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Tips For Organising Successful Monte Carlo Nights In Australia

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
 Play Roulette Monte Carlo Nights In Australia

Monte Carlo Nights are also called Casino Night Fundraisers and they are fun events where guests get to live the thrills of gambling in a real casino setting, minus the trip to an actual brick-and-mortar casino. Think of it as a type of the mountain-coming-to-Muhammad thing, but with a charity twist on top. You won't be able to play pokies at these fundraisers but they usually host several game tables managed by professional dealers, with guests being required to make a donation in exchange for a place at these tables. The money goes to a good cause and guests leave home with the satisfaction of having spent a fun and generous gambling night in a breathtaking décor. No casino wins are actually given to guests, but there are nice rewards and prizes they could be looking forward to. It's a win-win and Australian charities have also started to benefit from the wonderful advantages of these Monte Carlo nights.

If you are planning on organising an Aussie casino night fundraiser at work or in a private setting to raise money for an Aussie charity, here are a few tips that should get you started on the right track.


Tip #1: Know The Monte Carlo Night Logistics

  • Casino fundraisers require organisers to rent real casino equipment, including chips, fake casino money, game tables (roulette, blackjack, poker, craps), and dealers and/or croupiers who will be running all the games.

  • In order for guests to be allowed to participate in any of the games, they will need to buy a ticket or pay an entry fee for the event. They will receive a number of chips for playing the games they will be required to mention. Depending on the format of the Monte Carlo Night you plan on organising, player guests will be allowed to make additional chip purchases and, thus, make another donation.

  • Guests must understand that they will not be gambling any real money during the event. They will only be given fun casino chips and money that have zero cash value. Think of it as playing a casino game online in free, practice mode, using virtual casino funds with no money value in real life. When making your invites, you should clearly specify all of the house rules for the event so that all guests can know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

  • Find the ideal location for the event. Look at the approximate number of guests on your list, as well as the number of table games you plan on renting. Make sure you have a separate space that non-gambling guests will use to socialise, serve food or dance. You may also want to consider having security guards at the door since you will be collecting real money all throughout the event.

  • Find sponsors for the event or be ready to offer a few rewards yourself, as an organiser. Make these prizes appealing enough for a large number of people to want to participate in your event. The prizes could be anything from a day off work to a fine wine basket or a weekend getaway in a secret destination. Figure out how you will be giving away these prizes – the biggest “winner” of the evening or the player who has purchased the largest number of chips and so on.

Tip #2: Have A Clear Goal In Mind

If you are simply looking to raise as much money as you can to support a local charity, focus on making the event as attractive and fun as possible. Your goal is to attract a large crowd and cross your fingers for them to be as generous as possible.

If you have a dollar amount in mind or you are thinking about a certain number of guests you would like to participate, you will manage to set some even more realistic expectations. This is always good for keeping you motivated and on track. Once your goal has been set, you should establish the most suitable price for your tickets or event fee.

Tip #3: Know The Australian Night Fundraiser Rules

Keep in mind that because of the particularities that each Australian state comes with in terms of Gaming Laws, Western Australia is the only place where these Monte Carlo Nights can be organised at the moment. The Real Money Casino Fundraiser events that are run by Monte Carlo Functions in Australia are a good example of a money-raising event for schools. Some of the favourite themes of these events are James Bond, the Great Gatsby, and Las Vegas. Guests can get married by an Elvis Presley impersonator during Vegas-themed fundraisers and they usually attract a big crowd.

You will need both a gaming and a venue license for the event. Plus, you will need to show proof that you are planning the fundraiser for a non-profit organisation in your local community. No commercial gains can be expected.

Final Thoughts

Remember to create many opportunities for your guests to enjoy themselves during your event, whether they like to gamble or not. Hire a live band or a DJ, if possible, and entertain your guests through music and dancing, an open bar, tasty finger foods from different parts of the world, a stand-up comedy act, and anything else you can think of. Happy guests are more likely to be more generous and make additional side donations at the end of the evening. Find inspiration for popular casino games to include in your events on our list of online top casino sites above.

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