Claws vs Paws – The Video Slot for Pet Lovers

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Brilliant User Interface
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Claws vs Paws slots game is Playson’s response to those among you who absolutely love their love their pets and who have a flair for gambling as well! Basked in the age-old folk conflict of cats vs. dogs, Claws vs Paws will have you spin the reels so that you can settle the perennial chase between felines and canines.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Claws vs Paws Online Slot

With a brilliant user interface, it’s hard to imagine Claws vs Paws video slot not winning the hearts of newcomers and seasoned gamers alike. The game comes in two main modes. You can play Claws vs Paws for fun or you can opt for hard currency. The choice is all yours. Meanwhile, the user interface remains a beautifully crafted affair that will win your affections quite easily.

The buttons are cast directly against the backdrop with the developers carefully picking the colours that make the experience so memorable and playing around with the transparency of the different slides to make the game flow visually and artistically. The game also comes with an informative section which can be browsed by hitting the " i " button and perusing the detailed explanation of the symbols. The autoplay feature will facilitate matters for you. Want to make matters even more simple? Then why not choose bet max! Still, do remember to keep an eye on your bankroll. If you prefer to adjust your bet value manually, though, you can tinker with the arrows at your own leisure. Seems promising, yes? It is! 

The Symbols: Reading the Meows and Barks!

Claws vs Paws slots onlineAll the symbols tend to be quite amusing when you look at them. Designed to inspire you, you can easily fall in love with them. The Wild Symbol is a diamond which says WILD. It substitutes for any symbol of the game bar the Scatters and two special symbols more

There are other special symbols the Wild won’t substitute for. For example, the Decryptor, which increases the multiplier by 1x and the Alarm, which drops the multiplier down to 1x. There’s an extra feature, which is not influenced by the Wild – the three alarms which allow for free spins until such a time that all three alarms are switched.

Meanwhile, by collecting tokens you will help yourself get to the Claws vs Paws Fortune Wheel level, which is really kicking! The wheel will allow you to win up to 3x your original stake for 10 tokens. If you add 15 tokens you can win between 5x – 15x your stake, but you can also get the Sliding Wild feature for extra winning combinations!

If you push yourself all the way up to 30 tokens, then a 20x times your stake could be won in a single pop! But bear in mind that at this point you will have access to the progressive multiplier, too! It’s not difficult to see why Claws vs Paws is probably one of the best slots to play online! Lastly, you stand a chance to add the Sticky Wild bonus which is breath-taking to say the very least!

Payout and Coin Value

With 20 paylines and 5 reels, the game’s quite the favourite! Not to mention that the average payout is almost a high 96.86%! The minimum coin size you can stake is 0.01 and the maximum is 7. The minimum coins per line is 1. A balance has been struck by both the entertainment and lucrative value of the slot and this is what helps Playson stand out with their slot. If you are looking for a Claws vs Paws bonus, you may rest assured that the game is featured in many casinos that offer free spins to novices!

Playson have managed to develop one of the most memorable products to date! If you want to play Claws vs Paws for real money, you will not find yourself in a shortage of options. Whether you are a dog lover or a cat adorer, Claws vs Paws is a catnip!

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