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by Jack Harris
| 08/06/2022

The growing number of casinos on the internet creates tough competition in the industry. Operators have to become creative to make sure their new members become loyal customers. The most common way they do this is with lucrative bonuses and promotions, and these can include loyalty programs for their loyal players. Through loyalty programs, players are offered tempting incentives so they keep playing on their website and earn more points. In the end, it’s a win-win for both players and casinos as the loyalty program benefits both parties.

Top Loyalty Points Bonuses

Updated - July 2022

Reels of Joy Comp Points
Loyalty Points

Reels of Joy offers a comp points program as a reward to its valuable members, and it became active as soon as players create an account on the casino website. Players can earn comp points by placing bets from the deposited amount or bonus balance.

These comp points can be accumulated and exchanged for real cash, which comes without any wagering requirement. So, the more you place bets, the more comp points you can collect and get real cash rewards. You get 1 comp point for every bet of $10 on games such as board games, Keno, Bingo, and Pokies. On playing table games, a bet of $30 will fetch you one comp point.

You can exchange 100 comp points for $1 with no wagering requirements.

Once you have more than 100 Comp Points in your Comps Balance, you can exchange them at the rate of 100 Comps = $1 No Wager Bonus.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Complimentary Points
Loyalty Points has a rewarding VIP program for its regular players. There are five VIP tiers and each one comes with amazing rewards and perks for the members. 

  • 1st tier- Coin Village: You will need 1,000 Points to achieve this tier. There are 100 free spins with standard wager requirements on Fire Lightning.
  • 2nd tier- Treasure Oasis: You will need 6,000 Points to achieve this tier. There are 500 free spins with standard wager requirements on Fire Lightning.
  • 3rd tier- Freespin Mines: You will need 12,000 Points to achieve this tier. There are 1,000 free spins with standard wager requirements on Fire Lightning Plus a 5% cashback with x10 wager requirements for the weekly losses amount of at least 0.05 BTC and equivalents. 
  • 4th tier-Jackpot Dungeon: You will need 24,000 Points to achieve this tier. There are 2,000 free spins with standard wager requirements on Fire Lightning Plus a 7% cashback with x7 wager requirements for the weekly losses amount of at least 0.05 BTC and equivalents. 
  • 5th tier- Fortune Island: You will need 48,000 Points to achieve this tier. There are 5,000 free spins with standard wager requirements on Fire Lightning Plus a 10% cashback with x5 wager requirements for the weekly losses amount of at least 0.05 BTC and equivalents. 

You will get your cashback amount on Sunday. 

If you want to reach these tiers and enjoy benefits, make sure that you earn complimentary points by placing real money bets. The bets made with bonuses will not be considered. A bet of a total amount of 0.002 BTC gives you 1 CP. You can collect CPs and exchange them for bonuses. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Drake Club
Loyalty Points

Loyal players of Drake Casino become a part of their premium Drake Club and enjoy many benefits and rewards. When you play real money games at the casino, you earn reward points. You earn more reward points for playing more games. The more you play, the easier it becomes for you to climb the higher levels of the Drake Club. 

The Drake Club comprises 10 different levels, which include amazing rewards and bonuses for its members. When you register at the casino and make your first deposit, you automatically become part of their GS Club. There are other levels including Amber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and Red Diamond.

The members of the GS Club enjoy reload bonuses. You get better and bigger rewards when you move to higher levels. The reward points that you earn while playing real money games can be exchanged for cash. You also become eligible to enter sweepstakes and win anywhere from 10 to 50 free slots spins, depending upon the drawing.

As a member of the Drake Club, you have several rewards to enjoy. You just need to play more and collect points. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Jack’s Playa Points Unlimited
Loyalty Points

Jack’s playa points unlimited is a rewarding program that lets you make faster progress at the House of Jack Casino. 

Jack’s Playa Points are important as they let you climb the higher levels of the VIP Club. You can earn Playa Points by placing real money bets. For every bet of $1, you earn 1 Playa Point. 

House of Jack Casino also has a CHOMP button to provide a shortcut to players who want to jump to another higher level quickly. You have the option to use this button once in 24 hours and up to 5 times per level to climb the higher level. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
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Kajot VIP Club
Loyalty Points

Move to the higher level of KAJOT CASINO VIP Club and unlock the rewards that come with it. 

