Attraction Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Free play mode
High winnings with Wilds
Great design

Attraction is one of the most accomplished products the developers from the green studio have brought out in recent years. With a sophisticated and yet intuitive interface, smooth play and the full array of desired features, Attraction conquers gamblers’ hearts.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

It does help to have a slot that goes easy on your eyes. NetEnt’s product is not a simple matter of convenience. NetEnt have quite intentionally developed a layout with all the necessary features that you will ever need. Fancy a max bet? That’s just one tap or click away. Want to adjust the coin size and value? Never fear, because it takes a mere moment.

The steampunk-like design and progressive music inspire mad spins and before you know it, you can find yourself making full use of the AutoPlay feature. And if you prefer to click spins yourself, the central wheel will be a relief and the source of much excitement. And the best bit is, it’s quite easy to read the Paytable which is found in a separate dedicated window. Neat! Let’s talk about some of the cool stuff now.

Attraction Online Slots GameThe Symbols: Triggering Magnetic Awesomeness

Ah, behold the symbols! Electronic and scientific items show up on your screens. The occasional pinkish computer makes a modest appearance, jagged with levers and buttons that promise much to the errant punter. You get a yellowish radar dish, too, along with a green timer shaped as a gentleman’s watch. And if you think the game borrows some of Doctor Who’s wackiness, you are completely right!

Among the usual A, K, Q, J, and 10 symbols, you will find the excellent Atom Ball which serves as a wild card with smaller blue balls hovering around it. Whilst the reels where these may pop are narrowed down to Two, Three, and Four, you can rest assured that the wilds will add a great way to your winning combinations. And that’s true even if you play here at Australia Casino!

Oh, but that is nothing. The magnetism of this game is never exhausted and the Magnet Feature will have a laser shoot at your wilds, triggering re-spins, stacking your wilds and triggering yet more re-spins. It all adds up and before long you are looking at a solid profit indeed!

But looking at the game, we ought to pay our respect to the underpinning software, which has made it shine among rival products.

Payout and Coin Value – Time to Magnetize the Offer

It’s easy to get your bankroll under control when playing Attraction. If you expect to win with real money, you are in luck! Get hold of the Level and Coin Value Buttons and start adjusting them. The Level fluctuates between 1 and 10 but it’s entirely up to your whimsy. As to coin values, you can adjust those between $0.01 and $1 per line, which is rather staggering.

Want to throw down a real high-roller wager? Then expect to stake as much as $100 per a single spin! Looking for our playing tips? Adjust your budget well and consider playing free slots for fun before jumping into the hard-currency action.

A control over your own money is what makes Attraction so easy to turn into a money-maker. And yet, watch out, because underneath all that charm there are pitfalls!

The Magnetic Summary

The science of attraction works a treat here as you will be allowed to benefit from the latest bonus codes and promotions available at your casino. Looking for a way to add to your bankroll and get yourself going with a few extra amounts of cash? Alright, because Attraction is a real magnet for great bargains and tidy offers. You stand to multiply your riches quite effortlessly indeed! And watch out, because this slot has its own charm and seductive attraction!

Plunge into Attraction to Snap Up the Magnetic Profits!



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