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Are you looking forward to learning some new tricks in the game of Pai Gow poker? If yes, you are in luck as learning the tips and trades of online Pai Gow poker has never been easier. With these special Pai Gow Poker tips, you will greatly increase your chance to win real cash prizes at any of the recommended casinos.


Also known as double-hand poker, Pai Gow poker is a comparatively new online casino game with very ancient roots. This game is a card variation of Pai Gow, a Chinese domino game that dates back more than thousands of years to the Song Dynasty. Today, you can play Pai Gow online double-handed poker matches in every corner of the world, right from Macau to San Francisco.

The Difference Between Classic Poker and Pai Gow Poker

PPai Gow Poker Tipsai Gow online poker game bears a lot of similarities with its classic poker counterpart. But, some distinguishing differences between the two include:

  • Each Pai Gow poker casino player is handed 7 card hands, while poker players are handed 2 card hands
  • Unlike two in poker, the Pai Gow poker integrates one joker in the deck
  • In Pai Gow poker, you are asked to reposition the initial hand into two poker cards – the bottom hand and the top hand while you do not have this option in classic poker
  • You cannot bluff in Pai Gow poker and gamblers play head-to-head with the Pai gow dealer

Tips on How to Win Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a variation of poker in which your hands are split into two slightly smaller hands and you aim to defeat the two hands of the dealer. The bonus bet is also determined by the strength of the original poker hand. Some tips for a winning time in this game are:

Understanding the game

The most important tip when it comes to any online casino game is to tread carefully. Hence, the first tip is to properly understand the game before you actually play it for real money. And by understanding, we mean that you need to know the rules and look over the strategy tables. The rules are going to be your map to victory and the strategy table is going to be the compass to guide you through.

You need to take advantage of Pai Gow's free online games to familiarize yourself with the structure of the game and know the odds and betting scenarios of the game. Cut a budget for yourself when you play. This is an important step because you do not want your bank balance to suffer. Don’t get swept away by the victory spree. Keep your head cool, even when you are on a losing spree.

Pay very close attention to both poker hands

While playing this online game, it is important that you do not neglect your lower hand. While it is great to build the high hand and tempting to put all your bets on it, this is certainly not the method that you should adopt. You need to take your time to build both hands for a good chance of winning. If you land a full house, simply break it up and put the pair on your lower hand.

Each combination of a full house, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, or any other dealt cards has its own place in the Pai Gow online gaming strategy. With the correct strategy and common sense, the moves of these combinations can be quite effective. You should never underestimate the power of your mind; in the face of extreme pressure, the basic strategy may elude you, and the most logical moves with come from within you. Get to know the game and trust yourself in face of dire difficulty.

Make use of the ‘bonus game’ in the Pai Gow poker online game

Pai Gow online poker game is actually a two-in-one poker game. While the first game is the low-hand and high-hand game, the other is the bonus bet. Unfortunately, not many people know about the latter. When you win a Pai Gow poker game with a regular bet, you win the real money after the respective house commission. While winning both hands will double your money, you will find substantial real-money jackpots in the bonus game.

The bonus bet of Pai Gow online poker is independent of the regular Pai Gow bet. The bet can be either lower, higher, or remain the same. In this bonus game, all seven cards will be looked at as a single poker hand of seven cards. The game will not be played against a dealer. The winning or losing bonus bet is based purely on the objective measure of the quality of your poker hand.

In short, if you have a five-card straight, you can avail of a payout of 2-to1 on your bonus bet, regardless of what the dealer has, and with no commission taken out. Similarly, a five-card flush will pay you 4-to-1 and a three-of-a-kind will pay you 3-to-1. As the payouts get higher for a straight flush, four-of-a-kind, or full house, you can win a lot of real money. This means that you can easily convert your $2 into $16,000 without breaking a sweat. 

It always helps to understand the online casino game you are playing, and Pai Gow online poker is no exception. You need to study the tips, strategies, and rules of the game and play according to your strengths. If you feel unconfident, it is best that you start by playing the free game. 

Now that you have some tips, sign up and play Pai Gow online poker and start winning real money!

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