Cubee Slots Review: The Pokies with Unique Gameplay

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2019-01-01
Unique Gameplay
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Multiple Levels

The time travel adventure, Cubee is undoubtedly one of the most unique and exclusive slots from Realtime Gaming. The furry Cubee character journeys through time, chomping power balls and thrashing his enemy Rocco to travel to the next era.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Cubee Online Slots

Join the thrilling time travel journey to help the characters at Cubee slot beat enemies. It is an exclusive slot powered by RTG, which doesn’t contain any reels or paylines. This new concept is getting popular among players worldwide.

Cubee Slots MachineIn order to enjoy and win this slot, players must assist Cubee in saving the Viking Age, Era of Piracy, and Stone Age from spiteful Rocco and his partners, and then carefully come back to Cubeeland. In order to appreciate their bravery, Cubee will offer them many multipliers and free spins.

The Exciting Game Symbols

This new slot is unique therefore, the software providers have made sure to offer a unique assortment of symbols. Instead of populating the reels, the symbols (power balls, enemies and weapons) hover on the background created in accordance with the present time era.

Bows and arrows, cannons, axes, power balls, and rivals emerge in varying size, forms, and colours with unique functions. Players are rewarded money by opponents (Spike, Lucifer Casper, and Bones) and can make use of weapons to reduce the strength of Rocco, and power balls to enhance the strength of Cubee.

Power balls are represented as the Wilds in the slot while cannons or bows and arrows are scatter symbols. Throughout the session, the two prime characters are found standing on both sides of the game area and the yellow Cubee symbol floats around the time travel portal.

The Unique Gameplay

The furry Cubee character takes an adventurous trip through time, commencing his voyage from the Stone Age and gradually moving into the Era of Piracy and then to the Viking Age. In order to jump from one era to another, he must conquer his great rival Rocco.

Players can fight numerous enemies on the time portal when they are of lesser or equivalent strength. The default strength value of Cubee in level 1 will gradually increase by 1 in every round as he chomps on the power ball that appears during the journey.

When you click the spin button, the portal will emit a group of 8 floating symbols (power balls, enemies and weapons). The game is entertaining, and you will find Cubee enjoying chomping the enemies and growing in power after consuming the power ball. Players receive the payout after defeating three opponents and once they have beaten Rocco, they level up.

It is worth noting that your growth is directly proportional to the amount you have placed as a bet on every spin. After you have decided to alter the amount of your bet once the session is in progress, the settings will be restructured for the new amount.

The Exclusive Features

The players can check the status of current free spins and bet multipliers on the upper left corner of the screen. The cannons emerging throughout the Era of Privacy raise the number of free games and every bow and arrow in the Viking Age increases the multiplier.

Players can make use of their rewards after Cubee reaches the Cubeeland. The spins you have gathered play with collected multipliers on the wager amount that was used during the three eras of the game. The interesting thing is that Rocco is not allowed to come into Cubeeland, and therefore no weapons will emerge when you spin for free, and this, in turn, increases your chances to win money.

The Attractive Payouts

When playing for real money, players are offered payouts when 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 opponents appear at the same time. The payout begins at 0.5 times the wager amount and increases up to 40 times your bet. Opponents with a higher strength value than Cubee will not have any contribution towards the payout.

The weakest paying symbol of all is the Green Casper and can be easily defeated by Cubee even when it has the lowest strength. It is important that the hero chomps on at least one power ball to defeat Yellow Spike and two balls to beat Blue Lucifer and three balls to conquer Red Bones.

Enjoy the Unique Gaming Experience

Cubee by RTG offers unique gameplay to players, thanks to its diverse setup. It promises exclusive features and attractive payouts, which provides enough good reasons for players who want to enjoy this unique gaming experience.

If you still have not delved into this fabulous time travel journey, start playing Cubee today at your favourite online casino and we are sure you will keep coming back for more.

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