Is The Coronavirus The Wake-up Call That Land Casinos Need To Go Online?

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
coronavirus and online casinos

Macau is the irrefutable capital of gambling on the Asian continent, as well as one of the most popular gambling destinations on the planet. With more than 30 casinos worth billions of dollars in total and distinct names like The Venetian or Wynn Macau that spark the imagination of the most passionate players in the world, there is no wonder Macau is such a popular gambling destination.

Surprisingly, it's not all about the huge casino halls where you can enjoy thousands of games ranging from basic slot machines to poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. What drives millions of people here every year is also the impressive number of entertainment options, as well as the luxury shopping sprees people can engage in, not to mention the fine dining. The small island that hosts these out-of-this-world entertainment hubs, however, seems to be seriously jeopardised by the coronavirus pandemic that has gradually taken over the world starting at the end of 2019.

Macau Land Casino Visitors are Down 70%

Compared to the previous year, there has been a significant drop of 70 percent in the usually packed brick-and-mortar casinos in Macau. Given the fact that the virus has spread from Wuhan, China, the dramatic drop in people's interest to come here and engage in their regular gambling activities is easy to understand. Plus, the mandatory social distancing that the country has adopted as a way of limiting the coronavirus cases has also forced the second-largest economy on the planet to shut down for a while. Since land casinos gather huge numbers of people in enclosed spaces, the logic behind the measures cannot be disputed and they automatically fell victim to the circumstances.

However, the same virus could also be used as a serious wake-up call for Chinese and other Asian markets to speed up the online gambling legalisation process. The highly restrictive travel decisions and the mandatory quarantines that were imposed in the country as well as the rest of the world could force the Chinese government to consider allowing online gambling to become legal. One example of the effects of the coronavirus on the Asian gambling market comes from the Philippines. Online gambling is legal here and this has attracted an impressive number of players who would otherwise visit the land casinos in Macau.

The numbers cannot be denied: online gambling on a regular, daily basis is up 90 percent compared to last year's New Year holiday in China. The figure is so impressive that it seriously raises the matter of whether brick-and-mortar casino operators should make the switch to virtual gambling. Given the fact that land casinos migrating to the online industry appears to be an ascending trend, we can expect to see more exciting alternatives to choose from soon enough.

Asian land-based operators are getting almost no business these days. While many casinos in Macau continue to be open after the coronavirus outbreak, following a 15-day shutdown, many venues did not want to get back in business because of the small number of tourists.

Land casinos along with restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres, and other entertainment venues around the world have also been shut down because of the coronavirus threat, which is why more and more people are looking for equally fun alternatives. Here are a few ideas that we recommend for you in these troubled times.  

Fun Things To Do While Self-Isolating Because Of The Coronavirus

With close to 600 Covid19 cases confirmed in Australia at the date when this article was written, lots of Australians choose to embrace social distancing, just like millions of other people on the planet. Whether they do it as an attempt to limit the spread of the virus or as a mandatory measure since they have recently travelled to a country that has been severely affected by the pandemic, lots of Aussies will remain indoors for 14 days. While some of them will continue to do remote work from home, others may have some more extra time on their hands. Some of them will catch up on their house chores or books, do puzzles, look after the kids, meditate, and basically do anything to distract themselves or stay busy. 

If you are having a hard time dealing with self-isolation, but you also have a passion for casino gambling, this is a good time to visit your favourite real money casinos online. You could check out their new bonuses and any fresh games added to their library since you last played there, test out a few poker or blackjack strategies you have recently read about or take advantage of some brand new pokie releases from top software developers. You could also try out some new online casinos you never had time to visit before and see what they bring new to the table. 

If you do not have the patience to personally test and compare several casinos on your own, and you would like to go straight to the fun part of playing at online casinos, you can take a look at our constantly upgraded lists of casino reviews and casino rankings and make your pick. You can rest assured you are only going to come across the most reliable, engaging, and attractive casinos on the web there. We are working nonstop for you, testing and revisiting new casinos to make sure they continue to comply with the highest quality standards. 

We can keep you busy for days with our fun and attractive casino recommendations. All you need to do is be patient enough to stay home and help stop the spread of the pandemic until we can all go back to our regular lives. Together, we will rise!

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