Smartwatch Casinos, The Future Of Gambling?

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

Ever since the Mobile World Congress first introduced the concept of smartwatch gambling in 2014, gambling on the wrist has started to present itself as the next big hit in the world of virtual gambling.

While smartphone gambling continues to offer an excellent alternative to classic desktop computers, many gambling software giants like Playtech, Microgaming and Ladbrokes have decided to keep up with the trends and add gambling and betting apps for smartwatch users to their lists of creations. Popular smartwatches like iOS' AppleWatch and Android's Pebble, Moto360, and Android Gear have also released interesting gambling apps for players looking to take their passion straight into the future.

At the moment, there are thousands of cool smartwatch game apps waiting to be downloaded from Google's Play Store, in spite of the incredibly tiny and challenging 1.4'' touchscreen that players are forced to use when spinning smartwatch pokie reels and placing sports bets.

Let's find out what drives these wrist gamblers to search for apps and casinos that are designed with the smartwatch player in mind, and playing smartwatch pokies is a good idea.

Perks of Playing Smartwatch Casino Games

Instant Access, Zero Distractions

ISmartwatch Casinos, The Future Of Gambling?f you prefer the mobile casino gambling alternative on your smartphone or tablet, you are already familiar with the rather simple user interface there. However, your gameplay may still be occasionally interrupted by a flashy ad or banner or a menu that has not been fully optimised for mobile play.

With smartwatch casinos and apps, this problem no longer exists. Their interface is even simpler and more intuitive than the mobile casino option, and this is a direct consequence of the very small touchscreens that smartwatches come with. App developers are forced to only display the critical parts of a game or a real money casino, such as the menu items, the play, spin, bet/wager buttons and steer clear from unnecessary elements.

Simplified Multitasking

Why not run on your treadmill at the gym while spinning some smartwatch pokies on your wrist and keeping an eye on your calorie burn updates? Or get lunch started for the kids while playing your favourite game of roulette on your smartphone? Given their wrist strapping mechanisms, smartwatches cannot be easily dropped, which makes them a lot more convenient and suitable for multitasking. You can freely run around or engage in conversations or various activities with your friends or kids and only tap on the screen and place a new bet whenever a chime on your smartphone prompts you to do it.

Extra Convenience

Smartwatches are light-weighted and fun to wear, nicely complimenting casual and sports outfits. They are also comfortable to use, as opposed to smartphones, tablets, or laptops that can be carried around and propped up for more convenience in use. There is no need to be seated and continuously stare at a screen to keep up with the action, given the undeniable mobility of these devices. Smartwatches allow you to engage in just about any type of activity and simultaneously play the coolest pokies for smartwatch, enjoying loads of fun activities and rewarding no deposit bonuses.

Cons of Smartwatch Gambling

  • The small touchscreen size might be frustrating to some players at first, requiring some exercise to getting used to it.

  • Smartwatches feature different designs, operating systems, and shapes, which could slow down app development. There is an obvious need to find the best universal optimisation solutions for all brands, as we are still looking at little to no market standardisation for these devices.

Smartwatch Pokies – The Next Remote Gambling Hit?

Given the unobtrusive character of smartwatches and their protection against accidental dropping, they are excellent alternatives for players who enjoy spinning online pokies reels on the go. However, trying to fit 5-reel games on such a small screen is still challenging, and this is precisely what developers are working on at the moment.

Android smartwatch pokies, however, are expected to become extremely popular around the world. The Thunderstruck smartwatch pokie game is just one fine example we can mention here. The game runs between the player's smartwatch and a smartphone, laptop, or a different paired device. The touchscreen on the smartwatch can be used for accessing the controls within the game, whereas the casino payment and customer support options can be run using the paired device. If you own an LG G Watch, Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear Live, or another compatible smartwatch, you will be able to play Thunderstruck hassle-free.

What The Future Of Smartwatch Gambling Looks Like

Players can already stay up-to-date with the freshest pokies releases, gameplay info, and sports odds and results using their smartphones, so making the switch to actual gambling and sports wagering should be a smooth and natural process for most mobile gamblers. The field of wrist gambling is expected to keep growing in the upcoming years, as more improvements and standardisation will be brought to the table, and we can also expect to witness a boom in terms of Android and iOS smartwatch pokies, given the large demand for these games. Given the fact that Android gaming has been on top of gaming in recent years, players can expect Android smartwatch pokies and gambling to lead the way.

Keep a close eye on our site to find out the latest compatible smartwatch casinos to join. In the meanwhile, check out the freshest online casinos for players and take advantage of their exclusive welcome bonuses and generous game libraries.

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