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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Legend of the Nile slot game review

If you are a fan of the ancient Egyptian gods then this Bet Soft game, Legend of the Nile Slot, will be very exciting for you. It features some of the more powerful deities from the ancient Nile including Anubis, the God of the underworld, Ra the sun God, and Isis of heaven. When you play this game the screen deities will show up along the river right next to space in the pyramids waiting with an army. There are six cascading reels and six rows in this game such that you can enjoy cluster wins and trigger lots of free spins all the while trying to get out of progressive jackpot.

Gods and their symbols

This Legend of the Nile Slot Review found that the three gods that you see along the shore of the Nile are there to welcome you to Egypt and help you potentially win big. The sun God is not the highest paying in spite of being one of the most important among ancient Egypt but if you see him he can leave you with a lot of free spins and profits. The other two gods and goddesses will trigger free spins especially if they help you with a winning combination. Basically, so long as you keep all of the God happy, you will profit. If you displease them, you will not. The pyramids symbol is the wild symbol which can substitute for all other symbols. The other symbols that you see are historically accurate and culturally appropriate. You see symbols like hieroglyphs that indicate water, flowers, birds, and even historical symbols like the former king of Egypt Tutankhamun and the little scarabs so heavily featured in many tombs.

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Winding down the Nile

When you play you have to form a cluster of four or more continuous symbols in order to get money. The sun God is the only one who pays you for every one of his symbols on the real and you don’t actually need any cluster to get this win. What’s really cool is like most cluster games, every winning symbol you get in a cluster end up exploding which leaves room for new symbols to show up which can result in additional winning combinations and additional payouts all from one spin. If you want to stay within the Egyptian mindsets and make the most of a single spin, this cluster style game is the way to do it for online casino Legend of the Nile online pokies game bonuses. You can change the coin value and the number of coins that you want to bet per line. You can bet between one and five points per line and set up the coin value to be .02 up to one dollar each. Once you set your bets you start walking along the trail of the gods and watch as the special features crop up along the river bed. And just what are the special features?

While all three gods represent different free spin features when you play these real money pokies, the sun God will pay you for each symbol you see but if you get eight of them you get the special Ra Power Bar which results in free spins and eight different freebies. If you see nine of the sun God is symbols during your spin you get two extra spins. If you see 12 then you get three extra spins. If you get 17 symbols of the sun God you get 400 times your total bet. This is quite possibly the most appealing way to win because it gives you so much profit with such little effort. Now, if you see 20 or more of the sun God features on your screen not only does it trigger the special power bar but it activates the progressive jackpot. During all of these plays, you can read trigger features at any given point especially if you see any of the other two gods.

Final verdict

Anubis and Isis bring with them even more multipliers and free bonuses. The game can be played on any device, all of the symbols are historically accurate and culturally relevant to each of Egypt which is really great for anyone who is a fan. And finally, you just get excellent features and rewarding payouts. You can read the latest game reviews at Australia Casino on this game and more.


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