Iron Man 3

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
25 Paylines
Distinct Graphics
Marvel Theme

If you itch for a fight with a multiple-payline Marvel-inspired video slot, Playtech’s Iron Man 3 is a perfect fit! You stand the very palpable possibility to kick some serious metal rear and before you know it – amass a hefty profit. Fancy a quick-paced superhero action? Iron Man 3 is the game!

User Rating
10000 Coins
Min. Bet
Max. Bet

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Iron Man 3

The visuals on this pokies online are quite stunning and choosing the gear is every bit as exciting as being actually stuck into an Iron Man suit and wiping the floor with the baddies. In the Playtech version, though, you are clear of the way of harm, and can choose to pick one of the three available armour suits instead, namely Iron Man, War Machine, and the good old Iron Patriot who comes with 15 free games, just to top it all off! Every armour comes with its distinct perk, which is highlighted in another section of the review.

Feel like you need to take a rest from fighting crime? No bother! Iron Man 3 has presciently come along with an Auto-Play feature allowing your avatar to continue dishing out justice while you run a quick errand. Don’t get too carried away though, as it’s your money on the line!

Game Variants – What’s Going On Here?

To be perfectly honest, the game will not differ much regardless of which armour suit you have donned. Perhaps it’s great to make sure to squeeze the most out of the generous freebies and decide to restore balance to your bankroll with the Iron Patriot. For the most part, you stand to kick off with a fair bit of extra bankroll, allowing you the comfort of leisurely exploration and the satisfaction of knowing that you are having quite a few freerolls on your way to becoming richer.

How to Play – Donning the Iron Suit

Eager to get to play mode? Here at CasinosHub, we try not to keep you preoccupied with the boring details. Jumping into actual gameplay is not too demanding in the slightest. You can opt for a test mode or take your Iron Suit for the real deal. We could recommend some caution by checking out the demo version, but then again, you might as well pop into the thick of it. Pick one of the three avatars available and notch up some serious profit.

Closer Look at the Main Features

When playing slots for real money, you're edging pretty close to an actual profit. One of the brilliant features to admire is the bonus round known as Hall of Armour. We won’t lie. It could be a bit annoying to trigger the round, as three Iron Man icons are needed on the reels, and that may take time. Once the round is unlocked, the return is quite hefty. The multiplier is another noteworthy feature that comes with the Iron Patriot, which also offers the greater number of free spins, so keep your eyes peeled.

Symbols Insight

There are three Scatter Symbols in the game: Mark 42, War Machine, and none other than the Iron Patriot. If they appear on reel 1, 3 and 5 respectively, you will trigger the All Systems Go Re-Spin feature, allowing you to re-spin anything but the actual Scatter Symbols. Meanwhile, it’s worth looking into the bonus features that come with each armour suit and that influence the symbols directly. Multipliers, freezing wilds, and random wilds, make the game quite a lucrative way to pass the time.

Beating the Game

As with every casino game, video slots are a matter of chance. One way to start beating the game is to opt for Iron Man 3 Bonuses. Normally, when choosing to play a top game, and Iron Man 3 is one of those, there are plenty of freebies that come along with it. Ultimately, we recommend tinkering with the available options a little in practice mode. Picking all three suits offers the player to see which one is most beneficial.

Bringing the Heat on You Mobile

Iron Man 3 affords the punter the opportunity to beat up the bad guys in every conceivable way. Enjoy the game on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. It makes little difference on what device to play. Just pick whatever feels the most comfortable and tap away.

Playtech’s Handiwork

None other than Playtech has taken care of the underpinning cogwheels that spin your afternoon fun. A recognisable name in the industry, you won’t have to worry in the slightest when the savvy developers from Playtech are on the job. Inspired by the Marvel franchise, Playtech has successfully distilled the steely appeal of generations’ favourite superhero. The visuals and audio are impeccable.

Our Favourite Way to Wind Down and Win Up

It would be difficult to call Iron Man 3 anything else than an intriguing title with proper background history which makes it even more appealing to the touch. Fair Return to Player (RTP) is only part of the game’s appeal and we are excited to ponder the next generation of superhero games that Playtech may have in store for us.

Become a Super Hero with Iron Man 3 and Turn a Profit!

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