Freemason’s Fortune Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
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As you engage in the Freemason’s Fortune slot online game you will feel the eeriness and the spookiness associated with secretive groups like the Freemason’s.  Created by Booming Games, the Freemason’s slot game brings with it the potential for a great deal of fortune building with pokies.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Freemason's Fortune Pokies

 Real Tales in a Fictional Setting at Freemason's Slots Online

One of the many rituals that the Freemasons have to do is something that helps them face their own death, and this ritual takes place underground, in the dark. As such, this game takes place in a similar setting. You won't know if it's day or night outside because you are underground in a grand house where a meeting is taking place. The room is full of decadence, rich tapestries, and a background that is both elegant and startling. There is no doubt this online casino pokies game is full of mystery.

Symbols for Freemason's Fortune

Freemason's Fortune Online Pokies reviewWhen you play Freemason's Fortune Pokies online, you will see that the paytable is somewhat hidden compared to other online pokies games. The maximum winning symbol you will find is the wild symbol and it is worth 2.31 times the original bet. Unless you can hit a winning streak with two way pays, you probably won't take away a great deal of profit from this game but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be fun.  There is a scatter symbol that can trigger a series of 10 extra rounds which is a lot of fun but again you probably won't come out a huge winner. There is a double up feature where if you get a two-way pay that is exclusive to this brand, you will walk away happy in your winnings.  When you get three or more of the scatter symbols, which are the skull and crossbones, you get to enter a selection of 10 different waves where when can go both ways. Normally when you play this game you can only get a winning combination going from left to right but when you enter into this special part of the game you can win left to right and right to left. This small change in the rules can make a big difference in your profit.

Bets for your Online Casino Pokies

At the bottom of the screen, below all of the reels you will see that there are nine different pay lines, with which to work and you can reduce the total amount of bets you are placing if you so choose.  You can set up your pay in anywhere from $0.03 up to $3. As such this game is not going to be a big winner game and it won't have any large jackpots, but it is perfect for people who simply want to play a fun game for a short amount of time. If you want to play for a specific amount of dollars or a specific number of spins but you don't want to continually hit the buttons you can always use the auto-play function at which point you simply stipulate how much you want to bet on each line and how many rounds you want to play. Then it takes care of everything for you.

Overall this is a very low-risk game no matter which online casino you use. You certainly won't be outsmarted by it and if you lose you won't lose hundreds of dollars. There are very few features an extra bonus built into this game, so it is clearly for those who prefer something simple and satisfying.

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