The Impact of Coronavirus Across Casinos

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
The Impact of Coronavirus Across Casinos

A huge pandemic has hit the world unexpectedly and left people bewildered. This deadly coronavirus is not only taking lives but also crashing the world’s economy. The turmoil caused by the coronavirus outbreak has left many businesses suffering including the gambling sector.

Just like any other country, Australia has been swayed by the coronavirus outbreak and people are forced to stay at home to keep themselves and others safe. A major entertainment and gaming company in Australia, Crown Resorts, saw their business slowing down over the last several weeks because of the pandemic.

Crown Resorts Halts Operations

During the first week of March, Crown Resort announced that it would follow all safety measures including ‘social distancing’ in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. They shut down their electronic gaming tables and slot machines at its casino in Melbourne. However, the Crown Resort did not follow complete closure of its casinos and they faced criticism from many around the state.

Covid19 is a national emergency and calls for more strict measures to safeguard the health of the public. This is why this becomes necessary to close all those institutions and businesses that are non-essential and can put the lives of millions of people at risk. The Crown Resort does not offer essential services and so many thought it should not be permitted to remain open for the community.

On March 23, Crown Resorts Company announced that they had suspended the functioning of its Perth and Melbourne entertainment divisions to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus. They closed their conference facilities, food and beverage, gambling activities and banqueting. Nevertheless, the company continued with its necessary delivery services of meals and hotel accommodation but in a lower capacity.  

The decision to shut down their gaming services was made after the guidelines came from the Victorian Deputy Chief Health Officer and the Australian government.  About 20,000 staff are employed at Crown Resorts of Western Australia and Victoria. The CEO of the company has said that they are evaluating the monetary effect on their gaming business because of the coronavirus outburst.

Hang On, Crown Resorts Will Bounce Back Soon

According to authorities, it has become absolutely necessary to close down brick and mortar casinos as they could make the pandemic worse because gambling machines are a hotspot for causing infection.

No wonder, the Crown Resorts has suffered a severe financial blow over the last few weeks. The situation is still not looking better and the business may continue to face loss for some more time. Nonetheless, resort owners are confident that they will bounce back again. After the pandemic will slow down and get controlled, things will get better.

Stay Safe for Your Family! Play at Online Casinos

The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting every other business excluding a few such as online casinos. As far as the figures are concerned, no report indicates a reduction in the number of online casino players. On the contrary, the figures have increased drastically in the last few weeks.

People who usually play at online casinos are spending more time at online real money casinos while they are in their homes. Also, punters who gamble at brick and mortar casinos have no choice left because of the limitations being levied across Australia to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. They want to avoid getting exposed to the virus so they decided to go online.

There has been a huge rise in online casino gaming activities because of new players signing up. Some of the popular Australian casinos are finding a massive rush in account registrations, transferring funds and betting activities.

Our Recommendations For The Best Online Casinos

Depending on how long people will be staying in their home, there’s a huge chance of people preferring online casinos over the brick and mortar ones.

If you love playing casino games and want to make the most of your days at home, visit an online casino and create your account. Remember you can use a no deposit bonus to check out a new casino and see how you like it.

You will be amazed to find a plethora of online casinos with remarkable bonuses, great security, dynamic customer care services and a wide array of games in several categories. All the famous games that you find at land casinos are available at online casinos including roulette, real money pokies, baccarat, and table games. You can choose to play many such exciting games without leaving your house.

We do recommend that you play responsibly and keep an eye on your bankroll so that you do not overspend.

If you are wondering where to find the best and safe online casinos, have a look at our top online casino reviews and choose one of the recommended online casinos there.

No one can really predict when this pandemic will bid us goodbye. But, till then we can do our best by staying at home. 

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