esports teams in Australia 2020. Do not disregard the Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO on short or the Rainbow Six or R6, as they are following close from behind.

Team Australia, for example, is the yearly representative of Aussies during the International Esports Federation World Championship. In 2018, the team was made of marc, Joel, Hotchelli, MaX and Dragkuu, part of Team Nibbies. Legion Gaming is another popular esports team in Australia that unfortunately placed last during the OCS Split 1 in 2016. The Counter Strike Global Offensive and the ViewSonic Dark Sided team were ranked second during the CyberGamer Pro League in 2018 during the LAN Finals in the autumn. Dark Sided also conquered first prize at the DreamHack Masters held in Malmö in 2017 at the Oceania Open and they won first prize during the 24th season of the Esports Entertainment Association, during the Premier Division Down Under.

If you are interested in joining a powerful esports league with a solid structure and excellent tournaments aimed at Australian players, the Esports University League may be just what you are looking for. The league is especially aimed at aspiring players looking to show what they are capable of while showing off their skills and competing against their rival colleagues and universities. 


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