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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

5 card stud poker may not be the most popular form of poker today, but it surely has some great fans and a lot of excitement to offer. If you have never heard or tried 5 card stud, you should definitely give it a try. It is a true classic, from which all of the later variants of poker were born. Its origins go back to the American Civil War. But don’t be fooled, it is not a dull game for “old-timers”. This is what the legendary old-time adventurers you know from old movies were actually playing.

How to play 5 card stud – it’s easier than you expect!

poker hand chartCurious how to play 5 card stud? The game is not at all complicated, and with just a few simple rules and strategic tips, you will be ready to go and play your first online game. This variant is not only fast to learn, but the game itself is also a fast-paced one, so if you particularly enjoy high speed, 5 stud poker might be the thing for you.

The rules of the 5-card stud may come in different variations, but the general standard is those used in online casino cardrooms.

Each player is dealt with one card facing down and one facing up. Then, the person with the lowest face-up card has to do the bring-in. The bring-in is a forced bet, and it is either half of the small bet or a custom sum coming from betting limits. If you are the bring-in player, you can also choose to complete the bet to the size of the small one. Then, other players, always going clockwise, can either call the opening bet, raise it or return („fold”) their hands.

At this point, the second upcard is dealt and so the so-called third street betting starts. This time, the player with the highest hand begins the round, and the bets stay at the small bet level. Only from the fourth street on, that is from the moment when the third face-up cards are on the table, do the bets go double. With the third upcard, the rule is pretty much the same, as the high hand begins the action. If there is more than one high hand, the player closest to the stud button starts.

When the final card is on the table, the Billy The Kid was a famous poker playerbetting goes once again around the table starting with a high hand. When finished, players show their full. five cards hands and the best one takes the pot.

Got the rules? Now take a look at some strategy tips to play 5 card stud!

When it comes to strategy, in 5 stud poker there are basically two most important things to focus on: high cards (from 10 to Ace) and pairs. So it won’t make much sense to play for Straights or Flushes unless you get to have three cards to a straight flush.

Remember to observe your opponents, even in an online game, and try to be aware and note how they play their hands. Try to remember the folded cards, so you know which cards are still „live” (those not yet revealed on the table, hence still possible to get).

Another important thing is to watch your starting hands and always fold when the first three cards did not give you a pair or a higher combination. It is a common mistake to hold onto your hand when you have an Ace in it. But if this is the only strong card you have, folding might be your best option.

Learning how to bluff effectively is a great skill in every poker game, not only the 5 card stud. If you know how to fool your opponent into making a mistake, you surely are a dangerous player. Remember, however, to vary your ways a little. A good way to confuse other players and not be too predictable is to let them catch you bluffing every once in a while. This might earn you calls later on, when you are stronger.

Ready to give it a try? These are only a few basic rules and tips, to master the game, you need hands-on experience at a table. Wait no longer, find the best stud poker games online. There are still quite a few online casinos that have 5 card stud on offer. Go and try the real classic!

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