Grand Sumo Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
720 Paylines
Oriental Theme

You don’t need to be a professional sumo wrestler to play Grand Sumo video slot game by Fugaso. In fact, these online slots are perfect for anyone who is playing from the comfort of their home, using their desktop computer or surfing from your mobile phone.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Grand Sumo Slot game

Slots  for Fun

When you sit down to play these slots online, you will notice that the shape of the screen is different than almost any other game you've ever played. When you play online slots you probably know that the shape you see is going to be a square or a rectangle. But with this game, it is in the shape of a diamond. On the exterior, you have three possible squares to fill and then along the interior, you have four. But up in the center, you have five. Believe it or not, this game has 720 different ways. You can make different winning combinations from left to right.  When you start playing the game you will notice that you are put right into the center of the Ring where the sumo wrestling takes place. With the audience around you, the referee right next to you, other sumo wrestlers coming toward you, and the Beautiful Geisha hosted near you, the game feels incredibly authentic even if it is just a cartoon. The nice thing about this game is that you have the opportunity of enjoying lots of bonuses without the game design being overly stimulating.  in most situations where you have the opportunity to win such a substantial amount, the games have lots of flashing lights and crazy bonus rounds with flashing lights but in this case, you have a more moderated, respectful opportunity to win big without it being too overwhelming.

Symbols and More

 Grand Sumo Slot ReviewSymbols that you see in these casino slots online slot are heavily associated with Japanese culture.  The rice bowls are your special wild symbol. They are worth more than any other icon.  If you get 5 rifles along the center you will walk away with 1500 coins. This is one of the biggest bonuses available but only if you maximize the bet. When you start placing your bet you have the option of placing the amount anywhere between $0.20 and $30. That makes it perfect for newcomers and more experienced players who have a bigger budget. If you see that bowl of rice, look out. Not only do you get the extra bonuses based on the number of rice balls you have on your screen, but it triggers a special bonus round.

Bonsai Bonus

The Bonsai bonus round is yet another calm, not overly stimulating bonus round in this casino online where you can still win a lot of money. If you get a wild symbol on the second bonus screen, it will actually become a stacked wild and it stays in place for all five of your free bonus spins. This increases your chances of winning combinations for each of the five bonuses.

So, if you want to learn how to win money online, learn it here. It is obviously no secret that Oriental themes are very popular among online slots but most of the games you find today that have any type of Asian themed do not focus on the history and culture of Japan. Instead, most of them focus on China. As such it is really nice to come across a game that is a Japanese-style game. If you prefer something that is heavily focused on a wonderful aspect of Japanese culture, and you are a big fan of sumo wrestling, this is a great game for you to enjoy.

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