The Angler Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
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In the slot machine game THE ANGLER ™, you will learn about the art of fishing from an experienced fisherman named Otis and you will secure countless free spins with the appearance of the white shell pearl three times!

BetSoft Software
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Patience is no longer a required skill

I once caught a fish…THIS BIG. In the Angler Slot game, you will find yourself prepping to get ready to go fishing thanks to the phenomenal visual and the amazing audio. Betsoft casino software providers, one of the premier online slot casino developers, have greatly captured the fishing theme and incorporated it flawlessly through their online casino game. In this five-reel online slot game, you can play for real money and explore the lifestyle of a fisher. 

Fishers rejoice! You have not been forgotten. The online slot casino world has finally made a game tailored to your hobby or profession. Here is our review of The Angler Slot game. 

The Angler Slot Review

The Angler Slot game is a five reel, three-row, and 20 pay line fishing themed game. The 3D graphics that have been implemented in this game really help to capture the fishing experience and do so in a very entertaining fashion. Fishing has a bad reputation for being a rather boring gaThe Angler Slot Game Winme. However, you have to have patience in that sport. Luckily for this online slot game, the developers have removed the need to be patient and added to a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

You can play this online casino game and start earning money while having fun at the same time. To be honest, we are not much of the whole fishing experience, but Betsoft has yet again created a game that we simply can't stop laying. The game offers an RTP of about 96.54% with a pay line as high as 20 as well. 

With these odds stacked in your favour catching that rewarding fish has just become easier. When you add in no deposit free spins bonuses from online casinos, you can sit back and play the day away.

Betting Options and Features

Players are able to wage as low as $0.02 and as high as $10.00. In terms of the graphics and the animation, this game brings it to the table. When players enter into certain bonus rounds they have transitioned over into the underworld; the sea. The bonuses are some of the most entertaining parts of this game and something we had a great time exploring. 

The Time to Fish Bonus is where this game really becomes exciting. You are taken to an area where you must reel in certain fish and items to be awarded the bonuses and rewards that you desire. This particular feature is what makes this game so fun and exciting. 

Free Games

When the Scatter symbol appears at least 3 times, free spins are triggered. Then the OCTOPUS becomes Sticky Wild, which sticks to the reels for the duration of the free spin rounds.
There is no need to pay for free spins. The pay-table in the free spins is based on the bet with which the free spins were won. The resulting profit is shown in the pay-table. Within the free spins further free spin rounds can be won.

The Theme

Betsoft has truly captured the underworld and fishing theme perfectly. We really enjoyed the overall feel of the game but were extremely floored, in a good way, by the level of detail they incorporated into their animation scene. The fishing scenes and bonus rounds are flawlessly executed. 

If you are a lover of fishing, you will most cerThe Angler Slot Paytabletainly fall in love with this online slot game. We aren't even lovers of fishing, and now we are very interested in fishing. 

For reel. Okay! Maybe not that funny. I can hear the crickets for here myself. 

The Verdict

We were elated after playing The Angler Slot. I guess it is true that you cant judge a book by its cover. The game truly was a blast to play, and we couldn't get enough of the bonus rounds which, to be honest, was the hallmark feature of this game. If you are looking to play real money pokies, then try your luck here. This game is fun, rewarding and greatly captures the fishing theme. 

You can check here at Australia Casino to play this game, or you can visit their website. Offering a different online casino game what more can you ask especially if you have tried all the rest.

Ready to catch the big one? Play this online slot today for real money wins!


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