When you become a VIP member of the Kajot Casino, you get entitles to a VIP welcome bonus of €50,00, which is credited to your account. You also get a deposit bonus of 20% up to €50, daily on your first deposit. 

The VIP member enjoys a monthly cashback of 5%. The top 10 players get a cash bonus of €100,00 and 50 free spins. The WR is X40. Along with these perks, you get an exclusive birthday gift, personal manager, and more bonuses. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Madmax Shop
Loyalty Points

The MadMax Shop of the casino is wonderful as it exchanges your collected MadPoints for valuable such as cash rewards, free spins, and similar perks. 

You earn MP when you play with real money at MadMax Casino. The points also help you move to higher levels of the loyalty system. There are 11 levels and each offers rewards such as a cashback bonus, personal jackpots, and personal manager. 

You also get MadPoints on your qualified deposits on Thursday at the casino. So, you see there are several ways to earn MP, which you can later exchange for goods at the Madmax Shop. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Pokies2go Casino Loyalty Program
Loyalty Points

The Loyalty Program of Pokies2go is Big. It rewards its members with generous offers and bonuses. Do you want to know how the loyalty program works?

When you play games with real money, the casino rewards you with LP or Loyalty Points. These LPs are important as they help you jump to a higher level of the loyalty club. You can also use your loyalty points to buy items from the Loyalty Shop such as Free Spins, Cash Rewards, and bonuses, 

The Loyalty Program has 6 Loyalty Levels. At each level, you will earn Loyalty Points (p2g LP) and experience points (exp point). 

  1. p2g Rookie: This is the first level. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 0.5 p2g LP for every exp point. 
  2. p2g Rising Pokie Star: You reach this level with 500 exp points. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 0.55 p2g LP for every exp point. 
  3. Bronze Pokie Star: You reach this level with 5000 exp points. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 0.6 p2g LP for every exp point. 
  4. p2g Silver Pokie Star: You reach this level with 15000 exp points. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 0.7 p2g LP for every exp point. 
  5. p2g Gold Pokie Star: You reach this level with 40000 exp points. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 0.8 p2g LP for every exp point. 
  6. p2g Diamond Pokie Star: You reach this level with 100000 exp points. You earn 1 point for every bet of $10 and 1 p2g LP for every exp point. You will be able to maintain this status by acquiring 1 000 exp points in one month.
VALID FOR: Returning Players
SlotVibe VIP Program
Loyalty Points

SlotVibe Casino offers VIP Program Bonuses to all its VIP members. The casino gives Comp Points of CP to players for playing slots with real money. For every bet of $30, you will get 1 CP. As you play real money games, you collect CP and move to higher VIP levels. Here we have discussed the different VIP levels and their benefits. 

  • Corona: You need 500 points to reach here. You get a 20% Thursday reload bonus of up to $130 and 20 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 100 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
  • Mezcal: You need 2500 points to reach here. You get a 25% Thursday reload bonus of up to $190 and 25 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 150 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
  • Kalua: You need 10000 points to reach here. You get a 30% Thursday reload bonus of up to $250 and 30 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 200 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
  • Paloma: You need 20000 points to reach here. You get a 40% Thursday reload bonus of up to $370 and 40 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 300 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
  • Margarita: You need 30000 points to reach here. You get a 50% Thursday reload bonus of up to $530 and 50 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 400 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
  • Tequila: You need 50000 points to reach here. You get a 100% Thursday reload bonus of up to $630 and 100 free spins on a minimum deposit of $30. You also get 500 free spins as a birthday bonus. Make sure that you use the code BIRTHDAY on your Birthday to get the bonus. 
VALID FOR: Returning Players
Syndicate Comp Points
Loyalty Points

When you join Syndicate Casino, you gradually become an important part of their family. As you play real money games, you earn comp points or CP. These points help you move to higher levels and unlock more rewarding offers. 

the higher your VIP level, the more generous will be the rewards. The only way to move to higher levels is by playing real money games and earning comp points. These comp points are important as you can convert them into real cash. Here's how it works. 

  • Visit the Balance Tab of your casino profile. 
  • Check the Comp Points section. 
  • Select the designated currency and enter the number of points to convert.
  • Push the “Exchange” button and enjoy playing with the received bonus. 

