Lucky Little Gods

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Animated Video Slot
243 Paylines

Lucky Little Gods is the adorably-themed Microgaming-developed product, that comes with 5 reels and the modest 243 ways to win. If you think that’s not enough, the motley bunch of special features will certainly suffice.

User Rating
300000 coins
Min. Bet
Max. Bet

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Lucky Little Gods

It’s difficult to forego a handful of spins at Lucky Little Gods. The charismatic design supplemented by pleasant audio have done a fair bit for immersing you into the game's fantasy world. Not to mention that the 5 reels reveal 243 ways you could possibly use to win. This real money pokie has quite a juicy leeway for turning a profit and you can be staking as little as 0.30 of any given currency or push your luck for a maximum bet of 300 of said currency.

The game comes with three Scatter Symbols, which adds to your chances of turning memorable gameplay into something of a more lucrative appeal. The Wild Symbol will help you turn shabby paylines into extra capital to fund your gaming forays. Even though Lucky Little Devils doesn’t come with any innovation insofar as the user interface is concerned, the Spin and AutoPlay options are located on the righthand side and hovering amid the game’s backdrop, giving the overall experience a more unintrusive look.

Game Variants

The game doesn’t exactly have siblings. Microgaming has been particularly fussy about creating gaming titles that capture one particular theme well and develop it into an original product, which stands out from the crowd, even if it employs standard features found across many video slots. The art of the game is its biggest selling point, and it would be a while before we see another variant of the game itself.

How to Play – The Ins and Outs

The gameplay is quite simplified as you would expect from a Microgaming title. You don’t have to deal with any overcomplicated buttons. Au contraire, things are intuitive so even our brief explanation of the features may be unnecessary. Basically, you have a central spin button which will, well, spin the reels once. If you feel like you can let the gameplay for a while, the AutoPlay feature will certainly come in handy, allowing you to enjoy the game as it unfolds before your eyes.

The Main Features, the Main Goodies

Treasure Pot BonusThe best thing about Lucky Little Gods is that you can win real money. How? Well, let’s explore the special features. Overall, you end up with three of these! First comes the Golden Tree Scatter Bonus feature, which will rake in a random cash bonus which is equal to up to 40 times what you have staked at the time when you got the symbol. You can then benefit from the Little Gods Bonus, which affords you the opportunity to win between 4 and 40 times your stake. Lastly, you get the Treasure Pot Scatter Bonus which tops it all off with between 20 and 100 times your stake. Now, that’s something and this is perhaps one of the most generous features we have reviewed here at CasinosHub.

Getting the Symbols Right

There’s not much to be puzzled over here. You have the Treasure Pot Scatter Symbol, the Golden Tree Scatter Symbol and the Firecrackers Scatter Symbol. The Lucky Little God Symbol is the wild and it naturally replaces every possible symbol bar the Scatters. The payouts will vary of course, and with so many possible combinations, we can’t exactly take a crash course. However, bear in mind that the Scatters will yield between 5 and 100 times your original stake based on what you get!

Game rules and strategies

Lucky Little Gods Online PokiesEveryone loves to play free slots for fun. But then again you can play for real money, too. Now, Lucky Little Gods provide you with sufficient leeway to experiment with both. Normally, maximum bets will guarantee you the best returns, but things here tend to be a wee bit different. Because the game allows such large stakes, it may be wiser to play at a moderate pace that is tailored to your budget. To find out what exactly, we invite you to explore the free version of the game where you wager with a mock-up currency without having to worry about the financial consequences. Oh, and if you so insist, you can always explore the opportunity of obtaining a Lucky Little Gods bonus from the casino you sign up with.

Across All Platforms

Microgaming’s a flagship developer and they have long realised that in order for their products to succeed, they have to be compatible with every possible gizmo out there. Lucky Little Gods is no exception and you can happily play or tap from your smartphone, iPad or tablet and good old desktop computer. It will make little difference what device you pick because the final quality is impeccable.

Inspiring Software

It may a bit difficult to gauge the software suite, but after a few minutes with the game you begin to understand that things are running pretty smoothly. Flawless spins, great animations, uninterrupted gameplay all point in the direction of a well-executed final product, which truly stands out from the majority of aspiring video slots. It’s this attention to detail that inspires gamers to trust Microgaming on the majority of occasions.

Last Word on a Great Product

It’s difficult to brush past Lucky Little Gods. The game itself brings a brilliant gaming experience that will appeal to video games fans and people who have a penchant for playing video slots. Whatever your inclinations, you will soon find yourself in love with the beautifully animated slot, which holds the very palpable possibility of notching up a respectable profit. Use a casino's no deposit bonus and try out this game.

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