Monopoly Big Event Online Pokie

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2015-04-01
Popular Board Game Theme
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Monopoly Big Event poke is inspired by one of the most popular and well-loved family board games of all time – Monopoly. Barcrest has produced a 20-bet way online pokie that embraces the feel of this loved game. Read more about it below.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Monopoly Big Event Online Pokie

Just when you thought Monopoly did it all - they come and surprise us with the Monopoly Big Event slot and to be honest we couldn't be more excited. Monopoly Big Event slot is created by Barcrest - and if you are a fan of theirs or just played any of their online slot games you may think you will have to spend lots of money here but the truth of the matter is that unlike many of their other games you won't have to pay that much here. In fact, the wagers are quite small, and the payouts are quite high. 

Not too bad Barcrest Big Bet. In addition to this, the RTP is sitting at.. hold on to your seat, 97.75%. Yes, that is right you have read that correctly the RTP is sitting at 97.75%. We too were blown away by this amount as even bigger game developers like the highly famed and famous Microgaming have an RTP as high as 97%. 

With this game, the developers are just throwing the victory at you. Maybe this is why this game has seen such success thus far - or it may be that Monopoly is a great game. Here is our review of the Monopoly slot game, enjoy. 

Monopoly Big Event Slot Review

The great thing about this online casino game is the fact that you don't need to wager that much to play, but you can earn Monopoly Big Event Online Slot Paytablea great deal back. How does that work you might ask? Well, fairly simply. You get a lot fo get out free cards in this game. The bonus rounds are where the game really shines and where you could get the bonus rounds with the free spins that are sprinkled out through the duration of your gaming experience add the high RTP you get a recipe for success, and you get this with Park Row kind of money. 

If you are a fan of the game, we are sure you get the pun. The bonuses are where this game is at, and landing on certain images and items will take you to bits rounds where you can play similar styles of monopoly and start racking u the prizes and rewards. 

Welcome Bonus

When the monopoly guy shows up on the screen that is when you know you are in for good. He will come along and multiply whatever you have earned thus far. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this game. 

Monopoly Big Event Visuals and Audio

Although the visuals are not that stunning, the gameplay experience is excellent. 

Monopoly Big Event Online Pokie GameplayDesktop Experience

The gameplay we must add is far superior on desktops than online. The game is accessible via mobile phone and tablet, but for great success, we highly recommend that you play this game on the desktop as the RTP is much higher on the desktop. 

Final thoughts on Monopoly Big Event Slot Game

Our final thoughts about this game are that when you are given a chance to spend an insanely small amount but receive a great deal of money back, that is a great thing - and in monopoly, an online slot game that is exactly what you get. The developers have added so many get-out free cards to players and made this game so enjoyable and very rewarding. 

The RTP is where the game shines the most. If you have had a hard time online with other slot games, then we highly recommend that you give this game a look. Offering not only many free spins but truly a fun gaming experience. You have so very little to us and so much to gain. 

Give it a try and start winning some real money today!

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