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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

Bulls and Bears Aren’t Just for the Market

You probably know the term “bear and bull” as it is referred to the stock market, but this game has aptly commandeered that term for its own. As luck would have it, the name of the game does, in fact, reference the origin—the stock market. The game itself is a stock exchange theme. It is great for anyone with any modicum of investment experience because it gives investing a fun, gambling spin. The bull market in question—for those who do not know—is a reference to markets where investors have a high amount of confidence and are like raging bulls. The bear market is one where investors have little confidence because the market has been in decline for a longer amount of time.Bulls and Bears Games Review

According to this Bulls & Bears Game Review, this game is among many great real money pokies designed by RealTime Gaming. There are many stock exchange symbols that appear in the game and those who are familiar with investing in stocks will appreciate the bright red sports cars, the speedboats, the safes, stock brokers, and piles of money. The scatter symbol is a stock chart, the quintessential chart that you often see with any meeting that involves money. And don’t worry—bears and bulls make their appearance too but we will touch on that later.

Picking Your Stocks

While you are using a stock exchange platform on your screen, you do not have to take up the responsibility of reviewing a company, reading over financials, and evaluating their viability before you buy. Instead, you just place your wager between 0.01 and $1 per pay line. Then you decide whether or not to maximize your bet of $1 across all of the possible twenty-five pay lines, whereby you will only be spending $25 for each spin.

There are two different wild symbols that can appear: the bear or the bull. The bull only shows himself on the second reel and the bear only appears on the fourth reel. Still, they can both stand in for any other symbol on your screen, even the wild symbol. They even double your winnings too. If you get both the bear and the bull on their respective lines, you quadruple your winnings, which is just excellent.

There is no special symbol that you want to watch out for while playing beyond this, but if you can match 3, 4, or 5 of the special chart scatter symbol, then you get free spins. If you are lucky enough you might see three of these chart scatter symbols which will earn you 5 free spins. If you have four charts on your screen, you get seven spins. If you manage to find a whole 5 charts, then you get fifteen free spins. When this special free spin play is triggered, you will be taken to a preliminary screen which asks you to choose either a bear or bull. The point is to decide which animal you think will show up the most when you play your free rounds. Each time the chosen animal appears during those spins, then you earn another free spin that is tacked onto the end of your free spin gameplay.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of opportunities to win big when you are playing your favourite games, and many places where you can learn more about this game and more. If you are looking for something fun-filled to do tonight, head over to Australia Casino where you can read more reviews, compare the many games out there, and start playing.


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