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The Online Casino Operating System That’s Best For You

Gaming has been around for a tremendous amount of time and we used to visit a range of different establishments so that we can place our bets on the games that we seemed to love the most. And while brick and mortar casinos are still crowded and a lot of people prefer them, a tremendous amount of market share has been claimed by mobile casinos. They provide people with a convenient place to play their favourite casino games such as real money pokies.

The internet has introduced mobile casinos which managed to change the landscape of the industry. Now, instead of going to the casino conventionally, you can easily play through your computer, phone or any other type of mobile device.

Accessing Online Casinos

Once upon a time, when mobile casinos got first introduced into the scene, players actually had to go ahead and download special software which allowed them to begin playing. The software should have been coded for a specific operating system and if you used another one – it wouldn’t have been compatible. Of course, long gone are the days of technological ignorance and we are currently standing at a place where you can access almost any casino from any device, regardless of whether it’s an Android, Apple or a Windows-based. It doesn’t really matter.

Different Operating Systems

Now, the first thing that you need to understand is that the online casino industry is incredibly fierce and highly competitive. Some of the online casinos are seeing the opportunity of introducing cross-platform capabilities as a way to pioneer the field. With this in mind, others are still relying on single-platform capabilities which also brings a lot of merit. Android casino games are more accessible while Mac casinos, on the other hand, tend to bring in more stability. 

In any case, the thing that you need to understand is that there are generally three overly used operating systems which allow gaming at an online casino and, hence, the majority of casinos are built for them. Let’s have a closer look.


Now, the truth is that Android has quickly become the predominant operating system when it comes to the smartphone market and it currently holds about 75% of the global share. This is absolutely astonishing.

A lot of manufacturers use Android, even though there are a lot of other options on the market which is also quite important to note. Since the platform is used by a wide array of people and even avid gamers, you can easily understand why the majority of online-based casinos are compatible with this OS. The platform offers devices which boast a range of different interesting features so you can easily expect tremendously vivid graphics as well as gameplay which is worth accounting for.


Android might be the most commonly used platform on the entire gaming market but the truth is that there are just as many iOS casino users as there are Android ones. This is something absolutely astonishing.

The truth is that the majority of the online casino companies would always offer access to their platforms through both operating system. It is usually done through an application or a mobile-friendly website. In a lot of the cases, it’s done through both solutions. Generally speaking, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, are known to be a bit more responsive and reliable. Even though the majority wouldn’t really reveal any tremendous difference, there are occasions where you still might feel certain lag or a glitch.

Read our article about iPhone mobile casinos to find out more about playing casino games on your iPhone. 


Now, those online casinos which would usually take advantage of Windows and target users respectively would normally prefer software brought by PlayTech. This is why you might actually expect a tremendous amount of different names and titles and splendid, vivid and particularly effective graphic designs, gameplay as well as audio elements.

Apart from the serious game selection, you can also expect tremendous security for your transactions as well as the information which is being stored in your personal profile. Windows computers remain the most used ones and that’s why you might want to take this into serious consideration.

In any case, it is absolutely obvious that the world of online casinos has shifted quite a lot and, as such, it has managed to deliver a tremendous amount of different and interesting opportunities. While not so long ago you were bound by the single brick and mortar location, you can now spend some time gaming throughout the entire world as you go. All you need is internet access. This is absolutely significant when it comes to it.

With this in mind, it is a matter of personal preference for you to choose an operating system. The truth is that you shouldn’t base your OS choice on the casino industry as the majority of online venues already support the two most popular options – iOS and Android. This is why you shouldn’t be too concerned. Cross-platform accessibility is no longer a new and groundbreaking thing – it has quickly become an established practice so that you should easily consider whatever you feel like. Just make sure that your mobile device is powerful enough to sustain the necessary charge.

Operating Systems

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