Food Fight! Review

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Release Date - 2015-05-01
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If you are hungry for some slot machines then Food Fight! is great. Almost every kid has seen a quintessential film with a food fight in the cafeteria but not everyone has the chance to participate in one. This game kind of gives you that chance.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Food Fight! Online Slot

If your mom ever told you that you shouldn’t play with your food, then take advantage of this game instead. The theme is very simple according to this Food Fight! Game Review but after all, who doesn’t enjoy food? It is only advised by CasinosHub that you don’t play this game if you’re feeling hungry because it will certainly not help you make a decision about what to eat. There are many depictions of delicious food like greasy pizza, mountains of spaghetti Bolognese, meaty hamburgers, and fresh tomatoes alongside blackberry pie and chocolate. All of these foods are the symbols you get to play the game and they are very appetizing. They are two-dimensional cartoons, something out of a kid's book but that doesn’t mean that they are any less effective. When you play the game the screen is very colourful even if the design is pretty basic so anyone who prefers vintage-style online slot games will actually enjoy what this has to offer.Food Fight online pokies game

There is quite literally a feast of different betting options so you can be a newcomer or someone who is much more experienced and still get to pick the stakes that are suitable for you. As a punter, you have complete control over how many pay lines you lay down across the five reels. You also have options to play with as little as one line all the way up to nine lines. As a spinner, you can choose to back with any number between one and five coins for every active pay line. In total, you can have a maximum overall bet of 45 coins.

Prize Payouts at Food Fight! Slot Same

When you play real money pokies, the game gives you a detailed account of every prize payout with every combination of all the different symbols listed by each number of coins you want to play with. As a newcomer, this can be a little bit confusing because there doesn’t appear to be some sort of correlation between the different combinations of the number of coins. For example, the table might say that players who used two coins will get a 500-coin prize if for pasta symbols but players who use three coins will only get 50 coins as a price for the pasta symbols lineup. This can get a bit sloppy, no pun intended and it might be a typing error but when you play it doesn’t seem to be a typing error which just kind of leaves you confused as to why there is such a fluctuation in terms of who can get which prices. Anyway, you can still win a variety of prizes. If you line up five putting symbols and you place the maximum bet then you win the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot shows up on the top right-hand corner of your screen so you can constantly monitor how high it is rising.

Food Fight! Bonus Games

With bonus games, it is really easy to get sucked into the number of bonus games that are offered by this particular game. Food fight offers special bonuses that break up the otherwise mundane action of spinning. Both of these bonus features are triggered when you find scattered ingredients that make up an ice cream or a creampie. So, if you get a cherry symbol, a scoop of ice cream symbol, and a cone symbol in any reel position on your spin, it unlocks a random bonus called the ice cream scattered bonus which can be worth up to 405 coins. The other bonuses are called food by the bonus round. If you get all the ingredients to make a creampie then you get taken to a new screen where you see five different characters. You have to choose which character you’re going to throw that creampie at. You can choose from the hall monitor, the grungy punk rocker kid, the nerdy kid, the attractive teacher, or the sports coach. If you hit any of the people you picked directly with the creampie you can just keep throwing until you miss. Each time you hit you get a certain number of free coins but your maximum bonus prize stocks at 3960 coins.

Food Fight! Final Verdict

Overall this game is really fun and doesn’t really give you anything super special with regard to the aesthetics, but you do get great bonus rounds and lots of exciting opportunities to win, and everybody loves food.


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