You can convert a minimum of 100 comp points. The bonus is credited with the wagering amount only x10.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Wildblaster-VIP levels
Loyalty Points

Wildblaster offers bonuses and perks to its VIP players. You can move to a higher level of the VIP program by playing games and earning points. You earn one status point for $30 bets on slots. In addition, you earn one status point for $300 bets on table games. The accumulated points can be exchanged for cash rewards with wagering of X10. 

  • Amber: You need 0-999 points. The benefits are 10% monthly cashback. 
  • Amethyst: You need 1000-9999 points. The benefits are 50 free spins, 50% reload bonus (3 times a week), 50 weekly free spins (3 times a week), 10% monthly cashback. 
  • Sapphire: You need 10 000 - 99 999 points. The benefits are $100, 60% reload bonus (3 times a week), 75 weekly free spins (3 times a week), 10% monthly cashback.
  • Ruby: You need 100 000 - 499 999. The benefits are $500, 70% reload bonus (3 times a week), 100 weekly free spins (3 times a week), 10% monthly cashback. 
  • Emerald: You need 500 000 - 999 999. The benefits are $1000, 80% reload bonus (3 times a week), 250 weekly free spins (3 times a week), 10% monthly cashback. 
  • Diamond: You need 1 000 000 + points. The benefits are $2000, 100% reload bonus (3 times a week), 500 weekly free spins (3 times a week), 10% monthly cashback

Enjoy the fun of playing and claim the bonus too. Use your bonus to play a variety of exciting games. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Zen Loyalty Program
Loyalty Points

The first step to earning loyalty points with Zen is to join the casino's loyalty program. There are a total of eight levels, from 1 Level to 8 Level, which you can achieve by playing games. The more games you play, the higher level you will move up. 
You will receive points for every dollar you spend at the tables or on the casino floor, which you can then use to achieve even higher levels.

Each time you earn a level, you will receive a reward. The higher levels have better rewards, but you can move up as often as you want. You get exclusive VIP Member Bonuses And Promotions, quick withdrawals, cashback bonus of up to 10%.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Casinodep VIP Program
Loyalty Points

You will receive additional perks as you move through the levels of the Casinodep VIP program. All you have to do to become a VIP member is play games on a regular basis.

As a VIP player, you will have access to special features and bonuses.

  • Newbie: You get a Live cashback bonus of 10%. 
  • Bronze: You get a Live cashback bonus of 10% and a slot cashback bonus of 5%. 
  • Silver: You get a Live cashback bonus of 10% and a slot cashback bonus of 10%.
  • Gold: You get a Live cashback bonus of 10% and a slot cashback bonus of 15%.
  • Diamond: You get a Live cashback bonus of 10% and a slot cashback bonus of 20%.
VALID FOR: Returning Players
Hell Spin VIP Club
Loyalty Points

Feel Hellfire's ferocity! To get quick prizes, follow your course through the VIP Program. At the conclusion of each cycle, you'll get even more! The VIP levels start from 1 to 12. 

At HellSpin, you may swap comp points (and hell points) to advance through the 12 tiers of the VIP Program. If you achieve the top tier, you may get a bonus of up to €500, plus you will earn comp points along the way.

Players who make their first deposit are instantly enrolled in the VIP program. After that, every dollar wagered on any game, including slots, table games, and live dealer games will earn them one comp point.

You can gain hell points for every comp point you earn. Every fifteen days, your comp points are refreshed, but your hell points never expire. At any moment, you may trade your Hell points for bonus money. The current exchange rate is 250 hell points for one EUR.

Keep your loyalty and you might win up to $15,000 at the conclusion of each 15-day cycle. The more you participate, the more enticing your prizes grow! And the best thing is that you may get those prizes again when the cycle is through! Spin around in the fiery pits of Hell!

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Betroom24 VIP Program
Loyalty Points

As a member of Betroom24's VIP club, you will be a winner. The VIP program has four tiers and offers limitless rewards with no wagering limitations. Every week, the casino rewards you to ensure that you get what you deserve. 

Start betting on casino games to get more rewards. Your VIP reward will increase as you progress through the VIP levels. You'll be able to get cashback bonuses, free spins, unique incentives, and personalized offers.

