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eCogra – Your Online Gambling Best Friend

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by Jack Harris
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Online casinos walked its way to fame by the end of 1995. With thousands of online casinos appearing, and thousands of players joining every single day, online gambling has greatly changed the way people gamble. Online gambling’s demand is still on the rise, which is evident by the rapid expansion of companies that seem to appear with a new site every week. Since it is a very quick growing industry, a certain body should set some regulations and monitor the industry closely to avoid scams and frauds. This is exactly where eCogra enters the picture.

What is eCogra?

The name eCogra stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, an entity which has been established way back in 2003 by a group of individuals who felt the need for protection and security in what was then a fledgling industry.

It is the mission of eCogra to protect individuals who play online real money pokies. Since you will have to spend real money in order to play an online gambling game, it is likely that you will come across various scams and fraud online. eCogra has played a very important part during the first few phases of online casino growth, considering that most people that time didn’t know a lot about computers or even scams online. As of now, it has become a regulatory body that regulates a lot of online casino slots games. Just like the Better Business Bureau, it provides signature seal for online gambling companies that were able to meet its requirements.

Why you should only play in eCogra certified casinos?

pokie games onlineCountless casino slots have appeared online, thus providing an even wider range of gambling choices that players can choose from. However, why is it important that you play only within gambling sites that are certified by eCogra? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Casinos that received eCogra’s seal of approval will reveal their payout percentages among all their game categories to the public. This allows for transparency between the casino’s games and the players. You can access the report by clicking on the eCogra Safe and Fair seal. Through this, you can match the actual percentages by eCogra with the standard data and make sure the casino is indeed reliable.
  • Another good reason why it’s ideal to play in eCogra certified casinos is that the random number generator used by a particular online casino is tested before it goes live. An online casino bearing an eCogra seal of approval indicates that the software is fully functional and generates results in complete randomity. 
  • Perhaps the biggest reason why playing in an eCogra certified online casino is the fact that you can send your dispute to eCogra in case a problem regarding possible frauds arises. eCogra actually encourages players to send a dispute along with full details through their dispute mechanism. eCogra will then refer to the disputes sent to them and provide proper solution to the issue.

What it takes to be eCogra certified

For an online gambling site offering games like pokie games, online slots, casino slots, and the likes, it should first meet several requirements and submit itself to a 3rd-party company that performs regular audits. The audits will be hosted by eCogra to allow players to know how much an online casino is making and if it’s hiding something from them. 

eCogra also performs thorough background checks on the owners of gambling sites who want to receive the Free and Fair seal. This is a means of making sure that the owner is trustworthy and doesn’t have any records of scamming people. 

As of now, there are only a few hundreds of eCogra certified online casinos, while thousands are currently operating and more are yet to come. eCogra basically makes the gambling world safe and secure, which is why it’s considered a haven for online gambling players.

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