Jurassic World Pokie Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Action Movie Theme
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Play with real money and earn big money in this amazing game. If you are looking for a new online slot game, then look no further. Welcome to Jurassic World Slot by Microgaming. Here is our review. Enjoy.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Jurassic World Online Slot

Welcome to Jurassic World Slot. Okay, maybe that was a bit cheesy. This is without a doubt one of the best Microgaming games to play at the moment. Not only does it take from one of the most famous and most highly influential movies in history but the developers, Microgaming have been able to indeed incorporate the theme and the feel of the franchise into the game flawlessly. 
Jurassic World Online Pokie Bonus Rounds

Jurassic World slot has become one of our favourite games to be released from one of our favourite online pokie game developers. Offering players not only a wonderful game but offering us a very immersive game that captures the vibe from one of the most profitable franchises in Hollywood. Microgaming raves that they can do no wrong and in the Jurassic world, they show why they are the best of the best when it comes to online slot games. 

The game is really a joy to play and not because you can earn real money. The game is a blast to play because the developers really took the time to implement so many aspects of the movie and place them into their game - thus giving players a greater level of immersion. It is such a joy to have the movie clips incorporated into the game and to do so when you have entered certain bonus rounds. The greatest enjoyment came from animation. 

Although the game does offer many rewards, which we will cover, the animation is just stellar. We absolutely loved the idea of having the dinosaurs run off in the distance to get us to play the bonus rounds, and the use of the characters from the movie was appreciated. We may be biased because we absolutely love the genre. 

With a variety of casino slots to choose from it can be difficult trying to pick which game to select from well this is why we are here. You can't go wrong with a Microgaming game and here is why. 

Jurassic World Bonuses and Rewards

Big wins on Jurassic World Online SlotLike many Microgaming games, the slots they offer all have an RTP that is very high, and in this game, the RTP sits at 95.45%. That is a high rate and something that has drawn many people to this particular game. Also when you couple the bonus rounds with the free spins and in some instances, the multipliers, the chance to win makes this game even more exciting to play. 

We really appreciated the level of help that comes in the form of the T-Rex which comes when you enter the scatter bonus round. In this bonus round the player, will be able to switch out the images on the reel and thus be able to add in images that will assist them in getting the most that they can in earnings. 

Our Verdict on Jurassic World

We have to say we have had a blast playing the Jurassic World Slot - and no not simply because we love the franchise. The game is very fun, immersive and something that we have genuinely grown to love and like playing. 

If you are new to the world of online casinos, then we highly recommend giving this game a look. You can play this game on the CasinosHub website along with many other online casino websites. The game is very immersive, beautifully designed, and crafted and offers an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience.

Don't be afraid - stop in for some monstrous gameplay with Jurassic World online pokie!


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