Levels and Rewards

Level 1: You get a 10% Cashback - Required points: 2,500
Level 2: You get a 12% Cashback - Required points: 5,000
Level 3: You get a  15% Cashback - Required points: 10,000
Level 4: You can become a member through Invitation only. You will enjoy custom offers.

How to accumulate points? 1 point is awarded for every €20 wagered. You become a VIP member after earning 2,500 points. The specialized VIP team will reach out to you.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Winning Days Casino VIP Club
Loyalty Points

At Winning Days Casino, returning gamers can join a 10-tier VIP Club, which is themed after a treasure hunt game. 

Winning Days Casino's VIP Program is remarkable since it encourages players to travel far and wide in search of their wealth. When you earn complimentary points (CPs) by placing real money bets, you level up to visit some of the globe's most spectacular locales. You get 1CP for every $30 bet on the games.

When you enter the VIP Program, you become a treasure seeker. Newly registered players are assigned to the "Apprentice" level. When you attain this level, you will be able to visit Kangaroo Island in Australia. As you gain more CPs, you unlock more levels and get rewards. 

Go through the rundown of the VIP Program's 10 levels, along with the level-up award you're eligible for.

  • Apprentice: Points Required 50. You get 25 free spins
  • Rookie: Points Required 500. You get 100 free spins
  • Trooper: Points Required 1500. You get $20
  • Warrior: Points Required 3000. You get $30
  • Sniper: Points Required 75000. You get $50
  • Superstar: Points Required 15000. You get $100
  • Master: Points Required 40000. You get $200
  • Boss: Points Required 125000. You get $300
  • Elite VIP: Points Required 500000. You get $400
  • Living Legend: Points Required 1500000. You get $750

You can begin cashing your CPs for additional cash after you reach the Sniper level. For every 80 CPs you redeem, the online casino will offer you €1.

The bonus money is subject to a X3 wagering requirement.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
CasinoJAX Loyalty Store
Loyalty Points

The CasinoJAX Loyalty Program is incredible. It includes 14 levels, ranging from 1 to 14. You will receive achievement awards as you go through the levels. To advance to higher levels, you must first earn points or JPs.
JAX Points (JPs) are rewarded for playing any slot game in real money mode. This does not include progressive jackpots. All other games are not permitted. JPs are granted with each real-money wager: For every $20 spent, you will receive one JP.

When you gain the requisite number of JPs, your status changes. Every real money wager earns you JAX Points (JPs). In our loyalty shop, you can redeem these points for free spins and cash prizes.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Johnnie Jewels Loyalty Program
Loyalty Points

Go around Spin City and gather precious jewels to move higher to rewarding levels in the Johnnie Jewels loyalty program. When you deposit $20, you get five-tier points and five jewels. If you place a bet of $20 on pokies, you earn one tier point and one jewel.

The available loyalty tiers at King Johnnie Casino are Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. You will need to achieve the highest loyalty tier within 30 days from the day you have got your first point. You can then carry that tier level on to the next 30 days period.

Every tier is rewarding and comes with exciting offers and multipliers. The rewards become more generous as you move up to higher tiers. These loyalty jewels are precious and you can keep collecting them to buy free spins, bonuses, and cash rewards from the Johnnie Jewels Treasure Chest.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Elite Benefits At Black Chip Poker
Loyalty Points

The Elite Benefits Program of Black Chip Poker keeps your bank rolling with funds. Every player can enjoy the benefits of this amazing program. You become a part of this program as soon as you play your first real money hand or a tourney. The player who plays regularly and for a long time gets big and frequent rewards. 

There are six different levels in the Elite Benefits Program and the players are rewarded with bigger point level multipliers with every level they achieve. The six levels are Player, Rounder, Grinder, Veteran, Legend, and Icon. There are various ways to earn Benefit Points or BP. You get 5.5 BPs for every $1 you paid as a tournament fee. You get 5.5 Benefit Points for every dollar raked in cash games. 

In addition to BPs, you also earn Player Points or PPs. Your level determines the number of PPs you will get each month. You can get more PPs by playing regularly. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Ducky Bucks Rewards
Loyalty Points

The Reward Program of DuckyLuck Casino will offer you several rewards including cashback, free spins, and cash bonuses. 

