At The Movies Slot Review

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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
At The Movies Slot Review

At The Movies Slot gives you a chance to enjoy real cinema, but at a profit. This slot machine is actually better than visiting the cinema in real life. Think about it, how much do you spend taking someone out to see a movie? How much do you spend just going yourself when you take into account the tickets, the drinks, the popcorn, and even other snacks? You also have to consider that when you visit a movie theatre, the theatre in question makes most of its profits from overcharging you for the snacks and beverages not from the ticket price itself. This all adds up to a lot of money out of your pocket. When you play this slot machine created by Betsoft, you get to feel like you are actually watching a movie that has astounding visual quality, but instead of spending money, you are making money. 



Top movie slot software

Betsoft, the game manufacturer, is well known for making 3-D slot machines. This slot is described as providing state-of-the-art graphics for players and it will actually leave you feeling like you are at the movies. It has excellent graphics that are both complementary and supportive. Each of the reels are shaped like the front of a cinema building from old and the surrounding area is a populated street on which the theatre is located, with a bright, beautiful, moon in the background. There are two Shakespearean actors masks which function as the wild symbols and many of the other symbols that you will find are a great deal of fun. The audio quality is beautiful with dramatic music and the laughter from a clapping audience all located in the background. The atmosphere is clearly one created to be suited to a live theatre where one is sitting and watching a film.

Betting options

At The Movies Slot - Pokies Game Review This At The Movies Slot Review found that you can use online casino bonuses strategically. This is a five reel, 25 pay line game that is a nonprogressive video slot with a jackpot. This jackpot can provide you with wins up to $5000. More importantly your coin denominations range from .02 up to 150 and they are written across movie announcement boards. The betting per line options and the number of pay lines are located on soda cups and popcorn boxes which really sells the theme. The overall design is full of different movie associations and references including things like cameras in the open counter with two tickets. The slot does not have unusual bonus round or the second screens that pop up but does have a lot of free spins and other uncomplicated features. The wild symbol, the tragedy and comedy Shakespearean masks, will switch places to complete different winning combinations and the wild symbol doubles all of your wins are you get some of the biggest prizes.

With At The Movies, pokies are easy. You can enjoy pokies at online casinos and feel like you are at the movies. If you see the projectors symbol it represents the scatter symbol and that brings you benefits such as 50 credits, eight free spins, 12 free spins, or up to 20 free spins. And again, any free spin you get is good news because your wins are doubled during the free spins. If you see five Oscar symbols on your screen that means you have hit the literal jackpot.

Final verdict

At The Movies Slot - Pokies ReviewAt The Movies is one of the top games to play. You don’t necessarily need to have a crazy amount of explosions for great audio clips, or even high-end visuals, for a game to be entertaining. This game has a great cast and, unlike many other online casino games, it's understandable that players love to play. The game provides rewards and bonuses to everyone, and if you use your bonuses correctly and strategically, you can enjoy a big cash payout at the end. The manufacturer is known for making great online games and you can visit the Australia Casino site for more info.

If you want to try your luck today playing online casino games and you are quite certain of your skill set, or you don’t have a big budget, do not fear! Test your skill set with this particular game. It will provide you with an easy way to play and a fun and rewarding experience in the end. With a huge range of games and bonuses there is something for everyone to enjoy.


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