What To Do If An Online Casino Blocks Your Account

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
online casino blocks your account

Has your favourite casino online blocked your player account? Are you clueless about why it happened and what you can do to retrieve your account and resume your gambling? First of all, you aren't the only gambler to have their account blocked at some point in time. Secondly, rest assured not all hope is lost, and that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation of why you are now going through the motions.

If this is your first time experiencing a casino account block, and you are rather new to the industry, know that all of the best real money casinos offer 24/7 customer support services. You can immediately get in touch with them via phone, email, or live chat and find out...

7 Reasons To Why Your Casino Account Might Get Blocked

There is always a reason why a casino might decide to block an account. Breaking a rule with or without intention will automatically lead to such a scenario. Since these venues have no way of telling whether your slip was intentional or not, they will proceed to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from any fraudulent actions.

  1. Failed Login: Several failed login attempts, are the number 1 reason why casino accounts get temporarily blocked. And this is for your safety! Failure to log in due to a forgotten password or user name is one of the most common issues handled by customer support and it's an easy problem to solve. Someone who may have access to your computer might have tried to access your casino account without your consent, leading to improper user/password use.
  2. Missing Personal Daga: In case you haven't provided your real personal data, email, or phone number, you may be dealing with an account blocking situation. Casinos require all players to fill in 100% real and accurate personal data since they are working with real money wagers.
  3. Underaged: Not being of the legal age to play in your country and trying to trick the casino into thinking you are will also automatically attract a punishment.
  4. Not Verified Account: Most casinos will ask you to provide specific documents to prove your identity, including copies of your ID or passport, proof of address, and so on. If you have failed to provide all the required papers on time once you have issued a withdrawal request, or you have provided fake ones, the casino will notice and punish you by preventing you from placing any real money bets.
  5. Violation of Terms & Conditions: In case any of the terms and conditions are violated, it will also usually lead to your account being blocked. There are times when a player by mistake may violate a condition, for example, he may try to use the welcome bonus package the wrong way. Just one single person in your household is usually allowed to collect a casino bonus. In other words, a single shared IP address for a single account. If your siblings and other household members also decide to create their own player accounts in the same online casino, all accounts will eventually get blocked.
  6. Bonus Abuse: Creating fake accounts in order to manipulate the casinos' bonus system will also attract similar effects. Casinos will consider that the players are attempting to improperly use the bonus system in order to get as many no-deposit bonuses as they can.
  7. Fraud & Money Laundering: If a casino suspects a player of trying to make any illegal money transfers, they will also deal with a block.

How To Have Your Account Unblocked

Get in touch with customer support as soon as you notice you are unable to access your player account. You may receive an email informing you of the casino's decision, along with a detailed explanation to justify their gesture. If you are unable to access your email or need more details on the matter, you can immediately contact customer support using one of the numerous contact options available. There are also plenty of new casinos to choose from ready to make sure all players are treated equally and are fully satisfied with their services.

Be as cool and calm as you can and keep in mind it could all be a big misunderstanding or a human error. The more polite you are when inquiring about the reason for your account being blocked, the sooner you can have everything sorted out and resume your gameplay. A verified and trustworthy casino should also feature a distinct customer support branch that exclusively handles blocked accounts and finds solutions for players. See if the casino that has blocked your account has such a team and get in touch with them. You can read a few casino reviews online and determine which casino has the best customer support service so you can expect the best treatment.

  • In case you have accidentally entered the wrong username or password, the casino can send you an email and reset your account.

  • If you have sent incomplete/wrong verification papers, you will need to send the right ones and pass the verification.

  • If you have breached a few serious terms and conditions, or you have two distinct player accounts on the same platform, your account may become permanently blocked.

  • If you suspect unfair treatment on behalf of the casino, you could file a complaint using the complaint procedure belonging to the casino.

Finally, make sure you do your best and keep your calm while trying to figure out the reason why an online casino might have blocked your account. Anger will not lead to anything constructive; if anything, it will only further delay your return to the virtual table.

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