Play Keno For Real Money - Have a Wonderful Time Matching Numbers & Winning Big

Play Keno for real money to enjoy the thrilling lottery style casino game and grab big wins. Real money increases the adrenaline rush and excitement, especially when you play Keno games online in one of the best Aussie casinos.

Best Keno Casinos - July 2022


Of the various online casino games, Keno is a game that is popular for its easy and simple gameplay. While the classic casino games like slots, roulette, poker and blackjack are sought after by players, Keno is one game that has caught up with the older classic games by its sheer simplicity and unpredictability. 

Play Keno for Real MoneyUnlike poker, which many players debate about being a game of chance or skill, Keno is purely based on luck. So you need not be skilled in playing the game to win grand prizes.

The numbers are selected in random by the casino and all you need to do is place your bets, play the game by predicting the numbers from a cluster of 80 and wait for the odds to work for you. The payout is given based on the numbers that you correctly predict.

An incredible thing about Keno is that it is pretty straightforward. You need not exercise any elaborate strategy for choosing the numbers. This is the reason many players first choose to play online Keno. They feel that playing the game prepares them to play other more complicated casino games that involve intricate strategies. If you are still doubtful about playing the game properly, you can try the demo version of the game for free before you start playing the game at real money online casinos.

Game Variations

The Keno casino game has evolved into various different types over the years so you have many Keno variants similar to poker variants. Here are a few important Keno variants you should know:

Power Keno: This is an Aussie variant of Keno and one of the best Keno online games. It has rules similar to regular Keno but with an additional bonus. Winnings get quadrupled when the20th ball the casino draws matches with a player’s choice.

Super Keno: This variant is like power Keno with the difference being that the 1st ball is the focus instead of the 20th ball.

Way Keno: In this Keno variant, you can choose different number groups with all the groups having the same amount of numbers. Thus you can have more than one winning chance.

Combination Keno: This is an advanced version of Way Keno. You can combine the number groups in different ways and increase your chances of winning.

Video Keno: This Keno has a machine that is similar to slot machines in appearance but differs from the slot game. Unlike casino Keno, video Keno is a game you play solo.

Main Features          

Playing real money Keno allows you to place bets and to win huge amounts when your number is drawn. Here is how you play the game:

You have to buy the spots ranging from 1 to a maximum of 20. The spots are similar to lottery numbers.

When your number is drawn, you win. In general, Keno has up to 80 numbers.

When you buy 20 numbers and 20 numbers are drawn, it is not possible to hit all the 20 numbers.

The odds of landing a 20-20 match are very, very rare and they are pegged at 1 in 3.5 quintillion.

House Edge: Keno is not a game that is popular for its huge rewards. In fact, the more numbers you pick, the lower will be your odds and larger the prospective win you can make. The house edge in Keno is generally around 25%, which is higher than the house edge present in other casino games.

Game Tactics

Although Keno is a game of chance, you can still follow some basic tactics to increase your winning odds in an online Keno game:

  • Avoid choosing too many numbers. This is because although it increases your chances of winning it also increases the bet amount. So, choose only 4 or 5 spots.
  • Choose an Aussie casino online with the best reviews and a good welcome bonus.  Free money can be used to play online Keno so you need not spend your own money.
  • Choose a casino that offers a maximum payout.
  • Avoid spending all your bankroll in the first couple of rounds.

Game Strategies

Being a game of chance, Keno does not need much by the way of strategy. Since Random Number Generators are used, it is impossible to predict the combinations.

So strategizing on the right numbers to pick is not needed. However, one important tip to remember is to choose around 5 numbers in a single game and not more than that.


Keno casino game is available in instant play mode, and also as download and play mode. The game is also available on mobile casinos, so you can have a great time playing the game from your mobile anytime and from anywhere.

You can keep track of the payout percentages that the various casinos pay for the games:

Payout %

Bottom Line

While playing online Keno for real money, your winning chances increase when you find the right casino with the best odds online. Do a thorough research of the various casinos in relation to the payout percentages and house edge offered so you get good deals on your wins.

Whether you are playing on a mobile casino or via your desktop, make sure you choose a casino with a big welcome bonus and other promotions so you get a definite advantage while playing Keno and keep the wins coming in with minimal investment.

Try Keno for real money online in your favourite Australian casino and have an exciting time playing the easy and fun-filled lottery style game. Choose a Keno of your choice and start playing now!


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