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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris

In a rather unique and surprising turn, Microgaming has decided to create a game based on of the idea if emojis. In the emoti coins slot, Microgaming again proves why they are the premier online casino game. Their inventive and unique game and themes are not just fun and entertaining but they are also delightful, and that is exactly what you get in this emoti coins slot. The variety of casino games online can be very challenging to sit through and play. That is why we have written out this review. 

Just to be forewarned any game created by Microgaming is usually a great game and in this game that is exactly what you will get – a great game. So sit down relax and enjoy our Emoti Coins Slot Review. 

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Emoti Coins Slot Review

Microgaming is renowned for not only the superb gaming experiences they offer but also for the many rewards and bonuses they provide their players. In many Microgaming games, they provide players 243 different way to earn something for playing their games, and this is salient as the RTP for this game, and many of their other games sit between 94.75% to 97%. This is outstanding as the gaming experience is so much more rewarding. It is a great feeling to know that almost everytime you spin you will receive some level of rewarded or earnings, and that is exactly what you get in this game. 

The ongoing bonuses are the major theme of this game, and we will discuss that a bit more in the review. 

The Audio and Visuals

The game does an outstanding job of implementing and incorporating various emojis into the game. Microgaming has a great sense of humor and design, and they capture the imagery of the emojis and the uses of the emojis wonderfully. The animation for the emojis as you land of them, and on certain emojis, can be quite humorous. 

The audio greatly compliments the game and the theme that have created, and this is something that we have greatly appreciates. Microgaming is a developer and they are wildly known for incorporating and implementing movies, comic books, and tv shows into their gaming word but with this particular game they developed their own them and they have done so flawlessly. 

The feel and vibe of this game are really entertaining and enjoyable. 

The Bonuses

This wouldn't be a Microgaming game if they didn't offer their players bonuses and free spins. The free spins have become an integral part of the Microgaming experience and something we are not upset about. Furthermore, the free spins that are offered coupled with the RTP are something that makes their gaming experiences so enjoyable. 

This is one of the major reasons to pay their games as they are really designed to hep you succeed in winning.

The Verdict

There are many online casino games to choose from and with online gaming becoming more popular as the years go by it can be quite difficult to know which games to choose from. But to be honest, when it comes to Microgaming you have nothing to worry about. Many of their games are incredibly fun to play and at the same time very rewarding to their players. 

You can play this game at Australia Casino or any other online casino website. If you are new to the whole online casino world, then we highly recommend that you give this game a look. With so many free spins and so many opportunities to earn something the chance to walk away with more is all but guaranteed. 

This fun and smilie filled slot is sure to have you LOL'ing as you hit wild big wins!


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