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Legal Forms of Gambling for Australian Casino Players

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Legal Forms of Gambling for Australian Casino Players

As one of the countries with the greatest gambling rates on the planet, Australia offers the ideal legal environment for passionate players. With 8 out of 10 citizens engaging in gambling activity on a regular basis, the country Down Under sounds like a genuine gambling haven. While regulators have always preferred live forms of gambling to the detriment of online gambling, both are legal and will be covered within the following lines. 



  • All Australian states and territories host at least one casino and feature life and legal forms of gambling. Passionate players can get lost in endless hours of pokies, poker, and blackjack, with the Crown Melbourne Casino in Victoria being one of the most famous casinos on the planet.

  • The Aussie Millions poker tournament held every year here is another excellent point of attraction for gamblers all around the world.

  • Except for Western Australia, all territories allow live gambling inside their hotels.

  • Aussies and tourists alike can benefit from live forms of gambling in nightclubs in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

  • You can also bet on sports in almost all parts of the country

Official Bodies That Regulate Gambling In Australia

State and territorial governing bodies are the main parties that regulate real money casino gambling here. The Parliament has a smaller influence on gambling regulation, with each distinct area handling its own laws.

  • For example, Queensland is regulated by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

  • New South Wales is under the direct supervision of the Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing.

  • The Australian Capital Territory is governed by the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission.

  • Victoria is regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gamblin and Liquor Regulation.

  • The Tasmanian Gaming Commission supervises Tasmanian gambling options, while Western Australia is directly influenced by the Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor.

Plus, the Australian Communications and Media Authority supervises iGaming advertising throughout the country. Australian citizens who need to file a complaint against a casino advertisement can use their services and report any type of violation, no matter where they live.

Australia is one of the pioneer countries to address the matter of legality in terms of virtual gambling, which they started in 2001. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 was intended to protect the general population from the effects of online gambling. According to this law, Australian casinos are not legally allowed to provide online gaming products that are not licensed or that are prohibited to the Australian public, as well as provide Australian casino products to other countries.

The same act bans most forms of online gambling, including pokies and poker. However, the act does not go against online sports betting and auto racing. Plus, casino operators found to offer their services to or from Australia are prone to receive penalties of $220,000 for the individuals operating the companies and up to $1.1 million for the company itself.

Except for scratch cards with instant wins, all other forms of lotteries are prohibited in Australia.

The Interactive Gambling Act does not consider placing bets at an online gambling site a criminal act. Accordingly, Aussies who decide to play slots online should not expect to receive any penalties. The same goes for poker sites on the web and other forms of virtual gambling.

Since 2001, lots of gambling companies on the web discovered a series of loopholes that enable them to provide in-game betting solutions. These solutions came in the form of bets placed over the phone. Some ambiguities in the code enable some companies to provide online roulette or online poker products to customers in Australia, which led to the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 being passed by the Parliament. The new act was meant to close any remaining loopholes that allowed some companies to keep providing certain prohibited products to Australian players. It also targeted PokerStars and other similar sites and their violations in terms of various licensing bodies. Since the end of 2017, PokerStars can no longer be accessed by players in Australia.

Legal Forms Of Gambling In The Country

Live casinos, hotels, and nightclubs spread all across the country are your best bet in terms of legal forms of gambling here. Here is a list of the main types of games you should expect to find in Australia:

  • Pokies are by far the most loved and played casino options for Aussies. Pokies machines can be found in pubs, bars, and nightclubs all around the country, for easy access.

  • Poker with its glorious Texas Hold'em variety, in particular, has gained an incredible amount of popularity after the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2005. You can expect to discover both games for cash and tournaments that can be joined by players of all levels of experience.

  • Lotteries are also particularly enjoyed thanks to their ability to turn players' lives upside down in the blink of an eye, and in the most positive way possible. Plus, scratchies also count among the top choices for Aussies eager to make a quick buck. The game requires players to match codes or numbers in order to win. We can also add the game of Keno to the same list of games players here are particularly excited about.

  • People who love to attend charities and share some of their good luck with others also like to play Housie.

  • Sports betting is well-represented here, with several thousand outlets spread all across the country.

Finally, recreational players' wins are not subject to taxes here, unless the players are professional gamblers. Since the virtual gambling laws target companies and not the persons making their wagers online, it is safe to say that you can continue to enjoy your gambling online stress-free.

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