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The Most Sought-After Online Casino Table Games

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

The advent of online casino games has made it easy for gamers who love gambling. Gone are the days when casino enthusiasts wait for holidays to book a flight to their desired casino destination so they may enjoy the fascinating and quite thrilling world of gambling.

Online casinos have a large collection of casino games in different categories. If you love playing table games, read on to learn about some of the classic and most popular table games played by players all over the world.

History of Casino Table Games

Casino games originate from traditions and ethnicities from around the world, dating back to prehistoric Egypt, to medieval France, and up to the current online casinos. Table games have a long history with an enthralling story, a blend of fable and myth, and amusing facts. However, regardless of their long history, casino games are still some of the sought-after games around the world.

Roulette was discovered around the second half of the 19th century by the renowned mathematician Blaise Pascal. Pascal invented the roulette wheel accidentally while he was busy conducting experiments with perpetual motion. The discovery of the roulette wheel gave rise to the popular game of roulette, which soon became the most-played game in numerous casinos.

Craps, the game of dice, is believed to be inspired by the ancient practice of doctors who used to roll stones along with bones to find out the destiny of people who were sick. On the other hand,  the French gave different suits of cards their names – diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts. These cards formed various versions of casino card games including poker and blackjack.

Online Casino Table Games for Beginners

Since its beginning more than a few years ago, the online casino industry has evolved and attracted millions of players worldwide. If you are visiting a casino website for the first time and are unsure of what to look out for, do a bit of research to find the best online casino for your needs. You will surely find some fantastic online casinos that conduct fair and honest dealings.

The most vital thing to keep in mind is that casino gambling is a form of entertainment that should be enjoyed. So, take your time to look around to find out what suits you best.  We are sure you will soon realize how much fun online casino table games can be.

Blackjack: Enjoy the Never-ending Fun

Blackjack Table GameFound in almost all online casinos, blackjack is a game that is cherished by the majority of casino buffs worldwide. The best thing is that it is a no-brainer and easy to grasp. There are various versions of blackjack available nowadays, so if you get bored of one version you can switch to another for a different and newer experience.

Blackjack allows you to beat the dealer and win, although it requires you to have some skill. Every player at the blackjack table plays against the dealer. The main objective is to get your hand closer to 21 than the dealers. To begin, the dealer deals two cards – face up – to each player and also receives two cards – one face up and the other, which is the hole card, face down. The dealer will only disclose the hole card after each player acts on their hand.

When playing blackjack at online casinos for real money, players have two options; either to stand (taking no more cards) or to hit (taking an extra card). Players can continue to hit until they reach 21, or ‘bust’ by going over.

Baccarat: Easy to Learn and Fun to Play

Baccarat is an interesting card game particularly famous in European countries. Most people believe that Baccarat is an Italian game, while some consider it has its roots in France. This is because the word ‘baccarat’ translates to ‘zero’ in both Italian and France. In France, the game is modified and termed ‘Chemin De Fer’. After becoming popular in France, Baccarat became recognized among European and American players.

There are two kinds of Baccarat tables (mini tables and traditional Baccarat tables). Both tables are of different sizes and allow a different number of players to take part in the game. It is pretty easy to play Baccarat because it does not require the players to make many decisions. The players are only required to decide the amount they want to wager and whether they want to wager against the bank or other players.

Two hands are dealt to each player and they place their bet. Simple to comprehend and entertaining to play, no wonder Baccarat is the favourite game of so many worldwide.

Roulette: The Entertaining Game of Chance

Roulette Table GameRoulette is as simple to play as it looks. You don’t require any strategy or special skills to win at roulette because winning at this table game is based purely on chance. The game includes a spinning wheel that comprises two colours, red and black, and numbers. Your task is to predict where the ball will land after it is dropped into the spinning wheel, so if your guess is correct, you win! You can bet on various aspects including the colour of the number, a specific number, or a combination of numbers.

There are three popular versions of roulette – French, American, and European. Most players prefer playing European or French Roulette as they offer a higher RTP (return to player) percentage than American roulette. The main difference between the different roulette tables is the wheel numbering. American Roulette has two zeroes (0 and 00) that increase its house edge, while European Roulette has only a single zero that offers a higher probability to win.

Roulette is available as a live dealer game as well on various popular online casinos. So, if you want to relax and win money, you can visit your choice of online casino and play. 

Craps: Complex Yet Interesting Dice Game

Craps Table GameCraps is a popular table game that is played with dice. Although complex, Craps offer high winning chances. While a craps table may seem a bit complicated in the beginning, you easily grasp the rules of the game after you observe for some time.

To begin, you take the dice in your hand, roll, and throw. After a single roll of the dice, the player can place a bet on different combinations of numbers. The two basic bets of craps are ‘passline’ and ‘don’t passline bet.’

Apart from these, there are forty more bets, some of which are more complicated than others. You need to understand and master these bets over time; therefore, beginners should stick with the first few basic bets to get the feel of the game and to keep them interested in it.

Three-Card Poker:  The Classic and Entertaining Table Game

If you love poker, then you will surely adore three-card poker, a relatively new version. Three-card poker combines two exciting games such as pair plus and three-card ante, also referred to as three-card play. When playing three-card poker, the player can choose his ante bet and is dealt three cards.

After examining their cards, the player can decide either to play or fold. If the player’s hand is found to be better than the dealer’s, they are paid even on both their Ante and play bets. In three-card poker, the hands are ranked in this order: Straight flush, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, and High card.

Now that you are familiar with some of the popular and classic table games, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to visit your preferred online casino and play your favourite table game.

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