Why Newcomers will Enjoy the Kawaii Kitty Slot

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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Why Newcomers will Enjoy the Kawaii Kitty Slot

As anime has started to make its way into the mainstream, slot companies are taking advantage of this new trend by making anime style art exist in the newer slot games. Betsoft has released this new Kawaii Kitty Slot game for anyone who likes the anime art style and of course anyone who loves cats. This is a five reel 10 pay line game where your job is to take care of a beautiful white kitten and all the icons revolve around things you would need to feed and groom your kitten.

Kitten grooming

The presentation of the game is very relaxed, according to this Kawaii Kitty Slot Review and it is evidence of why play pokies online. This isn’t going to be a high-intensity game where you’re constantly moving around or chasing bad guys or running away as the bad guy. It’s very calm, very relaxing, has a lot of nice Zen music playing in the background. The graphics are really something that is hit or miss depending on your love of anime. The cat is always kind of sitting off to the side and reacting every time you win which can be nice if you enjoy having a small cheerleader while you play. But the gameplay, the whole purpose of the game and the theme behind it, is pretty limited. That you will be fun this means that it’s limited. Bet soft has removed free spins from this game but allow each player to win from left to right and from right to left and every time a wild symbol appears to try and make up for this. The wild symbol is a ball of yarn and it can reactivate your spin. With no special features to activate, the game can be very mundane so it is obviously something that you will want to play while you are relaxing or trying to calm down after a hectic day in the office and you can, of course, play pokies with free spins while hardly paying attention.Kawaii Kitty Online Pokies Game

Kitten Symbols Galore

The highest possible win in this game is 250 coins. You are going to win regularly with this game but it will still be a calm experience as you are playing, with everything balancing out again most of the time. You can set the coin value to be anywhere between .02 up to $100 per spin so a casual player will enjoy this game most.

This game is all about your cute white kitten so all of the symbols as mentioned are about taking care of the said kitchen. The symbols you see most on your screen include a carton of milk for your cat to drink, the green brush you are meant to use to brush your sweet kittens fur, fish shaped toys for your cat to enjoy, a squeaky mouse for the cat to chase around the house, a bright yellow boat for your cat to wear when out on the town, a can of tuna to eat, and a bowl of treats to enjoy. If the wild appears on the second, third, or fourth reel they will expand and give you a re-spin. These usually give you a satisfying win because you can win from left to right or right to left.

Final verdict

all in all this game is a very calm game with not a lot of bonus features or exciting changes as you play but certainly a fun way to take care of a virtual kitten. After all, Hitachi toys used to have keychains where your job is to take care of a kitten or a dog on the screen only you could make any money doing it. Now, you can play a slot game with better animations where you are doing the same thing only you have the chance to make money when you do it. So anyone who likes anime and anyone who likes kittens is certainly going to enjoy this particular game. Learn all about pokies at Australia Casino.


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