The Dark Knight

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2012-06-01
Movie theme
4 Progressive Jackpots
3D Animation

Dark Knight is an online slot game powered by Microgaming, it has a movie theme and fantastic graphics. Read on and find out how to play this slot game!

User Rating
30 000
Min. Bet
Max. Bet

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

The Dark Knight Slot Review

If you love to play casino games online, then we can't praise this game enough. Microgaming has yet again created a masterpiece. Taking scenes and cues from their highly favourite film and incorporating it into their online slot game it all forms to create a truly epic gaming experience. 

Microgaming has four progressive jackpots which are Mega, Minor, Major, and Mini. These jackpots like many other of jackpots are triggered at random. This makes sense as the Joker is usually involved in the triggering of jackpots. 

When you come across one of these jackpots, you will meet either a savior icon or a villain icon. You must choose between one of them and then start the spinning The Dark Knight Slot Paytablewheel, which is very much like the wheel of fortune.

The game offers many online casino promotions that will help assist you in the jackpot endeavors you may demand. But it is important to know about the jackpot that they are random and can be at times difficult to get. 

The Visuals

Wow. The visuals are amazing. In the Darknight Slot, the designers have to implement 3D animation into their game that renders a movie-like experience to the overall game. Very impressive we might add – but then again this is a Batman game (okay. I'll stop with the Batfan hype).
The developers at Microgaming have put in some movie clips that will make many fans of the movie excited. 

The reels that they have used are all the iconic characters of the movie – each of which offers players certain prizes and rewards. 
Landing on  Batman and Joker, of course, are the images that you want to hit most of the time. As they are the ones, who will take you to the jackpot rounds. 

The Dark Knight Slot WinFinal Thoughts

We loved the movie and Microgaming's decision to incorporate scenes from the movie into their game is truly appreciated. Microgaming and no hyperbole is without a doubt one of the premier online casino slot games to play. They take a great deal of time creating a game that will entice and entertain their players. 

With a game that offers such a high RTP, 243 different ways to win, and jackpot prize money that all pay handsomely it is no wonder that this is a very popular game. 

Microgaming takes so much time and puts in a great deal of effort in all of its games, and we are elated to have played this game. If you would like to try your luck in Gotham, then you can play here at CasinosHub. Furthermore, you can visit the homepage of this game and have access to playing this game via your mobile phone and desktop.

If you love Batman and love slot games then what are you waiting for? This is the game for you. Fight Crime and win big with The Dark Knight at these thrilling casinos: