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Tips to win on Starburst online slot game

Slot machines, or online pokies, are the most popular of all games on almost every online casino. The reason why slots appeal to so many is that they are fun and anyone can win a fortune with just a single spin.  The rules are easy to follow and while the game relies heavily on luck, it doesn’t mean that there are no strategies you can employ in order to further increase your odds of winning. 

Here at CasinosHub, we have put together some useful slot tips and strategies you can implement if you want to know how to win real money playing pokies. Below you will find some general tips for winning pokies games. First, we provide you with some tips for playing and winning at some of the most popular pokies games online at top casinos today:

1. Naughty or Nice III Pokies Tips

Naughty or Nice III Slots TipsOnce you are ready to play Naughty or Nice III, place your bet by clicking the ‘chip’ symbol and simply pushing the ‘spin’ button! The best way to receive a huge payout is by betting maximum coin. If you are able to find the Naughty Girls and Nice Girls along with the scatters, you will have a higher chance of winning bonuses, massive wins, many winning combinations, free games, and two jackpots!

2. I, Zombie Pokies Tips

I, Zombie Slots tipsThe I, Zombie Slot by RTG does not have a jackpot but it features a huge reward of up to $12,500 that can be won during free spins. You can activate free spins within 50 to 70 spins. If your average bet per spin is more, it might become difficult to activate the free spins. The great thing is that you can acquire more free spins if three or more scatter symbols land on reels with wilds that increase your wins two or three times. 

3. Plentiful Treasure Pokies Tips

Plentiful Treasure Slots TipsPlentiful Treasure is an entertaining video slot by RTG. It includes four progressive jackpots that can be activated by playing strategically. You will need to place higher bets as they activate more golden symbols and, in turn, trigger the jackpot faster. It is imperative to note that you can place a minimum bet of 0.08 coins. However, this will not trigger any progressive jackpot. When you bet around 8.80 coins, you have an opportunity to win any of the four jackpots.


Tips for Winning Slots

Before we start, keep in mind that there are no slot machine secrets that will guarantee a win when playing your favourite slot game. Any claims stating that it is possible to completely beat slots machines are nothing but a scam. That said, there are certain strategies or quick tips that will help significantly increase your odds of winning as you play your favourite pokies.

1. Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Of all the tips we’ll give you, none is as important as playing a progressive jackpot game offered by a lot of slot machines. While most machines carry the same odds regardless of which day you play them, the odds on a progressive jackpot slot machine always change in accordance with the size of the jackpot. In fact, when the progressive jackpot grows large enough, playing in a progressive slot machine could be really profitable for you. However, in order to have a shot at winning the progressive jackpot, you will need to spend more by placing a maximum bet. There are still some opportunities that will allow you to win by just betting a single coin, but this could vary from one machine to another.

2. Keep an Eye on the Bonus Rounds 

slot machine secretsBonus rounds are considered the most exciting part of any modern slot machine, although they could also be the most confusing. Bonus rounds will vary depending on the machine you play. There are bonus rounds that will take hours to trigger, and in some cases, you might only win a small prize or none at all. We suggest taking a closer look at the bonus rounds offered in the machines you want to play. Find out what it takes to unlock them and what you can get from doing so.

3. Check the Pay Tables

Every slot machine comes with different payout options. There are those that will pay huge prizes even without a progressive jackpot just by matching the correct symbols. There are also those that come with small prizes but will tend to pay out more frequently. In order to take advantage of a slot game, take a look at the pay tables from different machines and compare them. Afterwards, go for the one that offers better prizes compared to the others.

4. Take Advantage of Slot Promotions

If your chosen casino offers promotions specific to slots, then you shouldn’t hesitate to take full advantage of them. Even a few free spins could give you the chance to earn huge prizes, and they don’t really cost you anything extra. Always keep an eye on the latest offers promoted by your casino from their promotions page or by email in order to know where you can get some incentives and other freebies to help make the most of your slot gaming experience.

5. Don’t Ignore Bonuses

The only thing which is way better than winning the jackpot is winning it using someone else's money! Before you start playing slots using your own money, check out if the casino you’re playing at comes with a welcome or no deposit bonus that is intended for slots. In some cases, the casino bonus offered to you will allow you to play your favourite game of slots even more, and this only means that there are more chances for you to hit the jackpot. Aside from that, the bonus money credits given to you by an online casino will give you the chance to try out all of their slot games for free!

As stated earlier, slot games are by far the most popular games in almost every online casino, but there are no real slot machine secrets that will help you learn how to win at slots. These tips are designed to increase your overall odds of winning while reducing the amount of money you'll spend. By following these slot machine strategies, you’ll be less likely to leave the game with an empty pocket.

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