Brisbane Picked to Host the 2032 Summer Olympics

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

Brisbane was picked as the uncontested host of the 2032 Summer Olympics and given 11 years of preparation according to the tournament's requirements. Brisbane will see the Olympics return to Australia for the first time in 32 years. Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics, and Melbourne hosted one in 1956.

With this history, the Australian Prime Minister reiterated what many people already know, asserting that Australia knows what it takes to host a successful Olympics. The decision was made as part of the new bidding format, which saw Brisbane become the 2032 Olympics host with no contest, despite bidding plans from various countries.

Australia and the Olympics

The fireworks display in Brisbane affirmed everyone’s guess. Brisbane is the latest Australian city to bid for the chance to host an Olympics successfully. on 21st July, an announcement was made that Brisbane will be the official host of the 2032 Summer Olympics, following in the footsteps of Sydney and Melbourne. It won't be the first time the Olympics are going to Australia.

In 1956, Melbourne hosted the infamous tournament, and Sydney is the most recent host city from Australia after organizing the 2000 Olympics. Brisbane becomes only the second host city to get 11 years of preparation after Los Angeles, which won the bid to host the 2028 Olympics. The 2024 event will go down in Paris, but Aussie online sports betting fans and operators will already be thinking about the 2032 games.

Australia has a rich history with the Olympics, even though the country has only hosted the event twice. However, the 1956 Melbourne Olympics was the first of a kind, as it was the first time the tournament was organized outside Europe and the USA. It was also the first Olympics to feature live television broadcasts and the first time participating athletes walked together as one at the closing ceremony. In the event, Australia racked up 35 medals, including 13 gold, 8 silver and 14 bronze medals.

The 2000 Sydney Olympics were even better and saw Australia collect 58 medals, including 16 gold, 25 silver and 17 bronze medals. The president of the International Olympic Committee at the time, Juan Antonio, described the Sydney games as the 'best ever,' so Aussie players can only hope for the best in the 2032 summer games. However, Aussie teams still have the 2024 and 2028 games to play, although all eyes are on the return of the Olympics in Australia. The Olympics will also provide new games, covering all major disciplines, precisely what online boxing betting shops want to hear.

How Brisbane Won the Bid

The decision to host the 2032 Olympics in Melbourne was made months before the official announcement. The city became the first beneficiary of a new bidding process, and a deal was reached back in February. Brisbane was awarded exclusive negotiation rights by the IOS, a decision that left bidders like Germany, Qatar, and Hungary blindsided. The new bidding system allows IOC to approach and pick potential candidates without contest. It eliminates vote-buying and cuts down campaign costs, streamlining the whole process. The past Olympics required a mandatory seven-year advance.

Brisbane won the vote by 72-5, which is more comprehensive than the narrow win that saw Sydney snatch the 2000 Olympics from Beijing. According to statements from the IOC, the games take place across Queensland, which also played host to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Australia is a sports-loving nation with various stadiums set to go through massive upgrades in the countdown to the 2032 events. Brisbane, in particular, is known for its Gabba cricket stadium, one of the pitches poised for an upgrade, and may host some games. Brisbane becomes the third city to secure the ticket to host an Olympics without contest, after Paris and Los Angeles.

What’s Next For Brisbane?

Brisbane has 84% of the stadiums needed, which fits perfectly into the IOC model geared towards preventing overspending on venues with insufficient infrastructure. What's more, Brisbane officials announced plans for a new swimming arena and billion-dollar budgets for various transport projects. Although the transport projects aren't for the Olympics, they'll be implemented in time for the 2032 summer events. Like Los Angeles, Brisbane has 11 years to prepare for the Olympics. New plans and schedules are expected over the coming years. Brisbane offers stability for the IOC, especially after the committee saw a double award for Paris and Los Angeles four years ago and accusations of voter buying in the last two events.

Key Takeaways

Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics, as confirmed by the IOC.  The Queensland capital was chosen ahead of Germany, Qatar, and Hungary. It will become the third city in Australia to host the Olympics, after Melbourne and Sydney in 1956 and 2000. The IOC made the announcements per the new format and requirements that sees host cities get 11 years to prepare for the tournament.

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