The Rules of Baseball – A Typical American Sport

Translated from French by Lidie M. (2019)

The baseball season has just arrived, and nothing beats the thrill of cheering for your local team. However, before you get carried away by the game, you must know the rules of the game, when to applaud, and what to claim from the concession stand.

Here is all you need to know about this exciting game:

The Basics of Innings

A baseball game - which is played in nine innings - is restricted by the number of eliminations and not by time. A round ends when both teams eliminate three players of the opposing team.

In a baseball game, the player is considered out when:

  • They miss a pitch three times repeatedly
  • A participant of the other team catches the ball on the outside field (the playing area beyond the inner field from one base to the other)
  • A player from one team tags an opponent with the ball  
  • A player of the opposing team steps on the base to which his opponent is running with a ball in hand.

The Basics of Pitches

A pitch is when the player of the opposing team throws a ball. They are referred to as a pitcher and they stand in the center of the infield on the pitching mound and throw the ball towards the batter.  

The batter or hitter is the player of the other team who tries to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. He takes the position at the home plate. When the ball comes in contact with the bat of the hitter, the ball comes into action and the hitter is referred to as a runner.

When the batter misses the ball, it is known as a strike. The player of the opposing team who catches this ball is known as a catcher (who stands to the right of the batter).

To score, the hitter should hit the ball into the selected fielding area and then arrive back on the main home base after successively touching the first, second and third base.

The Basics of Home Run

The hitter can score a home run when the ball leaves the playing area and lands among the crowd, or at a distance where the player has sufficient time to run around all bases.  A player may run around the bases after the ball is hit by themselves or by another player.

You applaud, shout and celebrate with your neighbor when your team scores.

Enjoy Hot Dogs and Other Treats

Now that we have touched on the fundamentals, let's get down to the basics of snacking and drinking. The excitement of watching a baseball game becomes more profound when you binge on a hotdog. Most people love the delicious and traditional accompaniment of ketchup or mustard and the lip-smacking chilli and cheese option.  

Although nachos, peanuts, and pretzels are a popular snack, hot dogs always remain a favorite among many.  And there’s nothing that goes better with hot dogs than a cold beer if you are old enough to drink it.  Pair it with a Coca Cola if you are too young for beer.

Additional Tip: The Nosebleed Section

The most vital thing for a memorable baseball game is to reserve cheap seats (which many people call the nosebleeds). They offer you a great view of the field while leaving enough money in your pocket to buy one or two hot dogs.     



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