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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
fafa twins slot game review

Betsoft is back with another adorable online slot game, and we are so enamored with the cute and lovable faces of these twins that we have forgotten all about the money that can be earned. In Fa-Fa Twins Slot earn your way to high money and with the company of two adorable twins that assist you along the way. Betsoft, the developers behind the game, has developed many cute theme games. 

If you are looking to play exciting online pokies, then look no further because Fa-Fa Twins game may very well be the online casino game for you. Here is our Fa-Fa Twins Slot Review. Enjoy!

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Fa-Fa Twins Slot Review

In another masterpiece game, Betsoft offers players the chance to win real money playing pokies. Not only can players earn a noticeable amount of money but they can also be entertained by the lovable scamps that are the Fa-fa twins. In this online slot game, you will be given the opportunity to win 243 different ways. If that didn't blow your mind, the game also has an RTP of 96.13%. 

Double the effort in help, double the ease in earning. 

Graphics and AudioFa Fa Twins Slot Win

The game is delightful to look at. The developers have taken a considerable amount of time to develop this game, and it shows. The animation and the visuals are stunning and perhaps the most enjoyable part of this game. Betsfoft has become well known for being one of the most popular online casinos because of their amazing visuals they implement into their games. As well as the genre they use for their games. They have become known for making games based on the use of cute themes. 

They know how to attract their players. 

Bonus Rounds

The bonuses that are provided come in two ways. The two bonuses are: 

  • The Dual Syncing Reel: This is a very useful and we might, a cool bonus, that lines up matching image so that your combination and multiplier are much more valuable in the end. This is something that is new to most online casino slot games and as a result, shows why Betsoft is one of the most popular online casino games. 
  • The Fa-Fa Twins: This is the most sought-after image and is extremely rare. When you can get this bonus you will get a five reel combination that usually pays out coins as high as 2,000 to 5,000. 

The bonuses are truly a nice touch to this game and something that has been received very well by players. Betsoft proves why they are one of the most popular slot gamesproviders because of their exciting and generous bonus rounds. 

The VerdictFa Fa Twins Slot Bonuses

There is something about a cute face that is so hard to say no to, and Betsoft has taken full advantage of this weird fact of life. Aside from the sheer overload of cuteness, the game is really a fun game to play, and we had a blast reviewing it. The Dual Syncing Reel Bonus was something that really stood out to us, not that the Fa-Fa Twin Slot didn't. The Fa-Fa Twins Slot although much more rewarding is a bit more challenging to find. 

The game is without a doubt a game ahead of its time with the inclusion of this bonus, and this is something that many players have really enjoyed about this game. Make sure to extend your gaming experience with Welcome Bonus offers from the hottest online casinos!

If you are looking for a game that is fun, entertaining and extremely so adorable to look at then, this is the game for you. Betsoft has yet again created a game that will keep you fawning over it long after you have played it. You can play this game at featured casinos at Australia Casino

Double up for twin wins. Try your luck today!


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