The Connection Between Diet and Gambling

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
The Best Foods To Eat While Gambling

What do you usually snack on when engaged in an immersive game of pokies online? Do you usually eat any “lucky foods” at the casino restaurant, when gambling at a land facility? Some people prefer greens or black-eyed peas as they think these foods are supposed to bring them good luck since they are shaped like coins and dollar bills. Others snack on almonds or blueberries. Some prefer to play on an empty stomach, feeling their mind is sharper as there are no distractions preventing them from making their next moves at the poker table.

Without a doubt, there is a strong connection between the foods casino players choose to eat before or during a gaming session and their overall performance at the tables or in front of a pokie machine. Food influences our mood, our cognitive abilities, and decisions, to say the least. With so many different opinions, recommendations, and superstitions out there, which foods do you think work best for you when gambling?

Eat Blueberries Before Gambling Online

blueberries - a brain food for gamblingMany professional gamblers like to snack on delicious blueberries since they are filled with loads of antioxidants known for their incredible effects on our health. Jamie Gold is not only famous for his aggressive play and talk that won him the 2006 WSOP Main Event, earning him $12 million, but also for the fact that he ate blueberries every time he felt like grabbing a snack on something in between breathers during the hectic week at the event. He even stated that blueberries were his brain food and it would seem that he wasn't far from the truth either.

Blueberries contain large amounts of flavonoids that will do a great job at boosting the functions of the brain, improving your memory, and fixing broken neuron connections. People who indulge in a tasty blueberry smoothie for breakfast in the morning have improved cognitive functions for at least 5 hours compared to people who opt for a smoothie that does not contain any blueberries. Remember this next time you are getting ready to log in to a new casino online.

Avocados Make Your Eyes Sharper

No matter if you oftentimes find yourself in the middle of a heated game of poker for several hours in a row, or whether you are more into spending your spare time watching those captivating and colourful reels spin in hopes of a whopping jackpot, one thing is for sure: you want your vision to be as sharp as possible. Avocados are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, two incredibly powerful antioxidants with excellent effects on your eyesight, so including avocado in your diet next time you are getting ready to spend the weekend resuming your gameplay should be a no-brainer. Speaking of brains, you should also know that avocados contain huge amounts of good fats, with 77% of all the calories in a single avocado originating in these monosaturated fats that are excellent for the brain. How come? They can work wonders on your memory while significantly improving your cognitive functions.

Try eating some tasty guacamole next time you are getting ready to play online and you will not only feel fuller for a longer time, thanks to the fibers in the guacamole but also enjoy a tasty dish you will enjoy serving. All you need is a couple of ripe avocados, some salt, fresh lemon or lime juice, minced red onion or green onion, some chilis, and finely chopped cilantro for the tastiest guac.

Broccoli Could Help You Maintain Your Game On Point

Try some steamed or sauteed broccoli with your favourite seasonings for some extra flavour and see your memory and cognitive functions improve considerably. This will, in turn, help you keep your game on point thanks to the choline found in broccoli. This is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the production of acetylcholine, which is a critical neurotransmitter responsible for attention, memory, and muscle control. If you don't plan on making any poker faces because of involuntary twitching or shaking hands, eat plenty of broccoli next time you get ready to sit at a table. Try some grilled beef with broccoli, a Caesar salad spin-off with broccoli, or some broccoli and egg-fried rice dishes if you are having trouble eating broccoli on its own.

Try Salmon Sandwiches or Trout for Enhanced Brain Performance

The Best Foods To Eat While GamblingHave you ever tried rubbing a nice piece of salmon with Cajun seasoning on both sides, grilling it for a couple of minutes, then adding it to your favourite roll, covering it with some homemade mayonnaise and avocado and topping it with onions, tomato, and arugula? This incredibly tasty salmon sandwich will not only keep you full for a longer time while spending your time spinning those reels, but it will also help improve your memory and your overall mental performance thanks to the healthy fatty acids in the salmon.

Not a big fan of salmon? How about trying a tasty trout recipe with a special sauce made of garlic, lemon, butter, and your favourite Italian herbs? This quick recipe is low in carbs, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein, and just right for when you are in a hurry to join that upcoming tournament with a 100k prize pool online.

Mackerel is another fish that you could include in your diet if you are serious about using your diet to improve your gambling. However, if you simply do not enjoy eating fish, you could replace it with some tasty nuts instead. Just make sure to steer clear from nuts that are covered in sugar or nuts that are too salty. You wouldn't want high blood pressure or a blood sugar spike or crash to interfere with your focus concentration while playing.

Snack on Dark Chocolate While Playing

Dark chocolate desserts are also a good idea as dark chocolate has been proven to improve the brain's blood flow when eaten 5 times a week, thanks to the high amounts of flavanol that cocoa contains. Cocoa can also boost cognitive functions in the short term thanks to stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine that are found in it.

Is Playing on an Empty Stomach a Good Idea?

There are some studies that claim casino gamers would have more to gain if they did their wagering on an empty stomach. Hunger is, apparently, tied to making better decisions. When the body is hungry, it will automatically enter a state that is defined by the impulse to satisfy a need straight away. When we are hungry, the brain together with the rest of the body does its best to help you satisfy your hunger.

This has also proven that people who are hungry are a lot better at making decisions. When we need to concentrate on the state of hunger that we are experiencing, the brain will shut down the centres responsible for making rash choices. Furthermore, scientists have found that gamblers who wager when their hunger needs are not well met will do a better job at making small and successful bets. If you have ever tried playing your favourite game of poker online without having anything to eat right before the game started, you might have made better calls throughout the game than on a day when your stomach would have been filled up, especially with junk food. The main difference is that you might not have allowed any side betting mess with your impulses.

The introduction of more foods that can improve the power and functions in your brain could help you recall all basic game strategies a lot easier. The same goes for using a series of online roulette tools, strategies, and theories that could help you win more often than you lose. The foods you choose to willingly put into your system will make a huge difference in your overall gameplay, so it is worth paying more attention to what you ingest, and when you do it.

These are a few of the most recommended foods to include in the diet of any gambler looking to improve their gameplay and performance. Give them a go next time you are ready to join a top Australian casino online from our page!

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