Lucha Libre 2

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Time to Rumble Feature
Speed Feature
Progressive Jackpot

If you are spoiling for a Mexican-style fight with a wrestler who loves his tequilas as much as he does a good scrap, Lucha Libre 2 is the right 3D slot for you! RTG has done an excellent job, and here’s why.

User Rating
50000 coins
Min. Bet
Max. Bet

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Lucha Libre 2

Lucha Libre 2 Action in the RingProgressive Jackpots, Wild Symbol, Multipliers and Scatters along with the bonus rounds make your stay well worth your while. The visuals are equally aptly-made as is the tiniest sound of crushing backbone. Want to experience the game free of charge before committing hard currency? That’s easy too, as RTG is quite happy to afford you the opportunity to throw down with Nacho’s brawny opponents.

The user interface is also quite brilliant. Instead of having a clunky old-timer of an interface, the buttons are all lined up at the bottom of the screen and every single one of them has been customized to fit with the theme well as well as add to the authenticity and overall awesomeness of the product. To be honest, we ought to admit that the original – Lucha Libre, had a somewhat better-customized interface and we rather miss that.

Whether you are spinning for a Ring Symbol, a TV set, a bottle or chips with a side dish of guacamole, you will quickly notice that every last detail has been lavished upon quite readily turning Lucha Libre II into the deserving heir of the TV franchise.

Game Variants

Lucha Libre 2 comes with an apt Speed feature that sees you spin through the reels like a madman. The original title we’re reviewing here is definitely going to acquire the status of a timeless classic, but for those that want to find out if there’s more out there, the original, Lucha Libre may be a fitting choice. Beyond that, RTG, the developers, are quite happy with letting you examine the game on your own without charging you a single penny when you play in practice mode or play for real money. It’s up to you. If you want to find out more about Lucha Libre 2, you may quickly jump over to our 3-D Machines section.

How to Play – The Chilli-Induced Excellence

Lucha Libre 2 Ring Action Here’s a real money slot that doesn’t confuse the gamer in the slightest. The Spin button will be readily available. If you want to up your bets, you can do so by a small icon right next to Spin and on the right-hand side, you have the AutoPlay button. Lucha Libre 2 won’t have you read, it will have you divine the meaning of the interface, but rest assured that it will take you a moment’s perusal to actually do that.

Wrestling with the Pros: The Features

The features here are quite noteworthy too. The Wrestler Wild promises to punch all adversity out of the way. As soon as you land 3 Wrestler Wilds in the mid-reel, you will get your winnings multiplied up 10 times. If you feel like upsetting the established order, you may opt for the Mucho Mayhem Scatters.

As long as you manage three of these symbols, you will enter the Time to Rumble feature. And that’s where the showdown begins. You get to choose between three entertaining wrestling moves that will serve you to defeat your foes, pitted against you in the ring. Choose well, though, because you get free spins based on your choice.

The Symbols – Quick to Grasp

And so, we have already sifted through these. The Mucho Mayhem Scatter is associated with the free spins you can get while playing. A Wrestler Wild will help you access as many of the combinations as you can as it will take the stead of any symbol on the field bar, of course, the Mucho Mayhem Scatter. Wrestlers also promise to multiply your winnings, so you will usually want to be on the lookout for these, too.

Game Rules and Strategies

As you would expect from us, here on CasinosHub we go through all the motions to make sure we know our games well. In this case, Lucha Libre 2 is not much of a surprise. While you won’t find any specific Lucha Libre 2 bonuses, you can still benefit from quite a few freebies and goodies that will put you ahead of the competition. With this in mind, you will have quite the firm foothold to make sure that as you crush your opponents, you are getting handsomely paid for it.

All Platforms

There won’t be a single gadget in the 21st century for which Lucha Libre 2 won’t fit. The idea behind brushing up on the old-timer was not only to toy fitfully with the 3-D technology behind it. It is also a clear signal that RTG is quite prepared to embrace any form of iGaming. So, you can play from smartphone and tablets, as well as PC. But very soon, you will be able to do a VR set and kick some rumpus in both VR and AG modes.

Enviable Software

The breathtaking 3-D graphics Lucha Libre 2 comes with are the diligent work of RTG. The studio has a long list of titles that have either been released are on in the downpipe and waiting to see the light of day. RTG’s expertise is undeniable and the game feels to run without hitches. Even then, we should admit that we miss some of the older elements, but as RTG try to find their footing, we are these cool authentic elements will start to show up again in the latest products!

Lucha Libre – A Whiff of Fresh Air

The indomitable Lucha Libre 2 offers you a great chance to get a taste of what the future of slots has in store. RTG’s know-how will contribute a great deal to that. But just because the developers have wanted to impress you with the visuals doesn’t mean they have dispensed with the most important aspect of the gaming experience- the potential to win and win big at that. Lucha Libre 2 is a well-rounded product that excels across the board. Make sure to check the bonuses & promotions that casinos offer before you plunge into real play.

Grab a Decent Leg-Up and Crush Your Enemies with Lucha Libre 2!

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