Top 5 Gambling Themed Movies You Need To Watch

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Casino Royale Gambling Themed Movie

If you happen to have a passion for movies and you are also a frequent gambler looking to learn new tricks then this article is for you - it's time to plan a gambling-themed movie night!

Cook your favourite foods, pop some popcorn and call a couple of friends to keep you company. It's the best recipe for a fun evening at home, plus you might end up with a deeper insight into the fascinating universe of real money gambling!

If you haven't paid any real attention to casino movies so far, you have been missing out on a lot. They feature tons of great actors you probably already love, most of whom have played memorable roles that have turned the movies into classics. They also have interesting stories that will keep you in front of the TV with your heart pounding, rooting for a character, and putting yourself in their shoes.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 most popular gambling-themed movies every gambler should see.

#1: 21, The Story of the MIT Blackjack Dreamteam

Kevin Spacey has played a lot of characters that have remained stuck in the collective memory over the years. But his impersonating MIT professor Micky Rosa running a blackjack team was by far one of the most exciting and captivating ones for the gambling community. This on-screen masterpiece managed to grab the attention of casino players as it was actually based on a real-life MIT team that started counting cards in Las Vegas casinos in the '80s and '90s. They took advantage of their legal, but rather a borderline game advantage, having an undeniable impact on the history of casinos.

The movie did not identically mirror the way the famous MIT blackjack dream team handled their more mundane tasks (business-wise), but it rather allowed viewers to sneak a peek into the mesmerising realm of card counting. Lots of gamblers who had only dreamed about finding a way to beat the house were now given palpable hope. They could finally turn their dreams into reality and gain an edge over the house=win the casino. At least, that was until card-shuffling machines were introduced, restoring the old house-always-win protocol. Nevertheless, for more than ten years, skilled blackjack players were able to make steady profits out of their favourite casino games.

There are gamblers who continue to try their luck with card counting even today, even though most land casinos are making it more difficult by the day. There are always plenty of casinos online where you can find loads of casino games if you feel the need to switch things around for a while and let your blackjack-oriented thinking rest for a while.

#2: Casino Royale – A James Bond Classic

Gambling in Casino Royale movieJames Bond movies have a charm and an appeal of their own. Everything ranging from the rush of adrenaline triggered by almost every scene to the luxury decors and the high-stakes gambling keeps the public glued to the screen up to the point the closing credits start rolling. Daniel Craig also had an unforgettable performance in this movie, turning it into one of the gambling movie masterpieces ever to be created. There are lots of land and web casinos that use the James Bond 007 theme for most of their games or decorations, heavily influenced by the success of the franchise. Take an international terrorist, add Agent 007 and a poker tournament and you will get the best recipe for a successful casino movie.

Ask any fervent gambler about the Casino Royale gambling scene and they will be more than happy to give you all the details. It could be fun to watch the movie together with other poker passionate friends and figure out what gambling mistakes the movie makes, what it is that they got right, and decide how accurately the movie portrays a game of poker. If you are new to the game, this movie is definitely an excellent intro to the universe of advanced poker.

God of Gamblers gambling themed movie#3: God of Gamblers – An Asian Gambling Classic

Macau continues to be regarded as the greatest competitor of Las Vegas. Thus, Chinese gambling-themed movies are not to be ignored. This 1989 classic follows the story of a world-famous casino player who is great at winning games of chance. The plot: an accident erases his memory and forces him to work together with a mediocre gambler in a desperate attempt to get his memory and glory back.

#4: Ocean's Eleven, Our Favourite Heisters

By far one of the most famous casino movies of all time, with a five-star cast starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts to name just a few, and a brilliant idea – robbing three of the most beloved (real life) casinos in Vegas. Gamblers who have at least been once to Sin City will be delighted to watch the flabbergasting action and imagine everything could happen for real.

#5: Owning Mahowny – An Inside Look On Responsible Gambling

Some gambling-themed movies focus on the importance of responsible gambling and Owning Mahowny is one of the best. With so many new casinos online you can access with a single click, it can be easy to get lost in many hours of chaotic gambling. Casino games are incredibly fun and can become a good hobby. It is crucial, however, to always gamble responsibly and never let it turn into a problem.

Watching these captivating casino movies you are probably ready to play some yourself - just pick a site from the list above! 

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