Fire and Ice Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Fire and ice are two elements you wouldn’t think blend well since they would otherwise cancel one another out but when you play the Fire and Ice slot game online, you will soon realize this is not the case.

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Amatic Industries
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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Fire and Ice Pokies

They have some special quirks in this particular game, in conjunction with the special bonus feature and the jackpot. In terms of the design, this real money pokie game has low-key graphics which look like they came out of an old-school traditional slot machine. The background on your screen is black and the reels on top are transparent. There is a symmetrical banner placed across the top and on one side you will see the flames from the fire and on the other, you will see the ice.  The colours in this game make it perfect for something you want to play in the evening without too many bright colours flashing in the room. The most prominent feature you see is, of course, the grid, but the colours are still minimalistic which is nice. It doesn't really stand out in terms of graphics, but the game is still fun to play and in many situations, people might prefer something that is a bit more calming compared to something that is vibrant and overwhelming.

Fire and Ice Extended Play

This casino slots online look like a classic slot game, but you will notice that there are a few features that stand out. If you look closely you will see that the grid across your screen has different lines rather than the traditional five. This means you get to choose between 10 pay lines and 20 pay lines. Of course, if you line up different symbol combinations and Trigger better cash prizes you will end up with more money if you maximize your bed and place a bet on all 20 lines rather than on 10 lines. The payout you get is contingent upon the symbols that show up and the size of the bet you place.

After each spin with these slots online when you are a winner, you get the possibility to play a special miniature game. This extended game is great because it allows you to guess the colour, black or red, of a hidden card soon to be revealed. If you guess the colour correctly, you chose black and the card turned out to be black, you get to double the payout you received for that round. If you guess incorrectly you lose everything. Now, there are plenty of slot games that have this type of extra gamble feature built into them but this one is different because you not only get to guess the colour of the card, but you get to guess the suit.  If you guess the diamond card and it is a diamond you quadruple your winnings. And naturally, like many games, if you want to select the bet amount and the wager parameters and let the game play regularly without having to set everything up before each spin, you can take advantage of the auto-play function where the game will continue to play while you simply watch the screen and perhaps do something else like talking to your in-laws on the phone.

Fire and Ice Symbols

When you play these pokie games at a real money casino, you will see that there are not only the Fire and Ice symbols but there are a lot of classic designs like cherries and lemons. You can place whatever bet amount you want and if you get a winning combination with all of these symbols your rewards are limited to a maximum of 200 credits but that only applies to winning combinations of fruit. If you get a longer combination with something else like the traditional bar signs or the red number 7 when you play pokies online, you can get prices up to 2500 credits.

Overall this is a great game to try especially because the Bell symbol is the wild symbol and it can replace any other symbols on the screen giving you a winning combination and lots of attractive payouts. Sign up today with online casinos for real money.


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