The process to be a part of this exciting reward program is simple. You just need to play more and earn points. You get a Level point on your every bet of $20. As you play more and earn more loyalty points within a year, you will be moved to higher tiers that will offer your more lucrative rewards and perks. It is important that you continue to earn level points to maintain your level. The different levels of the program are Lucky Duckling, Minted Mallard, Swanky Swan, and Golden Goose!

The casino will offer you rewards, depending on your level. You can get free chips, free cash, free spins, and more. The Daily cashback bonuses are also available for eligible members. 

As an elite DuckyBucks Rewards member, you can enjoy a plethora of rewards from the time you made your first deposit. So, take the splash now and enjoy the goodies waiting for you. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Comp Program at iNetBet Casino
Loyalty Points

 iNetBet Casino rewards its loyal players through its Comp Program. 

You will just need to play real money games by depositing money. This will help you in earning comp points. Once you have accrued enough comp points, you can get them exchanged for real money whenever you like. So, you can collect more points just by playing more at the casino. 

You join their comp program as soon as you create your account. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
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VIP Program of Kingdom Casino
Loyalty Points

The VIP Program of Kingdom Casino is very Kingly. It has levels including Serf status, Vassal status, Seigneur status, Royal Advisor status, Silver King status, Golden King status, and Diamond King status.

You begin as a Serf and gradually you move to higher and elite statuses as you play more with real money. When you play with a bet of 20 EUR, you earn 1 point. These points lead you to higher levels so you need to accumulate points by playing real games.

You will need more than 48000 plus points to reach the highest Diamond Level. Each level has exciting and rewarding offers including a cashback bonus. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
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No Code Needed
Gift For Achieving The Level
Loyalty Points

The loyal players will have an amazing time at MadMax Casino as it offers gifts and rewards at each level. In addition, you get gifts for achieving the new level. Isn’t that cool. 

The gift that you can claim depends on your game level. You get 1 EUR when you reach the second level. And, you can claim 2000 EUR when you reach the 10th level. The maximum winnings from the gift of reaching the level are X3. The wagering should be completed within two days. 

So, there are gifts at all levels for the VIP players. There are even gifts for achieving the new level!

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Pokies Parlour VIP Progam
Loyalty Points

Pokies Parlour Casino invites you to become a part of their VIP Crimson Club. From your first deposit at the casino, you become a member of the Crimson Club. There are several perks of being a VIP player. You get one point for every real money bet of $10 on slots. When you place a bet of $50 on other games, you earn one point. The bets should be made from real deposited money and not from the bonus money. 

Once you have collected enough points, you can get them exchanged for cash. You get $1 for 100 points. This cash can be used in any way you like. 

The Crimson Club is also for players who prefer making high bets. These players are entitled to rewarding perks and benefits such as better cashback, personal manager, special offers, huge bonuses, high and quick withdrawals, and more. 

Do you want to be a member of the VIP Crimson Club? Just stay at the casino and play your favourite games. If you are found eligible, the customer agent will get in touch with you to welcome you to the VIP Club.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Sol Casino Loyalty Program
Loyalty Points

Play regularly at Sol Casino and upgrade to new statuses to claim rewarding offers. You can level up by accumulating loyalty points, which can be done only by playing real money games. The Sol Coins that you collect can also be converted into lottery tickets, free spins, and funds for the game. For every bet of $100 on slots, you earn 1 Sol Coin. 

  • Crystal: You need 0 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Quartz: You need 25 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Onyx: You need 100 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Agate: You need 500 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Topaz: You need 2000 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Opal: You need 5000 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Sapphire: You need 10000 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Ruby: You need 25000 Sol Coins to reach here. 
  • Diamond: You need 50000 Sol Coins to reach here. 

The advantages of being a VIP member at Sol Casino are amazing. You get your personal manager customized bonuses, birthday bonuses, better exchange rates at higher levels, up to 20% cashback, and a higher cashout limit. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Syndicate Casino VIP Program
Loyalty Points

Welcome To Syndicate Casino Familia and claim rewards. Read on to know the perks that you can get at each level. 

