King Kong

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Jungle & Big City Modes
Movie Inspired Action Slot

With two exciting game modes that crush the mundane experience you may have encountered with other video slots, King Kong is an elaborate product forged by the hands of Playtech, a worthy creator indeed.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
King Kong

Kong - Eighth Wonder of the WorldWith 5 reels on the user interface and 25 potential paylines, King Kong allows you to explore the unadulterated potential to add to your funds undisturbed.

Believe that’s enough? Perhaps, but this online slot gives you an unprecedented choice over what pathway you can choose. The Jungle and Big City Mode reveal two equally-enticing storylines, which have their bells and whistles that tend to be rather lucrative. The blood-curdling Jungle Experience comes with two bonus features and all you have to do to get them is hit three or more King Kong symbols on the reels.  

The experience gets quite a bit more authentic with the Skull Island Bonus revealing a plump opportunity to win with 13 wholesome choices waiting for you at the end of your trek.  You stand a fair chance to get a great multiplier ranging between 10x and 30x.

If you are looking for an approximation of the Return to Player (RTP) rates, they are north of 95%. Of course, casinos may choose to alter these but with any licensed operator, you will be able to find a detailed account of the verified current play rates as per the website’s T&C.

Game Variations – Exploring Your Options

King Kong - Big City & Jungle ModesWe have made sure to cover all the important details that come with playing King Kong. Our mission here on CasinosHub is to get things right and that often has us tinker with game titles for a fair amount of time. As outlined before, the game offers two versions, albeit this has to do with the game modes themselves. For now, King Kong remains an unaltered product of high value.


Playing Life and Death with King Kong

King Kong is equipped to appeal to the novice and pro alike. Care to quickly learn the ropes, all of the information needed is neatly packed under Info. The Auto Play offers relief from much of the clicking or tapping, depending on the device, and the player can quickly Max Out a bet by opting for this feature.

Getting Hold of the Bonus and Special Features

Any time we are asked we recommend to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Depending on the operator, the feature will vary, but some form of free spins will be ready and waiting to help add to a rookie’s war chest. There is a handful of special features to dabble in, depending on the progress made with the game so far. Choose between Wild Jungle Respins and a multiplier. The Big City Mode has its own authentic Wild Kong Respins triggered by three or more King Kong Wild Symbols. Remember to always be on the look-out for King Kong bonuses.

Making Sense of the Symbols

Now, symbols are letters, numbers and the iconic movie characters themselves. Needless to say, the Movie Stars get a bit more of the limelight, and they fetch you higher value on your payline. The Wild Symbol is, naturally, King Kong himself. Bear in mind that the Wild Symbol can substitute for every other symbol in the game bar the Scatter. Getting King Kong is the way to create winning combos without much hassle.

Beating the Game

The King Kong game may have its whimsical narrative, but let’s face it, the brilliant modes capture the spirit of the movie to the finest detail. Now, you can benefit by playing from the Auto Play feature. If you ever need a crash course on what the game’s different symbols and paylines mean, tap the Info button, which will give a quick rundown of all you need to know. As to beating the game itself, the best way to go about it by opting for the maximum bet per spin. This may not be ideal for budget players. Thankfully, when you play the best online casino games, and specifically King Kong, you can always hope for a lucky bonus round to offset any potential losses on smaller rolls.

Platforms Compatbility

The game runs smoothly on a number of devices, including mobile, tablet, and PC. It’s quite a relief to know that you won’t have to make any compromise to enjoy a fulfilling gaming experience. Don’t worry about dropping your progress on one device and then having to start all over again on another. Playtech is all about the omnichannel experience.

The Software of the Game

Only a game developer such as Playtech can bring you such sterling performance and execution. Their concept is not to underestimate in the slightest. The two-mode game is a brilliant stroke of genius that goes to show what a good software developer with a great deal of experience under its belt can do. Playtech is definitely a studio that inspires gamers and competitors alike and has driven much of the innovation in today’s iGaming industry. King Kong is a prime example.

Summing It All Up

Not putting a stretch on it, King Kong is one of the most authentic real money slot experiences we have had. We enjoy how the plot alternates and how the game allows the player to pick from multiple possibilities, making the narrative the least linear possible. Video slots will need to go a long way before resembling actual video games, but Playtech has charted a course for a future that’s quite exciting. We can’t wait to see what could possibly top King Kong!

The Cursed Riches of King Kong’s Island Await!

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