The Biggest Slot Machine Myths Debunked

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Slot Machine Myths Debunked

Many people are drawn to myths, mysteries, superstitions, and conspiracy theories since they feed our imagination and they are (almost) always entertaining. When it comes to gambling, however, some myths may do a little more than simply make us giggle or buy a new rabbit's foot. Deeply rooted casino myths that have been going around for decades can actually influence the way some people gamble, the strategies they use, and, ultimately, the size of their bankroll. It is important to carefully analyse these myths and learn which of them are actually true and which of them are pure figments of our imagination. Since this type of work is usually time-and-energy-consuming, you might feel discouraged to get started on your investigation. This is where we come into the picture. We can lend you a hand and debunk a few of the most popular myths on online pokies and slot machines for you. These slot machine myths have been spreading around like the flu over the last few years, and it's finally time to clear them once and for all.

Myth #1: Playing Pokies In the Morning is Better

There are tons of time and space-related myths going around about pokies. Some of the most common are the ones that state that playing pokies bright and early in the morning might bring gamblers better chances of winning. There are also voices that could swear playing real money slots during the holidays or on a weekend will trigger higher payout rates.

There is also a myth that claims that choosing a slot machine placed in a certain area of the hall of a land casino will considerably increase one's chances of hitting the big jackpot or winning more free spins. Apparently, progressive jackpots always respect the same weekend schedule of popping up, or at least this is one of the most popular myths a lot of players keep in mind. A busy period is also less likely to bring about a big hit, as opposed to a slow period. Yet, another myth some people believe in. There are even folks who think the same slot machines in different casinos give different payouts.

And these are just a few of the most common slot machine myths that relate to space positioning and the best times to play the game. In reality, none of the above is actually true. All slot machines feature their very own Random Number Generators that offer a guarantee that each and every spin is completely independent and has nothing to do with any external factors. No matter where these one-armed bandits may be placed inside a casino, what time of the day or day of the week, you cannot control the outcome of a game. Players always enjoy equal chances of winning, and it is all a matter of luck, probability, and, ultimately, mathematical randomness.

Myth #2: You're More Likely To Hit The Jackpot On A Long-Losing Stream Machine

Casino myths that refer to slots jackpots are some people's favourite, as they make them dream with their eyes wide open. In other words, these myths give them hope, and when it comes to progressive 5 or 6-figure jackpots, everybody likes to think they stand a better chance than other players. One of these myths claims a player who lurks around slot machines all day and keeps an eye on players on a long losing streak could end up collecting the money build-up in the respective machine at the end of the day. All they need to do is wait for the “unlucky” slot machine to become available and play it. Apparently, hitting the jackpot is only a small matter of time by then.

The truth is, as stated before, all of these machines rely on 100% random software that works its magic even when there is no one using the machine. They constantly generate millions of potential outcomes while different players switch places in front of them. So winning a jackpot has nothing to do with any winning-losing streaks or playing patterns – as much as some players would like to believe the opposite.

There are also people who believe once a machine has paid a jackpot, it is very less likely for the event to repeat itself any time soon. Again, the unpredictability of the software these machines use is what you should focus on. Keep your expectations as realistic and down to earth as possible and focus on playing more often instead of figuring out the best times to play or the ideal circumstances to win, because there aren't any.

Myth #3: The Auto-Play Feature Lowers The Winning Potential

Another slots myth that we would like to debunk today is the one referring to the use of the automatic spin feature. Slots machines that do not come with the most engaging games out there are usually played with the help of this option. It's a good way of saving energy on slower days. But there are those that think the AutoPlay feature can actually lower the machine's winning potential. This is not the case. Sure it can feel overwhelming to know that they are no longer in control of the machine's randomness. However, this factor does not depend on the manual or automatic gameplay. Casinos do not determine any game settings in order to fit their best interests, even though a lot of players wrongfully believe that because of all the myths.

If you are having trouble trusting land casinos 100%, remember you always have the 24/7 online gambling alternative provided by top casinos on the web.

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