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Release Date - 2017-06-01
Multi-level Action Game
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NetEnt Software
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

Aliens slot game was developed and released in 2014 by Net Entertainment in co-operation with 20th Century Fox. Offering cutting-edge 3D graphics, it is based on the 1986 cult-film directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver. A sequel to the original 1979 Alien film, Aliens was an international hit and hugely popular. This slot version of Aliens features five reels, fifteen paylines and realistic frightening graphics and imagery. Play this great game here on Australia Casino.


Aliens: The Game

This Aliens includes collectable multipliers, re-spins, and wild substitutions – the particular graphics are incredible as you have a quality view from helmet camera of Marine as you perform with soundtrack which makes you feel anxious yet thrilled. The goal is usually to scan the infested premises intended for Alien activities and also shoot through the waves of the Alien attacks to reach Queen Hive for winning a big cash bonus. 

Aliens - Online SlotsThis game is separated into 3 phases: Level 1: Search. Right here, you can scan the infested premises intended for Alien activities and collect the symbols (each one with their multiplier value) to boost the Meter of Alien Activity. It features 9 actions of which you'll need to get the highest amount to proceed to Level 2: Encounter. 

The Encounter starts with a boom like a symbol overlay is going to ensure you a triumph on the initial spin. The goal in this particular level is just to survive onslaught of the Alien attacks, therefore, you can easily reach Queen Hive. Again, the multipliers you've collected in the Level 1 will be moved to this level-2 and used to wins on symbols displayed. You can easily get as much as 6x multipliers on the 3 symbols in spin for huge wins. You can play for real money.  Keep an eye out for Ammo Clip Reel since this contains the Ammo symbols. In case they show up on the middle position of reel then it will boost Ammo Clip Counter triggering re-spins. This Ammo Clip Counter falls by 1 right after every spin (it is right after firing the Aliens). 

After that you will proceed to Level 3: Hive, with five re-spins granted. It is where Queen's Hive will be destroyed. Every step you finish on Hive Health Meter offers you with a cash reward with 240x your stake granted if you defeat the Queen and Hive is ruined. The damage triggered to the Queen is actually caused randomly with grenade strength coupled with multiplier. Check for multiplier on the middle position of multiplier reel since this can increase the damage approximately 10x. Also, it has a free play mode. 

Bonuses and Features

Aliens - It's Game Time!Bonuses:

First of all, you will get a welcome bonus from this game. The 3 levels of Aliens game seem to be fighting amongst themselves to provide the largest number of the bonuses and even bonuses of an incredible size. For instance, level 3 gives you a money prize of 240x your stake intended for every step accomplished on Hive Health Meter.

It is your prize for murdering the queen and wrecking the Hive of Queen. The grenade power and the present multiplier are computed together. It decides the amount of destruction inflicted on Queen. Here is a cheat, although; look for the multiplier that shows up on the middle position of multiplier reel. Make sure that you have the best playing tips in mind.

 It is the strength you have to boost the ruin to Queen, because this multiplier may multiply the destruction as much as a highest of 10x. It is just an example of bonuses you can find in levels of the game. Be on the lookout for them and take advantage of them the moment you see them. If you've not tried out this wild, crazy ride yet, then you need to engage in the universe of Aliens. You will be amazed to see the latest bonus codes and promotions.


Several features in this 3-level geeky slot game bond to make this Aliens the best slot game out there. Take a look at a few of these eye-catching features: 

  1. Higher payout rate: In case you were wondering how this slot game can benefit you, then you should know that Aliens casino slot game has a higher payout rate. That's one more tick on the checklist. This is undoubtedly the best casino game
  1. The Jackpot: Although the symbols and bonuses go together to assist you to earn a large amount, the higher limit of this jackpot is usually set at 1000 that is still higher compared to most other slot games. 
  1. Availability of the stake level: Now you can pick your own level of stake by controlling the number of coins gambled and coin size (which range from 0.01 to 1), via the Coin Value option and the Level button. A triangular button seen on screen is simply to start the turning of reels. If you're ready to play at maximum bet possible (we recommend you to do so at the own risk), hit Max Bet button.
  1. Autoplay option: If you are a person who loves to play video slot games repeatedly, multiple times with no interruption, then you will be satisfied here. NetEnt Software's Aliens has you covered, as it features an autoplay button to provide a smooth slot gaming experience with a RTP of 96.4%,

Bottom Line


  • High RTP of 96.4%
  • Massive Max Jackpot Prize
  • Classic NetEnt Free Spins
  • Amazing Graphics and Imagery


  • A very complex looking slot

Aliens is a multi-level action packed egame masquerading as a thrill-a-minute slot – it's game time!


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