Basketball Star Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Rolling Reels
Wild generating feature
Sports Theme

This may not be NBA Jam, but it is still a great basketball game. In this basketball star slot game, there is no need to break a sweat to get the money that high-paying money that you so desperately want to get. In Basketball Star, you will have all the opportunities to get that huge payout just don’t miss this shot.

User Rating
12 500
Min. Bet
Max. Bet

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Basketball Star Slot Online

Another brilliant and exciting game to play created by tab outstanding game developers Microgaming, enjoy one of their most popular casino games and start earning big. Aside from forms, the money that can be made enjoy merely the overall gaming experience. With stunning visuals, captivating audio, a unique style of the slot game, and overall a wholly new theme created by Microgaming you will find yourself lost for hours in this new online slot casino game. Continue reading and find out all there is to know about the Basketball Star online slot game. 

Basketball Star Slot Review

This iBasketball Star Payoutss a five-reel slot game, created by the highly famous online casino developers Microgaming. This game is set in your favor. Now we usually are against sports events that are rigged, but we can't be against the game when it is working in our favor. And that is precisely what you get in this online casino game. The skies are the limits and the chances to earn big and win huge are very high. 

In addition, the exciting promotions are what this game is really about. The bonuses and the rewards are what sets this game apart from the many numerous online slot game out there. The game allows players to wage as low as 0.01 cents and as high as $1. Now the wages may seem low, but when you start to factor in the RTP coupled with the multiplier for the bonus rounds, and we will explore that more, the amount that you can earn from this game is quite noticeable and something that will prove to be quite beneficial. 

Basketball Star Bonuses

This game excels in the area of the bonuses and rewards that are given. Not, unlike Microgaming, the game offers layers of copious amounts of free spins. This is akin to trying to take that shot and missing but being offered many more shots to get that jackpot prize money. Now the jackpot prize money may not be as high as many other online slot games, sitting at $50, but it is straightforward to hit the jackpot prize money over and over again. 

This is because of the free spins that are given, and the number of bonuses that are given. The game has become a fan favorite because of this, and something that has been highly appreciated by many people who enjoy online slot games. 

Basketball Star

MPlay Basketball Star Online Sloticrogaming continues to release stellar entertaining games. With this slot game, the jackpot prize money is not that high - but the game pays for that in the number of times you can hit the jackpot, and that is something that we greatly appreciated and something that we really liked. The game is a stunning visual dm we greatly enjoyed the animation. Microgaming does a fantastic job at the level of detail they put into this game's animation, and it is obvious they have a great love for designing this game. 

If you are new to the online casino gaming world, then we highly recommend that you give this game and many other Microgaming games a look. You can try many of their games for FREE which is a huge benefit. Play these games here at CasinosHub

If you love basketball and love online casino slot games, this is the game for you. 


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