Dragonz Slot review: Our Very Own Dragons

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2016-10-01
RTP: 96.75%
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Who doesn’t love Dragons and man who doesn’t love the famed anime Dragonball Z? We are sad to say that this isn’t a knockoff of the famed animation. We thought the same with the “Z” at the end. Read our review to find out more about this slot.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Dragonz Slot review: Our Very Own Dragons

But in this Dragonz slot game, which is created by Microgaming, players have been rewarded so many free spins that it blows our minds at how much this game helps you out. I always wanted a dragon in this game that is exactly what you get - well a virtual dragon. 

In the Dragonz slot, the chances of earning something are quite high, and even better the chances of earning something for doing nothing is a huge benefit. What do we mean well we will explain in our dragon's slot review. Online slots and casino games have never been this fun before and never has one been more generous than now. 

Dragonz Slot Review

Microgaming is without a doubt the premier online casino slot developer. They really know how to develop a game that keeps players wanting to come back for more, and they do this by using a variety of tactics. First off the visuals are quite huDragonz Slot Game Free Spinsmorous. I love the take on the little dragons and the animated scenes that are used. However, where this game excels and sets itself apart from the rest of the online slot casino games comes in the form of how many free spins they give its players. 

Players are literally given free spins just for starting the game. The incentive to continue after that is all the easier as the game offer players free spins for almost every spin. When you couple the free spins with the RTP victory or earn something, in this case, is all the easier. 

We were highly appreciative of the free spins as they also helped to assist later on in the bonus rounds and rewards. 

The bonus rounds and rewards greatly amp up the amount that a player can earn by multiplying the coins or the wagers that a player puts down. In this game play and win real money and have fun while doing it. 

Dragonz Audio and Visuals

If you were like me, yPlay Dragonz Online Slotou were probably coming to this game thinking you would see Goku. Well no Kamehameha here. Just cute and lovable dragons and we have to admit that it is not half bad. Who wouldn't want a dragon? The dragons in this game are beautifully animated, and the Spyro look to them was something that was rather nostalgic for me. 

We absolutely loved the visuals and the animation for certain spins and bonus rounds. This is something that has become synonymous with Microgaming, great animation, and something that we have greatly valued when playing a Microgaming online slot casino game. 

They are truly masters of their craft, and we cannot recommend and compliment any of their games enough. 

Recap of Dragonz Slot Game

Microgaming has yet again developed a game that is truly exciting and very entertaining. Not only does the game offers superb visuals and audio but offers players a host of free spins and rewards that will keep them entertained for hours on end. The overall gaming experience is something that you can expect from a Microgaming game. 

With an RTP of 96.75% and free spins that are given out on almost every spin the chances that you will earn something are very high. If you are new to the online casino world or just someone who is looking to try something different in your online casino experience, then we cannot recommend this game enough. You can play this game at one of CasinosHub's vetted and reviewed online casinos. 

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