  • Beginner: Your Reward is Welcome Pack. 
  • Associate: Your Reward is 10 Free Spins.
  • Gangster Your Reward is 15 Free Spins
  • Capo: Your Reward is 20 Free Spins.
  • Soto Capo: Your Reward is 40 Free Spins.
  • Consigliere: Your Reward is 70 Free Spins.
  • Underboss: Your Reward is 100 Free Spins.
  • Boss: Your Reward is €50 FREE CHIP.
  • Don: Your Reward is €100 FREE CHIP.
  • Godfather: Your Reward is €250 FREE CHIP.

You can become a part of their VIP Club by earning comp points. These points help you move to higher levels. The higher you move, the more interesting missions you will have to complete. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
WildCoins Loyalty Quest
Loyalty Points

Become a part of the WildCoins Loyalty Quest and discover a chest full of treasure and coins. You become a member of Loyalty Quest by making your first deposit. There are 20 levels and you can reach the next level by earning enough comp points. The casino will also offer you a reward for reaching the new level. 

The players comp points or CP on their deposit of 0.00035 BTC, 0.05 BCH, 0.0055 ETH, 0.14 LTC, 115 DOGE, 12.5 USDT in slots. You will not get CP for placing bets on live dealer games. After you have collected 100 CP, you can get them converted to a cash reward of  0.000028 BTC, 0.004 BCH, 0.0004 ETH, 0.011 LTC, 9.2 DOGE, 1 USDT. 

The wagering requirement for the cash reward is X3. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Zig Zag 777 Loyalty Points
Loyalty Points

Every time their players play, Zig Zag 777 Casino feels they should be rewarded. You will earn more loyalty points the more you play your favourite slots! You earn points that may be turned into bonuses as soon as you start playing any of their slots.

1 Loyalty Point is awarded for every 50 EUR wagered. Note: Depending on your account status, conversion rates may change from time to time. When you play with real money, you get loyalty points.

You can exchange your loyalty points into cash rewards with a wagering requirement of X40. A maximum of 4000 Loyalty Points can be converted in a month. 

The VIP status of the players will be determined based on their Z points. 

  • Beginner: 0 to 5 Z points needed. 
  • Bronze: 5 to 25 Z points needed. 
  • Silver: 25 to 250  Z points needed. 
  • Gold: 250 to 2,500 Z points needed. 
  • Platinum: 2,500 to 12,500 Z points needed. 

You can claim bonuses relating to your loyalty level.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
ExciteWin VIP Program
Loyalty Points

The VIP club at ExciteWin online casino is divided into five tiers, each with its own set of benefits. All gamers who consistently place wagers and make deposits become a part of the VIP Club. 

You can get more points by playing regularly at the casino. As you get points,  you progress through the higher VIP levels. Each level comes with its own set of benefits, such as a personal manager, exclusive promotions, and specialized bonuses.

The VIP Club at ExciteWin Casino is one of the most exclusive clubs on the web. This is a casino that is home to some of the best games on the internet. You can play slots, roulette, and blackjack at Excite Casino. 

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Loco Joker VIP Club
Loyalty Points

Loco Joker Casino has been one of the most popular online casino sites for a long time.

You become eligible for excellent rewards if you bet at Loco Joker on a daily basis. You earn points by playing real money slots and casino games. As you earn more loyalty points, you move to higher levels and receive rewards.

The different VIP levels of Loco Joker Casino include Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Master.

As a VIP player, you will have access to exclusive tournaments and a better playing experience. The casino also offers incredible experiences and amazing games. The rewards are determined by your VIP rank. A VIP manager is accessible through email at all times to help with any issues.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
North Casino Loyalty Program
Loyalty Points

You will have a great time joining the team at North Casino! You have a bright future ahead of you; all you have to do now is prepare and play, and you'll be a VIP player in no time! North Casino handsomely rewards gamers who continue with the squad. You only have to play and place real money bets to be a part of the team. 

You will get loyalty points for your real money play at North Casino. These loyalty points will help you move through the different loyalty levels. You gain a point if you wager $10 on slots. A point is awarded for every $50 spent on any other game. You advance the levels and get awards based on your performance as you gain points. Your points may be exchanged for cash or free spins. You acquire more of this depending on your team's status.

Scale the ranks and become a valuable team member, and you'll be richly rewarded.

  • Junior: 0 to 1000 Points 
  • Minor Leaguer: 1000 to 4000 Points 
  • Rookie: 4000 to 10000 Points 
  • Veteran: 10000 to 25000 Points 
  • Captain: 25000 to 60000 Points 
  • All-Star: 60000 to 150000 Points 
  • Hall Of Famer: From 150000 Points 
  • Legendary:By Invitation
VALID FOR: Returning Players
Cazimbo VIP Program
Loyalty Points

Cazimbo Casino has a 5-tier VIP program. Players are instantly enrolled at Level 1 and are eligible for a $15,000 monthly payout, a welcome bonus, a no deposit bonus, and other ongoing player incentives. Withdrawals up to $30,000 are allowed at the highest level (Level 5), as well as 15% cashback and a personal account manager. On all net losses, Levels 3 and 4 provide 5% and 10% cashback benefits, respectively.

Weekly cashback from level 3 onwards, larger withdrawal limits, and advantages like personal account administrators and speedier payments may all be earned by achieving five levels of loyalty. There are other wonderful benefits that await those who join the elite lounge.

VALID FOR: Returning Players
iLUCKI Casino VIP Program
Loyalty Points

Users that remain loyal to iLUCKI Casino are eligible for a VIP program. This plan has five tiers and delivers exceptional iLucki promo code offers. Check out the amazing deals that you will get at every level. 

  • Steel- Positive: Enjoy 20 free spins, 5% cashback, and fast cash-out.
  • Bronze- Respected: Enjoy 50 free spins, 10% cashback, and flash cashout.
  • Silver- Happy: Enjoy 200 free spins, 12% cashback, and express cashout.
  • Gold- Successful: Enjoy $50, 15% cashback, and express cashout.
  • Platinum- Lucky: Enjoy $100, 20% cashback, and express cashout.
VALID FOR: Returning Players
No Code Needed
Kajot Casino
Loyalty Points
No Code Needed
Kingdom Casino
Loyalty Points
No Code Needed
MadMax Casino
Loyalty Points

What are Casino Loyalty Points and Comp Points?

Online Casino Loyalty PointsEveryone loves to be praised and valued for their hard work. Often, online casinos reward their loyal players by letting them earn loyalty points, also known as comp points. These can be earned by placing bets on casino games, and they can easily be exchanged for cash. The best thing is that you don’t even have to be a high roller to earn comp points. This is due to the fact that at some casinos every player is automatically registered for this reward.

Each online casino will have different rules regarding their comp points. While some let the player convert their comp points for cash, others allow players to use them to play tournaments. This is a special reward for online casino players who gain high comp points.

There are a few online casinos that let the player trade their comp points for real cash, though very rare and reserved for top players. You will also find online casinos that allow players to exchange their comp points for other perks and bonuses.

If you are a serious casino player, it is best advised to belong to the loyalty program and avail the chance to accumulate comp points in order to enjoy more gaming.

What are Casino Loyalty Clubs?

Online casino clubsThe loyalty clubs are exclusive casino clubs, which are meant for real-money players only at real money casinos. The logic behind them is that loyal players ought to be rewarded for their loyalty. Basically, for every bet made on any game in the casino’s offer, the player will receive loyalty points.

You can think of loyalty programs as casino versions of frequent flyer programs that many airline companies offer to their loyal customers. The system is basically the same – by putting real money, you get loyalty points in return, which then you can exchange for a certain prize.              

Of course, in order to be able to claim a reward, you are required to collect a certain number of loyalty points. By collecting more points, you will be able to quickly climb the loyalty club’s hierarchy, where more lucrative rewards await for you.  

Surely, you are allowed to exchange the points for casino rewards anytime you want, as long as you qualify for the reward in question. Still, the experience has shown that most players prefer to keep collecting their points until they get enough to qualify for entering a new level in the club.

Each new level comes with new benefits, with the exclusive casino VIP clubs being on the very top of the pyramid. Once you get there, you will get all kinds of different traits at your disposal, including 24/7 exclusive customer support, VIP promotions, higher limits, etc.

As the competition is growing bigger in the world of online gambling, casinos need to get really creative in order to keep the current players interested in their offer. That is why they’re offering all kinds of casino rewards and benefits to their club members.

This includes everything from prize trips to valuable birthday presents like smartphones or video game consoles. However, it seems that bonus cash is still the preferred option for most of the players.

