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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Online Casino Bingo Tips Same as any other casino game, online bingo is also based on luck. But, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some ways that can help you to boost your chances of winning. With a proper strategy, you can make yourself a favourite for hitting the bingo! So, what does a good bingo strategy entail? Well, first of all, you need to find a proper bingo site, which won’t rob you of your winnings!

Finding a Legit Bingo Site

Online bingo We live in a day and age when internet security is a serious matter. Cyber-criminals are lucking in every corner of the internet, looking to scam unsuspecting users. Their methods are getting more and more advanced each day, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they created a seemingly legit bingo website with the purpose of stealing your money. Unfortunately, such things have happened already in the past. This is why you ought to be extra careful when choosing which casino you’re gonna put your trust in. So, how can you find a legit bingo website? The first thing you got to do is check whether the site is licensed. If it complies with the rules of the regulatory body, you have nothing to worry about fair play. You also need to take a look at the site’s security features in order to be sure your money will be in safe hands. Another thing you should be concerned about is the casino’s attitude towards users’ private information. Some sites pay special attention to the privacy and anonymity of the users, which is why they do not share their private details with third parties under any circumstances. Obviously, finding a casino that fits the description does not seem like an easy task. Luckily for you, we’re here to help! Rather than letting you lose your precious time looking for a reliable bingo website, we did the whole work instead. In order to find a place to play online bingo, all you got to do is go to CasinosHub and take a look at our casino reviews!

How to Play Bingo to Improve Your Chances?

Once you’ve found a good casino to play online bingo, it is time to start developing a winning strategy. Again, you’re at the right place – we are going to help you boost your chances of winning big money! The first rule to remember is to learn the rules of the game. There are different types of bingo available at online casinos, so make sure to read the rules carefully before putting your money into a game. Apart from checking the game rules, you also need to take a look at all the features that come along. For example, the casino may have an automatic play option, which will keep putting money on bingo games until all of it is gone from your account. When it comes to the games of chance, including online bingo, the rule of thumb is that the more you play, the higher your chances get. So, play more! Unfortunately, in order to play bingo at real money casinos, you need to upload real cash. The good news is that many casinos will reward you for that with lucrative bonuses, which you can use to play bingo.

Claiming Bingo Bonuses

Almost every online casino has some bonuses ready for new players. No-deposit bonuses are the most popular for players. Depending on the casino, you might be able to use the bonus funds to play bingo games. This is why it’s very important to take a look at the T&C of the casino before registering an account. This is especially recommended to those players who like playing bingo more than any other casino game. Our advice is to go to and take a look at the list of recommended casinos, as some of them might even give away bonuses exclusive to online bingo players. You might get free credits to play this game, which will turn into real money if you hit the bingo.

Virtual Bingo Lingo

Online bingo is fun when you have someone to talk to. Luckily, most casino websites feature the live chat option, allowing the players to communicate with one another during the game.  But, in the world of bingo, a different kind of language is used, so you might find it difficult to keep track of what other players are saying. Bingo players use certain words and abbreviations which aren’t too common in ordinary language. To introduce you properly to the online bingo lingo, here are some of the most frequently used expressions:
  • 1TG – Literally “One to go”, meaning that there’s only one ball needed to hit the bingo
  • GL – Good luck
  • BLNT – Better luck next time
  • RTF – Read the FAQ
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions
  • UL – Unlucky
  • WTG – Way to go
  • WD – Well done
  • GJ – Good job
  • TYVM – Thank you very much
  • TNX – Thanks
  • YW – You’re welcome
  • AFK – Away from the keyboard
  • BRB – Be right back
Of course, these are just some of the examples of commonly used bingo abbreviations. You’re bound to get run into many more, but we’re sure you’ll figure them out along the way. If you don’t know what an abbreviation means, feel free to ask someone. If you ask politely, they won’t mind explaining everything to you.

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