Knockout – The Last Fight Online Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Boxing theme
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Fugaso has manufactured a game that takes advantage of the traditional ring-style fight match and brings it directly to your screen. Read on and find out how to play.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Knockout - The Last Fight Slots

Knockout - The Last Fight slots have a medium variance and the return to player percentage is 92%. The layout is a grid that is 5 by 4 sections. If you are ready to have some fun, try this game at the best casinos online. The max you can win is 80000 coins and there are 40 different ways to place your bet.

Knockout - The Last Fight can Be Played On Different Devices

This Knockout - The Last Fight slot online game is available to users who have a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. It has so many features built into it you won't know what hit you, and neither will the two fighters. There are free spins, scatter symbols, sticky Wilds, random bonus symbols, and a jackpot. Anyone who loves boxing will love the boxing gloves, ring, bell, and belt that are all featured in this black-and-white design. The graphics are simplistic in their design, it isn't a brightly colored three-dimensional game but there is a lot going on when the screen pops up. The backdrop is the actual ring in which the fight takes place and the grid is located on top of that ring. You will see the two players fighting one another on either side and all of the thematic elements showing up on top.

Placing Your Bets at Knockout - The Last Fight

When you play Knockout - The Last Fight Slots online at a new online casino you might see symbols such as a zoomed-in picture of one of the fighters, the punching bag on which boxers train, and even one of the women holding up the score. This kickboxing-themed game includes one hero and one opponent there is also a coach and a referee. You can place your bets for as little as one penny per spin. The maximum you can bet is $1. If you want to maximize all of the 40 pay lines you can bet a maximum of $40.  This means that the game is perfect for people who might only want to bet a few pennies or a few dollars at a time. You don't have to set aside a huge bankroll in order to take advantage of this fun and entertaining game. Obviously the more money you bet with this online casino game the more chances you have to win big. The wild symbol in this particular game cannot only replace any value or character across any pay line to create a winning combination but it also allows you to cross over multiple lines so that you can win more than one line at a time.

Action and Fights

With these particular online slots, you are going to see a lot of action taking place. All of the sounds that you hear that you can control from the comfort of your home showcase the same sounds you would hear in a real fight. If you were to attend a game you would likely hear not just the fans screaming but the ding of the Bell when games start as rounds begin, and advice from the coach when players go back to their corners.  The game really makes you feel like you are watching a kickboxing match right in front of your eyes. As you continue to play the game your goal as the hero is to beat your opponent. You can do this by collecting all of the things you would need and eventually collecting all of the winning championship belts. Everything looks just like it would in a real game and all of the symbols are sure to appeal to people who love kickboxing and boxing in particular.

So, few games today have realistic components like this one does and focus specifically on kickboxing which is what truly sets this slot game apart from other ring-match-style games. The moves that you see the characters use are moves you would see in a real match.

Overall this game is perfect for any limited budget or large budget. It is great for fans who love kickboxing and want to see the thrill of a kickboxing match come to life in a virtual slot game that can be played from anywhere at any time. Sign up at your favourite Fugasu casino to start playing.


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