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The Five Most Successful Australian Gamblers

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Successful Australian Gamblers

Many Australians love gambling and the numbers keep growing each year. Considering this passion Aussies have for gaming, there are numerous real money casinos that have been introduced in the gaming industry.

Casino gaming is all fun because it is a game of luck and you never know when you may unlock your lottery of millions. Many Aussie gamblers have made it big in gambling and won millions. They contribute their success to their luck and skills.

There are Australian gamblers who have become popular after they have won a massive amount. Here, we discuss the top 5 gamblers in Australia:

1.     Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was inclined towards gambling after he received a lot of wealth in inheritance after his father died in the late 1970s. Packer came to know that his father had made casino investments and he started trying his luck in gambling to multiply his wealth.

However, this ride was not smooth as he lost a lot of money (around $28 million) in 1990 in the span of a month. Packer was an expert not only in gambling but in cricket and horse betting as well.

He again got lucky when he played at the casino and won a mammoth amount of $33 million after placing bets on several online pokies and table games.

The great thing about Kerry Packer was that he was not scared of taking risks in both business and gambling, and this attitude helped him earn his fortune. He passed away in December 2005 when he was only 68 years old. He left more than $7 million for his son, James Packer. 

2.     Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec is a well-known name in the horse race betting industry. He was considered the biggest gambler not only in Australia but worldwide. His annual turnover from gambling is about $1 billion annually. The interesting thing about him was he kept his winning strategies a secret.

Born to Croatian parents, Ranogajec used to live in Australia with his family. When he was busy with his studies, he started working part-time at the Wrest Point Casino where he used to count cards in Blackjack. He could not focus on his studies and as a result, he left college to take gambling as a career.

Ranogajec is an all-rounder at horse race betting and in gambling in general and was regarded as the smartest, most creative and innovative gambler of all time. He began his gambling career with a meager amount and earned millions in just a short span of time.

He won a huge amount in several online casinos and as a result, he was also banned from a few of them including the Wrest Point, Jupiters and Gold Coast. Isn’t that amazing?

3.     Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams is another renowned gambler by Australians who was also a great businessman. Kerry Packer and Lloyd Williams were good friends.

Lloyd launched the popular Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne in 1994.  A few years later, Williams traded many of his goods with the family of Kerry Packer. Later, when Packer died, Williams started to look after Packer’s estate in partnership with David Gonski.

Williams and his wife Suzie used to gamble on horse racing and both earned the most prestigious Melbourne Cup four times. According to the latest survey, Williams is the largest racehorse owner in Australia. His net worth is $670 million as assessed through Forbes Asia in 2012.

4.     Alan Woods

Alan Woods is famous and is known as the most pioneering bettors in Australia. In 2008, he passed away in Hong Kong. His estimated net worth was found to be $670 million after his death.

He began playing casino games when he was young. Because he was an expert in arithmetic, he usually remained ahead in casino games. Alan and his gaming companion, Bill Benter, founded a gambling syndicate for horse racing. Their partnership unexpectedly became successful and popular in just a few years.

They were both experts in mathematics and therefore they created a successful computer program that made use of algorithms to pick race champions based on weather, track, form and many other elements.

5.     David Walsh

David Walsh is an expert gambler as well as a well-known artist. He owns the Museum of Old and New Art. David Walsh married Kirsha Kaechele in 2014 and was well-known for his extravagant lifestyle.

He was a major in arithmetic and computer science, which proved to be very beneficial for him to kickstart his gambling career.

According to Australian newspapers, David Walsh was the front-runner of the chief gambling syndicate. It has about 17 members along with the popular Zeljko Ranogajec, who was also good friends with David.

David met Zeljko in an Australian Casino and they become friends. They used to visit casinos to make big at gambling. Both put a lot of hard work to create a computer program for developing money. Later, in 1995, Walsh became more inclined toward arts and he invested a huge amount of his earnings in creating his Museum. 

Australia is well known for its live casinos and popular gamblers. These gamblers from Australia started small and soon became the talk of the town because of their good luck, skills and hard work. Play casino games and see if you too, like them, can make it big.

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