What You Should Know About Casino Rewards

More often than not, online casinos offer varied rewards to players. For instance, a few online casinos will allow you to exchange your points for bonus cash to use for gaming. Other casinos will let you swap your points for free spins or other extras. Casinos are now becoming creative and they are coming up with many interesting ways to help players use their points. However, the most popular point exchange option is still bonus cash.

It is worth noting that online casinos also have their own ‘exchange rates’. For instance, some casinos convert 100 points to $1 while others convert 200 points to $1. In addition, slots often contribute more loyalty points compared to table games. This means that every casino has its own terms and conditions. It is imperative that you read them before making use of your loyalty points so you know what to expect.

Types of Loyalty Point Structures

Loyalty Club TiersThe structure of a loyalty program can differ quite a lot from one casino to another. For example, some online casinos automatically enrol their players in the loyalty program. Others send invitations to the players, asking them to sign up for the program. There are also some casinos, which have exclusive loyalty clubs, in which you can enrol only if an existing member sends you an invitation.  

When it comes to the loyalty point structures, they also depend on the casino. It seems that every casino prefers to have a unique point structure. This is why the best thing you can do to learn more is to check out the loyalty club section on the website of your favourite casino.

Moreover, it’s not just the point structures differ from casino to casino, but they also differ between games. Depending on which game you’re playing, you can get more or fewer loyalty points. For instance, playing slot games might bring you 100 loyalty points, while putting the same amount of money on blackjack will result in receiving only 50 points.

Information is the key to being successful in everything, including online gambling. As you can see, in order to get the most of your loyalty club membership and maximize casino bonuses, you need to learn more about its structure. Of course, even if the loyalty club structure of your favourite casino isn’t too impressive, it still doesn’t mean it’s bad. After all, it’s always better to be a club member than to be just an ordinary player.

Exclusive Loyalty Points for High Rollers

Every online casino wants high rollers to play on their website. Thus, they offer VIP services to their devoted high roller players. High rollers are players who deposit and bet a large amount of cash when playing casino games. This is why casinos certainly want them to be noticed.

In general, online casinos prefer to reward their high rollers with VIP status, as well as several other exclusive extras. These perks include benefits such as:

  • Customized rewards and specially designed casino bonuses
  • Personal casino offers
  • Exclusive casino tournaments
  • Quicker cash withdrawals
  • Faster customer support

There are many more amazing benefits, though these perks and promotions differ from casino to casino. Therefore, it is crucial that you go through the loyalty section of the online casino in detail, to familiarize yourself with your options and you can also check out our guide to high roller / VIP bonuses.

Fortunately, the best online casinos have responsive customer care staff to help you. So, make sure that you get in touch with them should you have any concerns and queries regarding issues with the loyalty reward systems.

Is there a Downside to Becoming a Loyalty Club Member?

We see really no reasons not to enrol in a casino loyalty program right away. It usually takes only a few moments to register and most casinos don’t require any additional effort from your side in order to make you a club member.

You just need to keep on doing what you have been doing so far – playing your favourite games at top online casinos! The only thing that can happen as a result of joining a loyalty club is that you’ll increase your chance of getting rich.

On top of that, the fact is that the club members have much more fun than regular players. Why? Because losing is not funny! And if you’re a member of an exclusive casino club, the chances of failing are very low. Even if you lose money on casino games, you will win points, which you can later exchange for valuable prizes. So, it’s truly a win-win situation!

Become a Member of Casino Loyalty Clubs Today!

When you have become part of the program, the casino will offer you points for every bet you make on the website to play games. These points are actually considered as the currency of the online casino. Once you have accumulated a large enough amount of points, you can exchange them for cash and use this to play more games depending on the terms and conditions of your preferred online casino.

If you are a devoted casino enthusiast, you should definitely become a member of the casino loyalty club. Not only will you experience all the fun and excitement of playing with real money at the online casino, but you will be also rewarded. Besides, who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their fair play?

If you are a regular player, you don’t have to put in any extra effort as you will soon become eligible to get loyalty points. If you are not a frequent player at online casinos, you can enjoy other perks that are exclusively there for regular players. This includes many benefits with no major risks.

The casino wants to award you for your loyalty, so why not accept it? By becoming a loyalty club member, you will open the doors to countless bonuses, exclusive offer, and even free money. Don’t waste your time, do it right away!

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